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Aphrodisiac Bath Salts

Aphrodisiac Bath Salts


Preparation is an important prerequisite to a successful night of passion. Nothing beats a shared pre-sex soak in the bathtub with well-chosen Aphrodisiac Bath Salts. Peaches and Screams have a wide range of Aphrodisiac Bath Salts to rev up your sex life. Apart from making things steamier, bath salts also help relax you, ease tendinitis and arthritic pain. Some relaxing bath salts are infused with pheromones, which can enhance your attractiveness to the opposite sex. While you and your partner frolic in the warm relaxing scented bath water, the relaxing bath salts will also detoxify you and remove skin impurities. Add some relaxing bath salts to your bedroom essentials. There are many benefits to be gained from our collection of relaxing bath salts carefully selected to suit an occasion. A clean, musky, spice or floral scent will make your partner want to stay closer to you and will also enhance passion between you. Visit our online shop and browse for the most fitting Aphrodisiac Bath Salts. Add your choice of bath salts to the cart and start your night of passion with a sensual and relaxing bath. End the day with a bath that re-invigorates you and your partner and clears away the sweat and not so clean smell of a hard day’s work. Aphrodisiac Bath Salts also have therapeutic properties that will keep you on the go. Since time immemorial eroticism savants have relied on relaxing bath salts to keep things fresh in the bedroom or to entice lovers at parties. Feeling clean and smelling like a thousand bucks also makes you breathtakingly attractive. We are mindful of the fact that some of you have made the decision to eat organic and would like to keep everything that fulfills you organic so our thoughtful selection caters for that important choice too. You have read the Karma Sutra from cover to cover and scoured the earth for all the tricks to jazz up your bedroom skills. Now turn to Aphrodisiac Bath Salts and let the amazing wonders of our exotic bath salts turnaround your love life. Entice your lover with something from our collection of exquisite Aphrodisiac Bath Salts. Set the mood for a romantic night with our corporeal bath salts. Add a fresh taste to passion. Fill your shopping cart with relaxing bath salts and lovingly pull your partner into a warm scented stimulating bath and let the tension of the day seep out of your bodies. Savor the sexually inflaming closeness of each other’s bodies in a wave of exhilarating scent. Massage each other and get the blood flowing and the erotic temperature on the rise. Let the amorous scent of the Aphrodisiac Bath Salts wash over you and gently waft up your noses and experience the dreamy and electric current of desire flow between you. We at Peaches and Screams have done our research and we know just how to help you jump start, your day or night of glorious passion. Turn your bath sessions into part of your foreplay or make things hot and racy by masturbating each other. Buy Aphrodisiac Bath Salts and improve your sexual mobility. Turn up the heat and infuse some scent into your bedroom repertoire. The journey to butt clenching and sensation-filled multiple orgasms starts with well-laid plains and an relaxing bath salts infused bath is a good place to start. Seize the day and enjoy the numerous benefits of high quality relaxing bath salts from Peaches and Screams. Give your lover and yourself a well-deserved treat. Join our UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches and Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with our supportive online community. 


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An aphrodisiac is a product which stimulates your innate sexual desires. Bath salts from the Bedroom Essentials line here at Peaches and Screams are specially made to stimulate your senses and get your evening going. Set the mood with aromatherapy. Lavender and vanilla relax your body and your senses creating a soft romantic mood. Natural wood scents create a more exciting and endearing environment for a more erotic bath. Whether you are looking for something hot and steamy or slow and romantic, adding a bath to your foreplay will set the mood for the rest of your evening. Some of the bath salts in the Bedroom Essentials collection here at Peaches and Screams come with games for the two of you to play as you soak together. Ask each other intimate questions and turn up the steam in your bathtub. With several options here at Peaches and Screams, be sure to check out our entire bath salts collection to soften your skin. Begin a massage or try aromatherapy to set the mood. Romance is just as important as the act of sex itself. Set the mood with your partner by taking a bath with some added treasures in your tub. Fill the air with a beautiful aroma. A smell that turns you on and sets the mood fueling your sexual desires. Bath salts are an incredible way to start foreplay. Start with a massage in the bath with this soft, warm scented water and carry into your bedroom with more fun. Peaches and Screams is proud to offer an entire line of bath salts for you to choose the mood and the scents that you would like to fill the air in your room. Bring yourself closer to that special someone. Transport your bodies into a quiet summer night on a beach while never leaving your own bathroom. Ending your stressful day together while soaking in the tub is a great way to connect and bond for those of you who are extremely busy. But also to start the evening connecting is a great way to end your evening making love. Consider aphrodisiac bath salts from Peaches and Screams inexpensive therapy and a way to connect with your lover outside of your bedroom. Adding bath salts to warm water creates soft water giving your skin a supple feel. Your partner is going to love the way your skin feels when you two are dried off and lying side-by-side. Steam up your bathroom with a little aphrodisiac bath salts added to your bath and then steam up your bedroom a little later on your own or with the help of additional toys from Peaches and Screams. Check out the entire line of Bedroom Essentials here at Peaches and Screams, and mix and match products for a bathtub play as well as bedroom play.