Flavoured, Coloured, Novelty

Flavoured, Coloured, Novelty


Condom use is no longer just about birth control or protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Peaches & Screams make condom shopping an exciting and sexually teasing exercise. You can now buy flavoured condoms online cheaply and 100% discreetly. Peaches and Screams bring the highest quality in flavoured condoms with many exciting flavours to choose from including banana, strawberry, chocolate, mint, bubble gum and many more. Flavoured condoms tease your taste buds and add sweetness to the salty taste of raw sex. This category also gives you the gift of aesthetics. Eclectic colours in condoms brighten both vaginal and anal sex. The kinky in you is pandered to by our selection of naught and exceedingly exciting range of flavoured condoms. From smiling willies to cocks that glow in the dark these condoms have it all for your pleasure in the Novelty range. The Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty category do not only scream the promise of pleasure but are pleasing to the eye and encourage the “child” in you to go out and play. This is a highly erotic and exciting category of condoms, which make a roll in hay a very welcome prospect. Buy flavoured condoms online from Peaches & Screams discreet online sex shop. Visit the online sex toy-shop and add to your cart something Flavoured, something Coloured and a sensational Novelty. Peaches and Screams are discreet and deliver on time. When you take possession of your condoms store them in a dark and cool place and use them before their expiration date. Always use condoms for all your anal or vaginal sexual activity. Always dispose off your used condoms responsibly. Add some excitement to your sex life with wethe  Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. Make a sensitive and erotic difference in the lives of your partners protect their sexual health with an array of fun and wildly exciting collection of exhilarating Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. You have always fantasised about a bumpy penis up your anus or thrusting in and out of your vagina now you can experience that feel with our Novelty condoms with bumps. Let the kinky in you shine through your selection of glow in the dark condoms or just put a smile on that cock. There is a wide range of condoms for kinky and lusty feel good moments. Peaches & Screams have brought raunchy back on menu with the swanky Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. Do not stop the music, pull out the stops, keep the temperature high and feast on flavour, colour and whatever novelty tickles your fancy. These Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms are reliable and good for long-term use. Tie your lover up, tease and stimulate them and watch them beg you for one long hard fuck as your erect cock glows in dark. Feed your fantasies with this amazing category of mouth-watering condoms. Create your own nirvana buy the Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. Exercise your erotic powers of creativity and turn your bedroom into a fun-filled palace of explosive sexual tension. Let these flavoured condoms from Peaches & Screams bring back romance and the long sultry nights back into your boudoir with the wonderful Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. Explore more and unpack the mysteries of worry-free sex. Indulge in smoking hot but safe backdoor play. Experience multiple and sensational worry-free orgasms invest in Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. Take charge and bring back amazing safe vaginal and anal play into your life. Protect your sexual health and that of your lover always use condoms. Make the important move to racy but safe, sex buy Flavoured, Coloured and Novelty Condoms. Join the UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches and Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with our supportive online community.

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Novelty condoms make sex even more fun. Condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. Flavored condoms come in a variety of packages as well as a variety of uses. Some flavored condoms here at Peaches and Screams are specifically meant to protect you and your partner against disease, germs, or viruses while performing oral sex. These pleasure condoms can be used for oral sex as well as intercourse because they are a regular latex condom offering full protection but with an added flavor to increase the joys of oral sex. Novelty flavored condoms here at Peaches and Screams are not always meant for protection. Some of these flavored condoms are extremely edible, so once they get wet they start to melt down into your mouth giving you edible flavors and edible materials. Whether you are looking for a true condom or a novelty condom that will melt in your mouth as you go down on your partner, Peaches and Screams has everything you need in our Bedroom  Essentials collection. Flavored condoms add another layer of incredible sensuality to oral sex providing your partner with yummy flavors such as sweet strawberry, refreshing mint, yummy bubble gum, sweet banana, or even chocolate. Skins and Playboy offer flavored condoms which you can use for oral sex as foreplay to entice your lover, seduce your senses, and fulfill his dreams. Leave these condoms on as you participate in anal sex or intercourse with your partner. Peaches and Screams also offers condoms in various colors. Playboy’s strawberry flavored condoms are pink for added fun in your bedroom along with the sweet flavor. Skins has a chocolate condom that not only tastes like chocolate but gives your cock the appearance of a rock hard chocolate cock. Colors and flavors added to your bedroom experience add another layer of fun and excitement in flavor, color, and enticing sensations. Condoms flavored or colored that are meant to protect during sexual intercourse or oral sex are important to wear to protect you or your partner from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Ordering condoms from Peaches and Screams is easy to do. With full discretion, Peaches and Screams will protect your privacy as we ship your order directly to your home in a discreet  package. Browse Peaches and Screams and our entire Bedroom  Essentials collection to keep you and your partner protected while offering fun and exciting additions to your sex life. If you've never tried oral sex with a flavored condom now is a great time to do so. Order today from our Bedroom  Essentials collection. Flavored condoms as well as a variety of condoms are available for pleasure as well as protection from Peaches and Screams Bedroom  Essentials collection.