Durex Condoms

Durex Condoms


Peaches and Screams in continued efforts to promote safe sex bring you an exciting variety of Durex Condoms. Made from the finest raw materials Durex Condoms are electronically tested for strength and holes. Condoms from Durex have to pass the air burst test and also have to undergo a water test to check for leakage. With more than 80 years experience in the manufacturing of condoms Durex brings to the market constantly improved products. Sexually transmitted diseases put a damper on a healthy sex life. Buy Durex condoms online and flip from vanilla to anal sex and everything else in between in the safe knowledge that you have high quality protection. Peaches and Screams have an exciting collection of latex and non-latex condoms from Durex. We cater for all your sensual tastes from texture, colour to novelty. Our variety stretches from the Ultra Thin and Ultra Sensitive, Natural Skin on Skin to Extra Large condoms. We understand the discomfort of walking into a shop to buy condoms and want you to buy Durex condoms online in the safe environment of your home. Browse through our impressive array of eclectic condoms and put in your order for condoms by Durex. We deliver discretely and on time. Use your condoms before they reach their expiration date. Check every condom you use for holes or any form of damage and discard if the condom is defective. Always open your condoms with care and pinch the tip before you roll the condom onto your penis once its erect. Condoms now come in various sizes so you should play around until you find a perfect fit. Your condom should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. Carefully remove your condom once you have climaxed. If you must use lubricant use the water-based type. Store your condoms in a dark and cool place. Use your condoms for every vaginal or anal sexual encounter.

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Durex Excite Me 12 Pack Condoms

Studded with raised dots, each condom is designed to provide further stimulations and thrills. Pack ..

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms (12 pack)


£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Durex Extra Safe 12 Pack Condoms

Durex Extra Safe condoms are transparent and made of natural rubber latex with an easy on shape and ..

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Durex Extra Safe 6 Pack

Transparent slighty thicker natural rubber latex condoms. Extra lubricant for comfort Nominal widt..

£9.50 Ex Tax: £9.50

Durex Intimate Feel 12 Pack Condoms

A pack of 12 natural rubber latex condoms with extra lubrication for a smoother feel. Teat ended wit..

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated 12 Pack Condoms

Durex invisible extra lubricated condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex. Extra Thin, Extra..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive 12 Pack Condoms

Durex invisible extra sensitive condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex. Extra Thin, Extra ..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive 6 Pack Condoms

Durex invisible extra sensitive condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex. Extra Thin, Extra ..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Durex Latex Free 12 Pack Condoms

Durex Latex Free condoms are created in transparent polyisoprene, are latex free, teat ended, have a..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £17.00

Durex Mutual Climax 12 Pack Condoms

Each condom has ribs and dots on the outside to give your added sensations, whilst on the inside, a ..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

Durex Natural Condoms (24 pack)

BUY DUREX NATURAL CONDOMS - KEEP YOUR FUN "OLD SCHOOL" Durex natural condoms are made for basic p..

£19.00 Ex Tax: £19.00

Durex Pleasure Me 12 Pack Condoms

Ensure you remain free from any sexual nastiness during sexual intercourse whilst gaining heightened..

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Durex Pleasure Me 6 Pack Condoms

Ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation Nominal width 56mm Transparent lubricated and teat ended, ..

£9.50 Ex Tax: £9.50

Get wrapped up and kick up some amorous dust. Get your rocks off and indulge your fantasies behind the safe wall of super sensitive Durex Condoms. Fancy a bit of rough riding then get the ribbed or studded condoms from the Durex range. Bring back crazy hot sex into your bedroom buy Durex condoms online and savour the high intensity warmth and extra stimulation of a ribbed condom. If your goal is to get your lover really going then speed up things with some of our condoms meant just for that. Your partner orgasms while you are still strong and thrusting. Put that cock back in commission and get your lover screaming with pleasure. Live out your fantasies and explore more sexual mysteries with the Durex condom range. This is reliable protection that keeps on giving. Banish the fear of sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted pregnancy use condoms and put your mind to rest. You can even take that trip down the backdoor that you have been so curious about. Visit Peaches and Screams online shop and select as many varieties of Durex Condoms as take your fancy. Condoms are essential for every bedroom and a must have for everyone who is sexually active. Reward yourself and buy Durex condoms online and enjoy lengthy sessions of safe sex. Set the mood with the type of condoms you choose. We have you covered even for those high-energy romps or for those weekends of fun and games when all you want is to make love and forget about the world. Take responsibility for your pleasure and sexual health. Show your partner how much you care by protecting their reproductive health. Put lust back on the map buy and use trusted condoms by Durex. Join our UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches and Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with our supportive online community.