Delay Condoms

Delay Condoms


Peaches and Screams has everything you need when it comes to an extensive line of condoms. We have every kind of condom you could imagine. Condoms no longer only protect and prevent unwanted pregnancies, condoms today also add pleasure to your partner and extend your own pleasure. Delay condoms allow you to penetrate and stimulate longer without climaxing too soon. With the incredible line of delayed condoms here at Peaches and Screams, you do not have to worry about being a disappointment while in bed. As a matter of fact, by delaying your climax, your partner is going to be even more excited and wanting to come back for more and more. Protecting yourself against unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases is a huge reason why we all use condoms during vaginal intercourse or anal sex. Some condoms have an added bonus whether it is stimulation or penetration extra pleasure for your partner flavors or ribs or scents added. The delay condom is its own and credible category. Delaying your climax not only makes your orgasms all the more intense, but it also gives your partner the time they need to climax as well. Men if you could delay your orgasm and improve the sexual pleasure and enticement your partner is feeling, wouldn't you want to do it? Delayed condoms are perfect for men with male to female relationships or with gay men having intercourse with another man. Delaying your orgasm guys creates pleasure for you both. Many of these amazing condoms are treated with benzocaine allowing you to thrust a little longer. Lubricated condoms treated with benzocaine numb your sensitivity only slightly before wearing off and giving you an incredible intense, packed orgasm. Men delaying your climax is not only for your partner. Delaying your climax also improves your own sexual desires. Prolonging your sexual excitement giving you longer lasting enjoyment is something that will benefit you both. Peaches and Screams has an extensive line of delaying condoms available to you. Order all of your condoms from Peaches and Screams. We will be happy to ship them directly to your doorstep and discreet Packaging. Peaches and Screams respects your privacy. From ordering and billing all the way to packaging and delivery we will keep all of your orders private and discreet. Don't run the risk of seeing your neighbors and friends and family at the local drugstore is you buy your condoms. Order them today from Peaches and Screams. Our incredible line of condoms is more expansive than you will find in any drugstore. Stock up today. Don't delay your condom order, just delay your orgasm for your pleasure as well as the pleasure of your partner.

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