Branded Toys

Branded Toys


Businesses spend years creating trust with their customers. It takes customer confidence and a great product to build a brand. The brand names Peaches and Screams trusts have built their names on great products, exciting customer feedback, and a trust that its customers will always receive the best products, the best service, and the most incredible orgasms while using their products. When in doubt while shopping for a new product, don’t hesitate to shop our name brand selections. These are favorite products for a reason. They have been around for a long time. Or they have pleased millions of people, so you know they can also do the job for you. Designer sex toys are the sex toys you can trust to bring you to orgasm with no issues. They are built to last and made to challenge your deepest sexual fantasies. Adam Dexter’s cock is hugely popular in our designer store. Berman Center toys are perfect for tantalizing her clitoris or finding her G-Spot. This excellent brand has toys designed by Dr. Laura Berman, a sex and relationship educator and therapist. With masturbator sleeves for men and clit massagers for women, these sex toys are sure to find your most intimate spots and seduce your senses. Fifty Shades of Grey brand toys are increasing popular and offer a seductive line of toys from full pleasure to BDSM toys. These toys are not only pleasing; they are sexy too. Darker Shades within this line has a sleek and sexy color for their firm yet soft Rabbit vibrators. You could get lost in these toys. Bijoux sex toys take sexy to a new level. From sensational erotica to candles and scents meant to arouse your senses, these toys are sure to get you in the mood. Rocks Off has a line of toys so sexy they could be works are art. The cool, sleek look of their bullet vibrators with art wrapped around each one are sure to help you get your rocks off. Colt, Evolved, Jimmy Jane, and many other name brands you will find at Peaches and Screams all offer the finest in jelly dildos, rabbit vibrators, veiny cocks, and more to spice up your sex life and fill your body with rolling orgasm after rolling orgasm. Be sure to check out the designer brands here at Peaches and Screams for the best in designer prices and the finest in quality cum-seeking toys. Our designer brands are top quality and made with body safe materials. Be sure to remember all the accessories you will need to assist with your designer toys. Whether it is lube, scented oils or lotions, or ticklers such as feathers, our Designer and Luxury Shops will have what you are looking for to enhance your desires and fill your fantasies. Peaches and Screams wants to help you meet your deepest desires. We know these desires are unique and private. Have faith in our ordering and delivery process as well. Your orders are kept discreet from start to finish. Buy luxury and designer sex toys at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse Vibrators, Sex Toys for Men, Sex Toys for Couples, Dildos, Cock Rings, Butt Plugs, Anal Toys, Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls, Strap-Ons & Harnesses.

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170ml Real Sex Lube for Tenga Hole Male Masturbator

It gets no Realer than REAL itself. Get the most out of this brilliantly formulated playtime enchant..

£14.49 Ex Tax: £14.49

170ml WILD Sex Lube for Tenga Hole Male Masturbator

Get on the wild side of life and enjoy pure and untamed stimulations with this specially formulated ..

£14.49 Ex Tax: £14.49

AssBerries Blackberry 7 Speed Quiet Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug


£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

AssBerries Raspberry 7 Speed Quiet Waterproof Silicone Anal Vibrator


£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

B3 Onye Fleur Purple Mini Vibrator

The B3 onye Fleur Purple mini vibrator has a beautiful, floral textured silicone, non-slip grip to a..

£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

B3 Onye Fleur Red Mini Bullet Vibrator

This fabulous mini bullet vibrator has been designed to enhance your alone playtime, designed w..

£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

B3 Onye Fleur Vibrator Pink

Beautiful Curves. Bold Rythms. Breathtaking Sensations. Onye is a celebration of Beauty and Sensuali..

£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

Berman Center Berman Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser

The Berman Center Juno weighted pelvic exerciser was developed by Dr Berman, this exerciser is ..

£41.49 Ex Tax: £41.49

Berman Center Delilah Slender Flat Head Vibe

The Berman Center Delilah Slender Flat Head Vibe can be best described as a slender flat headed..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99

Berman Center Minerva Vibrating Cock Ring

Want to enrich your sexual experience and explore other rich methods of great erotic fun? Look no fu..

£42.49 Ex Tax: £42.49

Berman Center Mistress Bondage Games Kit

If you still haven’t experimented with or tried restrained sex plays, then you haven’t yet explored ..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99

Berman Intimate Basics Jasmine

Jasmines textured ribbing and sensual shape make this the perfect toy with something extra Addition..

£24.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Berman Intimate Basics Lila

Lilas sleek ergonomically designed controller and vibrating bullet add ideal extra sensory stimulati..

£16.49 Ex Tax: £16.49

Berman Intimate Basics Lola

Lola is great for G spot stimulation, deeper stimulation and as an external vibrator The possibilit..

£24.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Berman Intimate Basics Mimi

Mimi is a slim Ruber cote bullet vibrator that is equiped with an EZ grip control and has 2 differen..

£19.49 Ex Tax: £19.49

Designer items don’t just begin and end in the fashion world – they extend into the sex toy industry as well. Yes, there are sex toy equivalents of Dolce & Gabana, Balmain, Versace etc. From Adam Dexters to Berman Center, Colt to Big Tease Toys, there are a lot of ‘designer sex toys’ whose brands have not stood out due to quality of products but also, because these brands have individually managed to stand out; to carve a niche in particular sex toys. For example, Big Tease Toys, the sex toy company/brand which was created in 1997 by Tony Levine, is known for its I Rub My Duckie line of products and has such, has managed to create a consistent brand in the minds of its users. Many people choose to stick to particular brand(s) of toys for consistency purposes as well as because the users have grown a certain attachment to the products.

What Can Be Found Here?

Basically, all sex toys can be found in this category just under different brand names.

Recommended Brands? 

Different brands would be preferred by different individuals given that needs differ. Someone searching for branded vibrators would probably go for Evolved Novelties while someone looking for a perfect BDSM experience would go the Fifty Shades of Grey brand/line of products. Other recommended brands (based on individual needs) include OVO  and Rocks Off branded toys for vibrator needs, Colt branded toys for general solo fun among many others.

Safety Tips for Your Designer Sex Toys

Generally, sex toy safety tips (such as observance of strict hygiene with toys, knowing one’s limits etc.) also apply to branded toys although there are some safety tips to be observed when using a new brand of sex toys. Making sure that the brand is reputable is arguably the most important safety tip to observe when purchasing a new brand of sex toys. This is to ensure that the sex toys are of high quality. Brands such as Big Tease Toys have safety labs where product samples are tested before and after full production of toys. Also, it is important to check out the reviews associated with the brand to see if there are common problems experienced by users of the brand.