Erotic Body Massage Oil

Erotic Body Massage Oil


Relax and explore pleasure with your partner by using our erotic body and massage lotion from Peaches &Screams. In the world today sensual massage or erotic massage is associated with sexual arousal or excitement so as to have the organism. Usually during the massage one partner uses massage oil to knead and rub the pleasurable body parts of the other partner. This is mostly done by the people in a romantic relationship in a cool atmosphere and most of the time they end up having sex. For women it’s usually done in the pubic parts and breasts while in men it is done in the genitals. In other words when the massage is done is done in the genitals it’s called mutual masturbation.  Erotic body massage helps in intimacy life in the following ways.

  • Conscious connection is created between the giver and the receiver of the massage.
  • One experiences relaxing moments while getting the massage. It involves using of body pressure which can be done manually or with mechanical aid.
  • Body organism is awakened by the breathing and the sound movements
  • Oneness and togetherness emerges as illusion of separation goes away
  • Pleasure is explored in creative ways.
  • Tension related conditions are reduced such as headache. Faster healing of the injuries,  reduction of pains and swellings is promoted
  • Posture is also improved by changing tension patters that may affect the posture, 
  • Mind body awareness creation is increased.
  • Mental awareness is also promoted.
  • It increases libido thus healthy sex life since it increases blood circulation,  mitigates pain and reduces the stress level

Other than sex life benefits, it also helps in

    • Reducing anxiety in young asthma patients, it improves the pulmonary function, it increases weight, in premature infects it improves the motor development and enhances the functioning of the immune systems and in people suffering from the chronic inflammatory bowel disease it reduces the psycho emotional distress. Massage therapy can help medical conditions such as arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, insomnia, sports injuries and pain.

      • Body healing of swollen sores and awakening of the senses is activated.

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      Erotic massage can be done during the foreplay, at the end of the sexual act or even as during sex therapy. Very few people know how it goes. Here are some tips on how to go about it. For a good body massage 

      • Prepare a cool, comfortable place with no noise. Turn off the lights and keep away anything that can disturb you for the few next hours. Put on some romantic soothing music. Take the massage oil and rub it with your hands to make them warm.
      • Properly massage the hands and feet as they hold stress most of the times
      • In motion which is circular, do a scalp massage from back to front by rubbing gently. The feeling is usually great.
      • Include the neck and the shoulders to release stress, notion and knots
      • After the session give your partner a glass of water for flushing out of toxins.

      Consider massage as a tool for improving the sex life as it benefits both the partners as it allows the removal of toxins keeping the body healthy by stimulating the lymphatic system. When looking for what to relief your stress or want reconnection with your partner consider massage as you solution. Massage oil from Peaches & Screams does wonders. An erotic body massage can do wonders to your relationship as it rekindles the lost glory of intimacy. It also makes maximum use of the partner’s lonely time. Using the right flavor and brand of massage oil can make all these real.

      There are different techniques used in massaging

      • Connective tissue technique – connective tissue are manipulated with the aim of healing and blood circulation enhancement
      • Brushing – it is where the skin surface is lightly stroked in a superficial technique
      • Cupping – it’s where the cupped hands are softly clapped on the surface of the skin to enhance circulation of the blood
      • Friction - It involves usage of the small circular pressure strokes from the thumbs and fingertips with the intentions of freeing the joints and blood circulation in the tendons
      • Stretching – this is where the body Is pulled away from the most anatomically neural position 
      • Kneading – it’s usually described by the part of the hand that is doing the maybe the thumb or the palm kneading. Pressure must vary with the purpose of the massage and the bulkiness of the tissues under treatment.

      At Peaches & Screams is where to find and discover new and the latest erotic massage oil and lotions. Such oils include fifty shades of grey sensual lotion, earthly body miracle oil, body kiss flavored edible massage oil, body heat warming massage lotion cinnamon oil, sizzle lips warming gel just to mention but a few. At Peaches & Screams, we update our online sex shop at least once every week to bring you the latest, newest and hottest massage oil on the market. With over a thousand 5-star reviews from our customers, Peaches & Screams is becoming a destination for massage lovers and those people who would like to improve their sex life. Peaches & Screams has more than 5000 sex products and wide range of different varieties and brands of massage oils. Our products include sexy massage lotions,  lubricates and oils, sprays, gels, lingerie, sexy costumes, sex toys just to mention but  a few. Fun and games are also included in our services. We provide. Our Sexy massage lotions comes in different types of brands like Jasmin massage oil and flavors like cherry, strawberry and passion fruits. We offer cheap shipping delivery of all the products that we sell. Know the sweetness of erotic body massage using the sexy massage lotion that Peaches & Screams provides. Lotion has soothing touch which moisturizes and lubricates the body. Reduce pain and stress while indoors by using the massage oil. Make use of the massage oil for the full body sexual massage. Our products are easy to use and affordable. They have conditioning and relaxing properties that are of benefits to the users.