Dotted Condoms

Dotted Condoms


At Peaches & Screams you will find everything you are looking for to improve your sex life and making your fantasies come true. If you are looking for exciting as well as new ways in order to spice things up in the bedroom, then you are sure to find what you want at an affordable price in our online store. Condoms are first and foremost a matter of being safe, in sexual practices it is always advisable to wear a condom to avoid infection and pregnancy but, there is no reason to keep condoms boring. It is easy to create new sensations in sexual congress, with little effort you can discover new ways of approaching sex and, what is simpler than sliding on a condom? The dotted condoms on sale in our stores are the best in the market and they are the simpler way to spice things up and bring to the table new sensations. 

A dotted condom is designed to maximise pleasure by maximising friction. The dotted surface of the condom allows the receiver to experience greater stimulation. These pleasure condoms will create new sensations exactly where you want them. All of the condoms in offer at the Peaches & Screams store are designed to enhance sexual pleasure, they are all about discovery and new forms of pleasure, perfect for couples who want to have some fun between the sheets and want to start up slow.

The pleasure condoms in our online store are the best reviewed, with users reporting greater satisfaction than when wearing regular condoms and even better sensations than when wearing ultra-thin condoms. The dotted surface of the condom and the shape of the condom will allow extra pleasure to build up in the spots where you need it the most, bringing arousal back between the sheets and making you feel adventurous with a simple addition to the bedroom.

Although dotted condoms can be used for any kind of sexual intercourse, dotted condoms are recommended for use especially for vaginal sex. The dotted surface makes for excellent stimuli of the G-spot, turning the sexual encounter into one of exciting new sensations. Although it is not specifically designed for anal intercourse you may use them with all the appropriate precautions such as using water based or silicon based lubricant, the dotted surface of the condom may catch on the skin and become uncomfortable, maybe even cause rashes, this is why it is not necessarily recommended for anal intercourse. However, if you want to spice things up in that department you can always browse for ribbed condoms right here on our store.

There are still some men who believe that the clitoris is a myth but with these dotted condoms it is easy to prove them wrong since upon penetration, the dotted surface will brush against the clitoris and transport your partner to a different dimension of pleasure. With these pleasure condoms, you will find that satisfying your partner, or helping your partner satisfy you is actually very simple and very inexpensive.

At Peaches & Screams, we understand that spicing things up between the sheets is important in a relationship, it keeps things feeling fun and fresh. Which is why our assorted selection of pleasure condoms is quite varied, wearing different types of condoms is the easiest and cheapest way to bring new sensations into the mix and reminding your partner why sex is fun. Dotted condoms are not much more expensive than regular condoms and buying them in our online store will allow you to compare prices and read reviews in order for you to find exactly what you are looking for while also staying within your budget. Having new, fun sex does not have to be expensive at Peaches & Screams we know that which is why we have something for everyone, especially where pleasure condoms are concerned.

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If you are completely new to the world of pleasure condoms then the varied selection we have at Peaches & Screams is perfect for you, as you will be able to try many different types of condoms and once you find the ones you prefer, you may also want to buy them in bulk. If you’re worried about everyone knowing what you are up to then our online store is perfect for you since both packaging and billing is very discreet. If you are in the UK, Peaches & Screams offers free delivery to your doorstep on orders over £50, and if this is not the case, Peaches & Screams also offers cheap worldwide delivery in all our products. The packaging, as stated above is discreet, and handled with the utmost care so that all your shopping arrives in perfect condition, ready for you to enjoy yourself.

All the condoms on sale at the Peaches & Screams store are FDA approved which means that, no matter if it’s dotted, ribbed or flavoured, they will protect you against infection and pregnancy. All condoms are electronically tested one by one so that you get the peace of mind you deserve and know that you are being completely safe. Fun times with a dotted condom are easy to achieve and it is always made better by the fact that no extra protection is needed, remember that wearing two condoms at a time can damage the latex and cause tears, the pleasure condoms on sale at Peaches & Screams can guarantee your safety, no extras required. Remember that condoms protect you best when they are worn appropriately and before the expiration date, get an appropriate size and get ready to enjoy yourself.