Ties and Padlocks

Ties and Padlocks


Even with male chastity, a dominant might sometimes need to play even more, or sometimes less. If they have requested their lover lock his cock away or have locked his cock away themselves it’s because they have other plans for much later. A dominant can control the male submissive with chastity belts, harnesses, and chastity devices. Don’t want him to touch himself? Lock up his treasures only to come out to play when you are ready. Many male chastity devices often need to be secured with locks. Peaches and Screams carries a pack of ten plastic lock made especially for male chastity devices. Lock away the goods you want to keep for yourself. Ensure no one can break in and play with the cock meant for you by protecting the goods you’ve earned. With serial numbers on each plastic lock, you will be satisfied knowing he will return to you in the same lock, untouched, or possibly be punished. These locks are made for plastic cock locking devices. Set him free within the confines of your rules and be confident he is not playing while he is away from you.  Delaying that orgasm builds expectations and desire for as long that you are in a cock lock. Tamper proof locks truly keep not only your submissive from breaking your rules but also others from opening the treasure box you’ve been waiting to open. Chastity within BDSM is a learned activity. There are real expectations with male chastity. Allow the aspect of cock blocking be a part of the BDSM lifestyle you are so proud of. Just be sure to let him out in a reasonable time so he can work on the task of keeping you pleased. But until that role is his, keep your man’s cock locked up with cock locks and cock rings from Peaches and Screams. Add to the security of those locks with our superior plastic lock for male chastity devices. Shop for Japanese Bondage Rope today!

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10 Pack of Locks for Male Chastity Devices

10 PACK OF LOCKS FOR MALE CHASTITY DEVICES Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder but knowi..

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