Soft Tampons

Soft Tampons


The soft tampons were made to provide comfort in women during menstruation. They have comfort when they are worn during sauna, swimming and in love making. Soft tampons promote hygiene. The stringless soft tampons for sport, swimming, saunas, spa and love making were made according to the latest gynecological intuition to promote comfort during menstruation cycle. You don’t have to miss out spa and love making, sauna and swimming because of periods. Stringless tampons have offered solution. The stringless tampons are comfortable and discreet. Stringless tampons are tested dermatologically and clinically to enhance safety. Materials which are hypoallergenic are used to make the stringless tampons.

Features of stringless soft tampons for sport, swimming, saunas, spa and love making:

  • Stringless soft tampons for sport, swimming, saunas, spa and love making.
  • They are tested clinically and dermatologically
  • It’s an innovative feminine hygiene product.
  • Hypoallergenic materials are used to make the tampons.

The stringless soft tampons for sport, swimming, saunas, spa and love making are used in promoting feminine hygiene. They are available in mini and normal sizes. Soft tampons are convenient to use and cannot be felt by the other partner during sexual intercourse. Love making is made possible since the tampon closes up the cervix. Insertion of the soft tampons is easy and can be removed with just one finger. Soft tampons promote feminine hygiene at all times. They do have internal irritation because they do not have toxic substances or chemical materials. They are light in weight (2 grams per tampon). Soft tampons are made of supple and soft material. Soft tampons are desirable in use because they can instill the heavy flow of menstruation. They are safe, hygienic and fun to use. Soft tampons for sports are also fit for those women who are active in sports and games. The only thing that can fail all these activities is the wrong placement of the tampon in the vagina

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It is one of the female hygiene product which contains absorbent material. The word tampon originated from the French word called tampion that means a piece of cloth used to stop a hole (stopper, plug). Today the tampons are made in such a way they can absorb menstruation flow when it is inserted into the vagina. Usage of the tampons may create problems or difficulties for the females with imperforate hymen that is untreated. Tampons are sometimes used in surgery for homeostasis. Design of the tampons varies from one product line to another in order to give a variety of materials, applicators and absorbencies. Usually the tampon applicators have the same design as syringe and can be made of cardboard or plastics. It has two tubes; the outer tube and the inner tube. Outer tube has a petaled rounded end with a smooth service to help in the inserting process. Many of the tampons have a string for removal purposes while others are stringless tampons. There are two ways that the tampons behave when they are in use. Applicator tampons expands in length (axially) whereas the digital tampons expands in diameter (radially). The maintenance and restoration of normal micro biota of the vagina can be tested by using tampons.

Tampons have different absorption rates that manufacturers in US consider while making tampons.

  • Absorbency that is light – 6g and below
  • Absorbency that is regular – 6 to 9 g
  • Absorbency that is super- 9 to 12 g
  • Absorbency that is super plus – 12 to 15 g
  • Absorbency that is ultra - 15 -18g

 The absorbency levels are tested by a piece of equipment known as syngina which is a short form of the word synthetic vagina.

Precautions and safety guidelines you should observe while using tampons.

  • Read and follow the insertion directions
  • Choose the tampon that has the lowest absorbency level required for your flow.
  • Go for the cotton tampon instead of rayon
  • After 4 to 6 hours change the tampon
  • Do not continuously use tampon,instead alternate with a pad
  • Avoid using tampon while sleeping

Usage of the tampon

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before starting the insertion process.
  • Take the soft tampon from the pack and tear the top from the bottom side.
  • The insertion process is made easier when standing. One leg should be placed on the chair
  • Position the middle finger in the center of the flat side.
  • Using the other hand open the labia and put the soft tampon into the vagina upto where the cervix is
  • The tampon can be worn for upto 8 hours but it is advisable to change after 4 to 6 hours.
  • The easiest way to remove tampons is by squatting. Thislessens the depth of the vagina. Use the middle and the index finger as tweezers to remove the tampon
  • During pregnancy, do not use soft tampons without consulting your doctor.
  • They should only be used once because reusing them can cause major problems.

As precaution: if during the menstruation you feel a rash that is  burning skin, headache, vomiting,fainting or high temperature fever ,immediately consultyour doctor and remove the soft tampon as a precaution. This could be a sign of having the rare Toxic Shock Syndrome which one of the causes is putting on a dry tampon. Always ensure the tampon is removed in time and in the correct way.

Advantages of using soft tampons are

  • Pleasant and comfortable to wear
  • Suitable to be used in sauna, swimming or during love making
  • They perfectly adapt to the female anatomy
  • How to use them is very simple
  • Material used to make them is hygienically sterile
  • The partner cannot feel the soft tampon during the love making process
  • Soft tampons are clinically and dermatologically tested
  • They do not contain chemical substances and are friendly to the environment
  • Single use pack of AQUA glide and menstrual cycle calendar are found in each box.

In conclusion, never miss chances of enjoying life with your loved ones because Soft tampons and stringless tampons have given you the solution during menstruation cycle.