Fetish Vests and Shirts

Fetish Vests and Shirts


Peaches and Screams offers the finest in erotica wear. Our fetish vests and shirts are not only beautiful to look at but also offer a sex appeal not all fetish wear offers. Whether you're heading out on the town or dressing for a hot date, our tops and will give you the sex appeal you are looking for. Boost your confidence and sex appeal with an entire outfit from Peaches and Screams. Adding one of our shirts or vests to our hot leggings or mini dresses will ensure a drop dead gorgeous look for the evening of your dreams. If you're looking to impress your date and heat up the evening, give her the gift of a fetish shirt or vest and let her know just how sexy you think she is. If you’re a woman looking to show off your hot body, be sure to check out our options to seductively cover your top while still exposing just enough to turn the heads you’d like to see turned in your direction. Fetish wear heightens your senses. Two things to happen with fetish wear. Your touch senses explode with energy and then with your sense of sight pleased, your vision expands to other senses creating an awareness of every emotion and nerve your body can handle. Fetish shirts and vests from Peaches and Screams are made of the finest quality materials. We handpick our fetish wear with the knowledge that you want your experience to be heightened and enhanced from first sight to final touch. Wearing a Peaches and Screams fetish top will turn heads giving you the confidence to perform at your best when the time comes. Being with a woman wearing a fetish top gives you the opportunity you long for watching her cleavage peek out from beyond the fabric touching her chest. As you browse through our products, imagine the date you’d like to have. You want to be gorgeous, right? You want to be sexy, correct? Maybe you’d like the evening to end in a place with your partner unable to wait for you to disrobe. Our fetish shirts and vests are the perfect fit for the woman who’d love an evening spent enticing her partner, teasing her lover, and then falling out of it easily when she’s ready. Mix our tops with our other products and you will both be certain to have a wild time together. Feel free to hide under the soft fabric of our shirts or under the cool leather of some, one of our other fetish products such as nipple chains or lace corsets. Increase the chances of a fabulous night by planning ahead and making the woman of your dreams as stunning as she can be. Our products are of great quality and are waiting to be ordered. We’d love to hear how they feel on your skin and how our products changed your evening. We are certain they will add value to your sex life. 

Luckily for you, here at Peaches and Screams we have carry some of the nicest products that you can find for that lucky lady in your life. We have pretty tops and sexy shirts that are designed to make her the center of attention every time she steps into a room. There is an old saying that goes something like this: “You are the woman on your arm.” What does that mean? It means that your woman will always be a representation of you. When she looks good, you look good. So it makes sense that you make sure she looks her best day in and day out. Our products are made with only the finest materials and fabrics. So you can relax knowing that when your girl is wearing something from Peaches and Screams, she’s wearing that absolute best. Just take a look at what we have. Aside from the impeccable quality of our products, we also have many different options and they are all very versatile. We have tops that are more professional that she could wear out to a nice diner on one romantic evening and we have some kinky shirts that she can wear at night when it’s time to get a little freaky. The latter will of course be for your eyes only, so make sure you pick your favorite. While you’re browsing through our store, try to imagine what she will look like in each and every one of these options. Try to picture how well they’ll fit her, and how her tits will look in them. This is important because it will help you see things a little more clearly than usual. It is best to think about how she will look when she has them on her. Now, what will you do once you’ve purchased all of these fine items for her? Well, she’s going to look so drop dead gorgeous that the two of you may not even leave the bedroom. Imagine one day the two of you are getting ready to go out on a date, and your girl decides to put on one of our lacey but provocative shirts. They’re just cut so perfectly and it looks so amazing on her, her tits look gorgeous and her ass is tighter than ever. What are you going to do? Will you really be able to leave without getting a piece of that beforehand? Or do you have to willpower to actually go on the date and stare at her perfect breasts for an hour? We supposed we will just have to wait and see. Get yours today and be sure to have her model them as soon as you rip them out of the box. And also, don’t forget to write back to us and let us know how amazing she looked in our product. Did you look at her and get an instant boner? Did you need to have a quickie before the date? Let us know! Shop for sexy tops, sexy shirts, women's tops, fashion tops, club tops today!

You love her. The way her eyes glisten when she looks at you. The way her hair flows gently in the wind. You can’t get over her gorgeous figure. No matter the time of day, she always looks perfect. Everything she wears just hugs her so nicely. Her pants always cling to her sexy waist. Every sexy shirt she wears conforms perfectly to her curve body. She has nice perky breasts and a tiny waist, so it should be difficult for her to find clothes that fit, but she makes it work. She fills out every outfit perfectly. She was built to mesmerize and bring men to her knees. And she certainly does that to you every single time. As a man, you have to cherish her and protect her totally. But you also have to provide for her. You have a beautiful woman on your hands here, and it is important that you make sure she looks her best. You have to make sure she has only the finest possible clothing and accessories to accentuate her beauty and perfection. 

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