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Extra Safe Condoms

Extra Safe Condoms


Extra safe condoms from the Bedroom Essentials collection here at Peaches and Screams an extensive combination of condoms available for those who would like that little extra reassurance that your condom is working. Extra safe condoms are comfortable. They are shaped for comfort and fit. Extra safe condoms are lubricated with extra lubricant to make intercourse not only more comfortable but also more pleasurable. With teat ends, extra safe condoms have a reservoir tip created just to pool everything you climax. Extra safe condoms here at Peaches and Screams are a little bit thicker than a standard condom. These extra safe condoms give reassurance to men and women so you do no have to worry about whether or not your condom is going to break. Condoms are known to protect against sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. With extra safe condoms from Peaches and Screams, you will be confident knowing you were both fully protected. Condoms are easy to keep on your person. You can hide condoms in your purse or in your wallet so you are prepared for whatever moment may arise. Extra safe condoms also fit directly in your pocket. So as you head out on the town, arm yourself with an extra safe condom so you know you are completely protected and ready for incredible sex. A great sex life starts with a bit of planning and preparation. No one wants to have worries or concerns when the time comes to get down. Extra safe condoms here at Peaches and Screams can be shipped discreetly and directly to your doorstep. Peaches and Screams protects your privacy and your right to keep your sexual activity your own. With full discretion from orders and billing all the way to packaging and delivery, you can order all of your products that you need to spice up your sex life, protect yourself, and spruce up anything you might need in your bedroom here from Peaches and Screams. With our incredible an extensive line of condoms available, you are sure to find exactly what you need for desire, stimulation, lubrication, as well as full-on protection. Extra safe condoms are designed with full protection in mind. A thicker condom with added lubricant will make your first time as well as your next time filled with pleasure and reassurance that you are protected. Trust Peaches and Screams to supply extra safe condoms reducing your anxiety about what is to come. With extra safe condoms, you can focus on pleasure and fun knowing your condoms are built for extra safe sex.

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Buy extra safe condoms online and set the mood for a heated amorous night. Smoking hot sex requires peace of mind and you get that from having a handy batch of Extra Safe Condoms. Explore more and round up your BDSM games with a steamy session of protected vanilla sex. Awaken your inner desire, light some candles enjoy an aphrodisiac bath soak and then put those flavoured Extra Condoms to good use. When your woman undresses and tantalises you with her naughty lingerie and luscious nipple gold stars be sure to have enough condoms to start a party. Extra Condoms embrace your lust and spur you to put more of your erotic skills to test. If you have a hard on that will not quit then you must load up on the various Extra Safe Condoms and give your partner carefree orgasms. Do not let down your lusty lover because you have run out of condoms visit Peaches and Screams online shop and choose Extra Safe Condoms to match your mood and the occasion. Indulge your naughty playful side order some novelty condoms from the Extra Safe Condoms range. Enjoy the luxury of safe sex any time and anywhere. Hold the key to your sexual gratification be, the lover who is always prepared. When she is all wet and her pussy is warm and throbbing the last thing your woman wants is some delay in action always be prepaid! Test-drive the sensually exciting wide range of Extra Safe Condoms and taste the freedom of uninhibited safe sex. Challenge your erotic powers of creativity with the help of beautifully manufactured Extra Safe Condoms. Employ in your BDSM an innovative safe anal or vaginal sexual repertoire. 

When shopping for condoms it is important to make sure that they have been tested and have proven to be safe to use. Buying a thicker condom will not work if the product has not proven its effectiveness in a controlled environment. All the extra safe condoms we offer in the Peaches & Screams online store have been approved by the FDA and electronically tested which means that they comply with the health and safety guidelines that have been put in place to ensure that you buy the best product possible. Of course, all FDA approved condoms offer protection from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy; but, why settle for regular protection when for only a slight difference in price you can get at least twice that? Extra safe condoms give the user better protection and by being extra-lubricated it ensures that sexual pleasure and comfort will not be sacrificed in favour of safety. All condoms guarantee a certain amount of natural feeling when wearing them, the same is true for extra safe condoms there is no study –independent or otherwise– that supports the theory that a thicker condom minimises sexual pleasure and the condoms we have on offer at the Peaches & Screams online store do not sacrifice comfort or pleasure, they will allow you to just relax and enjoy yourself.

