Non-Latex Condoms

Non-Latex Condoms


Latex allergy? Buy your latex-free condoms online!

At Peaches & Screams, we have everything you need to make your fantasies a reality, whether you need lingerie or something a little more complicated than that, you will find it at our online store. Safety is one of the most important things when having sex and to keep it fun there is no better way than to make sure that you and your partner have peace of mind knowing that your prophylactic methods are doing their job. Condoms have been around for ages and are the most popular method of contraception with an effectiveness rate of 98%, without a doubt when it comes to protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, condoms are the best choice. Condoms are generally made out of latex though. So, what happens if I want to practice safe sex but am allergic to latex? Don’t worry too much, at Peaches & Screams we have on offer the best non-latex condoms so that you and your partner can enjoy the most effective method of contraception without putting your health at risk.

Latex allergy is caused by a body’s natural aversion to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex. When you have a latex allergy, it means that your body is mistaking these harmless proteins for substances that can harm your metabolism, an allergic reaction to latex means that your antibodies have been called out to act against these substances. In the mildest cases contact with latex can cause itching, hives and skin redness —very uncomfortable symptoms to have if your allergic reaction was caused by a condom, and in the most serious cases it can cause a runny nose, difficulty breathing, a scratchy throat and wheezing. At Peaches & Screams we do not want to let this be an impediment to your enjoyment or your safety, our latex free condoms are the best reviewed out there and will ensure that you get the best protection and every ounce of pleasure possible. 

If you or your partner dislike the rubbery smell of condoms and find the taste of them a turn-off, then non-latex condoms could be an option for you. It is practically impossible to remove the latex smell from latex condoms, although a few ultra-thin condom brands have managed to make it less pungent; however, if you absolutely cannot stand the smell then non-latex condoms are perfect for you, they are made from transparent polyisoprene which is just as effective as latex but does not have that awful smell. The non-latex condoms you can find at Peaches & Screams are the best out there since your health is our main concern.

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Perhaps things are getting a little boring in the bedroom and you want to try something different, perhaps not something as different as the things in store at Peaches & Screams, but still you are looking for different sensations. Believe it or not, non-latex condoms can be a prefect option for you. Latex free condoms are a lot thinner than regular, rubber condoms, they are just as safe but are able to protect you with less material. Users have reported that non-latex condoms allow them to feel more than regular condoms, heat transfer is also better since the material is a better conductor of heat. Other users report that the transparent polyisoprene condoms have a more natural feel, maybe it’s because they are thinner, maybe because it can get warmer but polyisoprene condoms perhaps have the power to put the spark back in your sex life.

Unlike many non-latex condoms in the market, the condoms we offer at Peaches & Screams are safe to use in any kind of sexual intercourse and they will protect you against all sexually transmitted infections provided that you use them adequately. Latex free condoms on offer at our online store are approved by the FDA as a prophylactic which means that they are absolutely safe to use, remember that most of the condom failures are due to bad use so make sure that you take steps to avoid this. Always check the best before date and stick to it, despite their long shelf life it is always important to check and if it is past that date then the condom is not guaranteed to work. Polyisoprene is oil-based, which means that oil-based lubricants may degrade the material and cause tears or complete breaks, when using lubricant always use water-based or silicon-based lubricants so that your health is not put at risk, you can also find those lubricants in our store. Remember that the only time when size does matter is when shopping for condoms, so make sure to get the size that fits you best to avoid leaks. 

Another great advantage of non-latex condoms is that the condom fits like a second skin –provided that you shop for your size. This allows for better, more natural sensations during intercourse. Polyisoprene condoms are excellent at transferring heat and tend to be much thinner than a regular condom which means that you and your partner will be able to better enjoy each other’s body without sacrificing your safety. Whether you are allergic to latex or simply want to try new things buying non-latex condoms online in our store will allow you to experience all the pleasurable sensations that come with sexual intercourse. Latex free condoms are not much more expensive than regular condoms, thus ensuring that protection and pleasure are within everyone’s reach. The Peaches & Screams store allows you to compare price and read reviews so that you are better informed when making a decision. In our store, you will find only the best products at an affordable price and cheap world-wide delivery, also if you are in the UK delivery is free in orders over £50. All our packages are handled with the utmost care and both the packaging and billing is discrete. Buy your latex free condoms online and discover a new world of wonderful and exciting sensations.