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Trojan condoms advocate for responsible and safe sex. Get a happier and healthy sex life by using Trojan condoms. Trojan brand condoms are the most entrusted brand of condom in America and worldwide. Trojan products have held high reputation and have been in the market for over 90 years in the United States. This is due to its high quality product it offers, its reliability and large variety of sex enhancing choices. Condoms are electronically tested to make sure they have met the U.S standards of strength and quality. They have lot of different varieties of condoms. In addition to the condoms, Trojan brand condoms has adult accessories such as caffeinated lubricants and vibrators. These products are pocket friendly yet of high quality standards. Trojan brand condoms provides sensual pleasure during intercourse for both partners. They are lubricated to offer sensitivity and comfort during intercourse since they are made from premium high quality latex. Condoms minimizes the risks of contacting STIs since they act as barriers against infection.

Some of the best quality Trojan condoms are

  • Trojan ENZ – which is the most trusted brand of condom. it is made of latex. It is lubricated to reduce breakage and increase sensation and pleasure.
  • Trojan magnum - They are larger than normal condoms yet they fit very well and offer receiver design to promote safety.
  • Trojan Ecstasy - has a shape like baseball that enhances freedom of movement which creates more pleasure and comfort.
  • Trojan bare skin – it has low odor latex which is 40% thinner than normal condom.
  • Pleasure back lubricated condom- they have got varieties of options to choose from. Such varieties include Trojan her pleasure sensation, Trojan twisted, Trojan intense and warming
  • Trojan supra can be used as an alternative for those who have got latex allergy.

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Trojan 16.5 Inch Veined Skin Coloured Double Dong

The Trojan 16.5 Inch Veined Skin Coloured Double Dong is a TSX Sex Toys design, and is a welcom..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

Trojan BareSkin Condoms 10 Pack

pack of 10 ultra thin condoms to highten sensitivity. premium quality latex, 40percent thinner than ..

£20.99 Ex Tax: £20.99

Trojan Magnum Large 12 Pack

Magnum lubricated latex condoms have these special features Larger than standard latex condoms for ..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99

Trojan Magnum XL 12 Pack

Magnum XL latex condoms are intended for men who fell that current regular and large size condoms ar..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99

Trojan Regular

Non lubricated for those who prefer a dry condom, Made from premium quality latex to help reduce t..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £12.99

Trojan Ultra Thin 12 Pack

Trojan ultra thin for ultimate sensitivity Thinnest Trojan latex condom Designed for a more natural..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99

Trojan magnum condoms sales has risen for the past few years from 2001 to 2010 with a growth of 14%.celebrtites rappers such as Young Jeezy, Mack 10 and Busta Rhymes have made references to the brand by their names. Usually the larger size of magnum is more comfortable and it fits very well on different sizes of penis.  They are easily accessible to the customers and they have helped solve issues of not fitting comfortably. Magnum condoms are usually 8.07 inches in length and 2.13 inches in width and head width of 2.36 inches. it is 15%longer than normal condom.

  • Usually lubricated magnum XL condoms are bigger than the original magnum condoms.
  • It's 30% larger than the normal condom
  • For comfort and sensitivity there is silky smooth lubricant
  • The base is tapped for secure fit
  • The Trojan magnum XL is usually 2.2 inches in width and 8.07 inches in length. Its lubricated, made of latex and is the biggest and widest condom from Trojan condoms. it is usually meant for men who feel uncomfortable with the small sizes of condoms yet some men may encounter slippage while using this type of condom.

Trojan extra thin is the thinnest regular size condom. It has features such as reservoir tips, made of latex and is lubricated. Its length is 7.5 inches while its width is 2.09 inches. They have properties like 

  • Its odor is low latex
  • It helps reduce risk of STIS and pregnancy since it is made of high quality premium latex.
  • They have reservoir for safety purposes.
  • Each of the Trojan thin extra thin condom is tested electronically to help ensure reliability.
  • It is also thinner than the normal Trojan latex condoms.
  • Trojan regular condom or latex – it has water based lubricant and a reservoir for safety purposes. Its length is usually 7.7 inches and width of 2.1 inches.

Here are the steps on how to use Trojan condoms

  • Always wear a new condom during the act of sex. Body fluids such as lesions, vaginal secretions, semen and blood can be transmitted to the other person which maybe infectious.
  • Tear the condom packet in such a manner that won’t interfere with the condom 
  • On the head of the erect penis, place the condom and make sure the rolled up ring is outside. Create some space for holding semen during ejaculation.
  • Unroll the condom up to the base of the penis and don’t allow any air to get inside.
  • After ejaculation handle the condom with care to avoid semen spillage.
  • Wrap the used condom with tissue and dispose it in a trash.
  • Lastly both of you should wash your hands and the genitals area with soap and water.

Some of the cautions to be observed while using condoms:

  • It has natural rubber which can cause allergic reactions
  • It contains lubricants which can be allergic or sensitive to the users.
  • To add lubrication one may use a silicone or water base lubricant. Oil based solutions such as petroleum jelly should not be used as they may cause condom destruction. Baby powder may also contain oil so avoid contact with it.
  • Never reuse condom. If vaginal products are used by the female partner for the purposes of medication, it may cause weakening of the condom which reduces its effectiveness.
  • Do not use condoms if it has discolored or there is a change from its original colour.
  • Condom should not be used if the rubber material is damaged 
  • To reduce infections, Wash thoroughly the vagina/penis and its area surroundings with soap and water before and after sex.
  • Unused condoms should be stored in a cool dry place 
  • Used condoms should be wrapped in a tissue and disposed in the trash.

Satisfaction and excitement is ensured for both partners since Trojan condoms are pleasurable and reliable. Make your sex life fun and healthy by using Trojan condoms. With over 90 years’ experience, Trojan condoms have proven to be reliable, customer oriented and worth providing high quality products. If you have been wondering which type of condom to use, Trojan condoms has offered solution for you and it’s a number one brand to use. Grab a pack of the flavor and brand you want and enjoy life.