The brands on offer at the Peaches & Screams store are the best reviewed brands out there. Users report feeling safer and much more confident in the bedroom thanks to these extra safe condoms. If you are worry easily then these condoms are perfect for you, as they will ensure that sexual intercourse is as safe as it is possible to make it. Extra safe condoms are made out of tick rubber and are well lubricated, perfectly suited for all kinds of sexual activities, in fact they are highly recommended when engaging in anal intercourse as their thickness will allow for greater friction without risking a tear. It is important to note, however, that in case of anal intercourse it is best practice to apply more lubricant so that penetration can occur without issue, as the condoms are made from rubber it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant since oil-based lubricants can degrade the rubber and increase the chances of tearing. Also, the brands on offer at Peaches &Screams make their condoms in a certain way to avoid the latex-smell and taste that can make oral intercourse awkward, with the extra safe condoms on offer you will guarantee that intercourse is fun for everyone involved.

It is always important to remember that a key factor when engaging in safe sexual intercourse is the correct placing of the condom, in fact most of the slippage occurs when the condom is not worn adequately or does not fit properly regardless of whether or not they are extra safe condoms so always remember to shop for the size that best suits you and be sure that you are wearing the condom correctly. When wearing extra safe condoms you will feel safe in the knowledge that the condom will protect you from any and all risks involved when engaging in sexual intercourse. Their lubricated interior and exterior allows for the natural feeling that all condoms offer with the plus of being extra safe and not smelling or tasting of nasty latex, the lubricant is water based which means that it is easy to clean and ensures that no mess is left behind. The extra safe condoms on offer at the Peaches & Screams online store are the best reviewed condoms in the market, which means that they do not only cover the FDA guidelines but also make their users feel great about engaging in safe sex practices. Wearing a condom is always important when engaging in sexual relations but why risk a condom failure when you can get peace of mind by buying extra safe condoms online and ensure that your sexual experience is as safe as it is possible to be. 

At Peaches & Screams we have a wide range of items that will make your fantasies come true. From pleasure-enhancing lubricants to the boldest sex toy, we have it all. At Peaches & Screams, we understand that without peace of mind it is practically impossible to reach orgasm, and with the risks ranging from pregnancy to life-threatening infection, we understand that in order to feel pleasure it is important to feel safe. That is why we offer a wide variety of extra safe condoms in our online store. Extra safe condoms were created for people who want the peace of mind of knowing that their condom is not going to break, it protects the user from infection without sacrificing the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Extra safe condoms tend to be made out of thicker rubber but this does not compromise the natural feeling you get from wearing a normal condom since the difference in thickness is slight; however, it makes all the difference in terms of protection. We all wonder sometimes if the protection we are using is adequate. When worry creeps into our minds we worry about being intimate or really losing ourselves in the waves of erotic pleasure. Peaches and Screams are acutely aware of those moments of doubt and worry. To reassure you and revitalise your sexual lives Peaches and Screams have on sell the Extra Safe Condoms. Standard condoms are 65-70 micron thick while extra safe condoms weigh in at 75-80 micron. Length, girth and thickness are taken into consideration in the manufacturing of Extra Safe Condoms. As with other categories of condoms you have to try a variety to zero in on size and preference. Extra Safe Condoms might have a tough exterior but they require the same tender care as the Regular or Durex Condoms. We always want our protection as close to hand as possible but it is important to keep condoms in a dark and cool place until you need them. Your back pocket or tightly packed wallet might be convenient places to stash your Extra Safe Condoms but not the best. Condoms help prevent pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases if they are not damaged or past their use by date. Every condom must be used only once and then carefully disposed off. Buy extra safe condoms online from Peaches and Screams a trusted vendor. Regular and proper use of condoms will protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases. Settle for a condom size that is comfortable and not too restrictive. Always use condoms for vaginal and anal sex. Wrap up as soon as you are erect to avoid pre-cum spills. Use your condoms before they are past their use by date and always check them for tears or holes.