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Lucid Toys

Lucid Toys


Lucid Toys make vivid orgasms. These G-Spot vibrators and clit stimulators are sleek and sexy in design and glide with the smoothness only a Jelly Vibrator can. With multiple speeds, your Lucid vibrators give you many options for extreme pleasure. Lucid is long and strong making you cum just as long with just as strong rolling sensations stirring across your body. Lucid vibrators are slender and easy to use. Their soft jelly material provides a glide and the pleasure you have been craving. Jelly vibrators are soft yet rigid enough to give you the firm penetrating and pulsating action your body desires. The bulbous thick head of these fabulous vibrators is curved specifically for G-Spot pleasure. The best of the jelly vibrators warm up as they penetrate your vaginal walls. The warm shaft vibrates throughout your vagina filling you from the tip of the shaft to all the way out to your clit with warm sensations. These vibrators are perfect for beginner users as well as experienced users. With varying designs, the Lucid vibrators rotate, vibrate, and penetrate. The Rabbit vibrators pulsate, the clit appendage giving your clitoris a buzz it yearns for to cum. Lucid toys are perfect for full body massages, masturbation, as well as fun and exciting play for couples. These toys are exciting smooth and sweet. Get down and erotic with Lucid Toys. Shivers will run from head to toe when you use these toys on yourself or with your lover. Different varieties offer different sensations. To add even more, use your favorite warming lube to increase the pleasure that Lucid Toys will give you. These translucent sex toys give jelly vibrators a whole new look. Inside you can see the powerful bullet directed straight to your G-spot. Before playing around vaginally, be sure to use this bullet to buzz your clit first. The shaft of Lucid Toys is long and flexible making full body massages feel wonderful. Turn on a Lucid toy and entice her nipples before moving down the rest of her body. Some Lucid toys, including G-spot vibrators, are waterproof. Take these amazing little machines into the shower with you. Take it into the bathtub with you. Or hide beneath your sheets and make it wet all by yourself. Lucid Toys are excellent sex toys for first-time users, but they are also perfect for those experienced in G-spot vibrators and clitoris vibrators. The exquisite shapes of their massagers and vibrators tantalize the softest skin on your body. The soft jelly, body safe materials fill you up to the point of master orgasms. These toys are easy to use with multiple speeds, thrusting action, rotating shafts, and bullets that tease and tantalize all of your senses. Check out the entire line of Lucid sex toys here at Peaches and Screams. Your orders are always kept discreet. From ordering and billing all the way to delivery. Buy a g-spot vibrator from Lucid Toys at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse women's vibrators: silent g-spot vibrators and waterproof rabbit vibrators.

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Lucid Dreams No.14 Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

Proud winner of the Women’s Health Magazine award for Best Maxi Vibe, in recognition of its excellen..

£30.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Lucid Dreams No.39 Silent G Spot Vibrator

The Lucid Dreams collection proudly presents No.39, a uniquely designed and exotic vibrator; ergonom..

£37.99 Ex Tax: £37.99

Lucid Dreams No.48 Waterproof and Silent Rabbit Vibrator

A unique blend of style and power, the Lucid Dreams No.48 vibrator is a slim line rabbit vibrator, d..

£85.99 Ex Tax: £85.99