Sex Lubricants

Sex Lubricants


Lubricants (lubes) are mostly used in acts like sexual intercourse and masturbation. Lubricants help in reducing friction between penis and anus, vagina or any other part of the body. Sex toys are also applied the lubricant to reduce friction and enhancing penetration process. Lubricants are also used in medical purposes such as during introduction of the catheter or during speculum insertion. They are usually referred to as medical or surgical gels. These medical lubricants are similar to personal lubricant. There are different types of lubricants and factors such as composition, usage and specialty makes them differ.


  • To explore each other’s body: This is by massaging your partner with the use of the lubricant. Massage parts like hands, shoulders, earlobes, back, nipples and even on the genitals before starting intercourse. Hot lube are the best in this activity
  • Get into the shower: In the shower you can apply the silicone based lubricant that will enable you to have a sexy and slippery time with your partner.
  • During oral sex use the flavored lubricant: Friction is reduced during oral sex and it spices up the sex experience by taste and smell.
  • Cold lubricants can be used for teasing: Apply the cooling lubricants on sensitive areas as nipples, behind the ears or on the lips. This will help tease each other by blowing across each other skin to bring chilly paths effects.

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250ml Super Slik

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Anal Blue Anal Ease

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Anal Eze Gel

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Astroglide 2.5oz

Astroglide was created by Daniel Wray, a former NASA aerospace chemist, while working on the Space S..

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Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel

extremely long lasting, latex safe, waterproof, no drip and preservative free...

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Astroglide Gel

Astroglide Gel has a thicker formula than liquid Astroglide. It provides lubrication for enhancing t..

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Astroglide Natural

Experience love with a little help from natures soothing ingredients Xylitol Corn cob derived xylit..

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Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel 3oz

ultra gentle gel lubricant. No alcohol, no glycerin no parabens no fragrance and latex safe...

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Astroglide Strawberry 2.5oz

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Astroglide X

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Cherry Anal Eaze

cherry flavour water based lubricant that desensitising the sphincter, for easier penetration..

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China Anal Balm Cream

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Clean Stream 100 Percent Silicone Anal Lubricant 8.5 oz

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Clean Stream Ease Hybrid Anal Lubricant 16.4 oz

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Water based lubricant

They are mostly used lubricants and are soluble in water. Glycerin and cellulose ether solutions were the earliest type of water based lubricant to be used. Today’s products have been added agents for moisture retention, dispersal and even for resisting contamination. The alteration of viscosity of these products can be done by adjusting cellulose concentration, the water content or other hydrophilic ingredient for gel forming. Usually when the water based lubricant is applied on the skin, some lubricant get absorbed in the skin while the other evaporates. Most of the lubricant dries up during usage but it can be reactivated by either reapplying or application of water or saliva. This is a very good way to reactivate them. A residue derived from ingredient formulation may be left behind when the lubricant dries out. This needs removal of the residue with water or reapplying again during sex. Water based lubricants that are recent are made with natural skin moisturizers for example carrageen an and they do not leave behind sticky residue after evaporating. Research has proved that carrageen is a potent inhibitor of human papilloma virus infection. Sexual acts that occur under water like in the pool, hot tub or bathtub may be incompatible with water based lubricant. Recommendation has been made to use water based lubricants for safety sex. This is because these lubricants do not weaken the condom like the oil based lubricant do. When using condom, please do use water based lubricant.

Silicone lubricants

Silicone lubes do not contain water and they are formulated with less than four ingredients. Silicone lubes stays longer as compared to water based lubes when applied on the skin. The lubricant do not get absorbed by the mucus membrane or the skin. The availability of the silicone lubes comes with different performance and qualities. Compared to water based lubricants, silicon lubes have lower risks of transmitting HIV during anal sex. It is also good to note that, not all silicone lubes are certified latex safe. It is recommended that the silicone based lubricants should not be used with sex toys or any other products made from silicone as this may cause dissolving of the formula on the surface causing disintegration of the item and stickiness. Breeding ground for bacteria can be created when there are such kind of damage. Properties like durability and compatible superior latex makes silicone lubes be used in manufacturing of pre-lubricated condoms. 

Anal lubricants

There are different and specific products made to enhance excitement of anal sex. Usually the anal lubricant is a thicker gel not a liquid. The thickness makes the anal lubricant stay in place and that is why it is preferred. Numbing agents can be found in some anal lubes to reduce discomfort during anal sex. This is not advisable as it may cause accidental injuries due to lack of sensations. Numbing agent benzocaine that is used commonly can cause allergic reactions to those people with PABA allergy. Some of these products have been removed from the market because they have not met the FDA Medical Device Requirements like Astroglide Shooters.

Vaginal lubricant

These lubricants are used in reducing pain during intercourse and vaginal dryness. It is also used by partners who are trying to conceive. The common lubricants used are oils such as olive oil, canola oil or mineral oils. Saliva can also be used as a lubricant. Commercial lubricants such as water based lubricant or hydroxyethyl cellulose based can also be used. Some of the lubricants labeled non spermicidal or spermicidal agent free are said to impair the sperm function with several others being toxic to sperms These lubricants disrupts the sperm viability or motility after contacting directly the sperms and the lubricants or saliva. Olive oil and saliva have been found to be detrimental to the functioning of the sperm.

Hot and cold lubricants

Some examples of such lubricants are Oceanus warming carrageen lubricant, KY sensual silk personal liquid warming lubricant, Astroglide warming personal lubricant and  Kama sutra intensifying cooling gel .The hot and cold lube have different effects to the user. The cold lube can make one feel icy hot down there while the hot lube has the feeling of warmth and fuzziness. For example carrageen lubricant which is a hot lube has a good texture and it adds extra warmth.

Flavored lubricants

Different lubricants have different flavors such as strawberry flavor, cherry flavor, passion fruit flavor, peppermint flavor, natural mango flavor, rasp berry flavor and many more flavors. Flavored lubricants are designed to sweeten oral sex in every lick. They come with different varieties. Other varieties of flavored lubricant has ice cube freezing effects that enhances sensory play with your partner.