Big Tease Toys

Big Tease Toys


Big Teaze Sex toys are beautiful, fun, and incredibly stimulating. With travel vibrators and discreet vibrators, you are sure to find what you need for when you are on the go. Clitoral vibrators and clitoral stimulators are exactly what she needs for the powerful orgasm she has been looking for. Big Teaze Sex Toys, created by Tony Levine in 1997, knows what women are looking for in the sex toys they buy. Their products are fun and innovative with a focus on fun. Sex and masturbation should be fun and exciting. For that fun environment, Big Tease Sex Toys has a great line of fun rubber ducks. I rub my Duckie line is cute and humorous. But the action they give to your clit is no joke. Keep a duckie by your bathtub for a fun way to make tub masturbation comfortable and enjoyable. These cute duckies can stay out in the open for even your guests to see. No one will know how much fun you and your duckie are having in the tub or even in your bed when no one is watching. As Big Teaze Sex toys says about their line of Rubber Duckies, these little guys are the Toys That Play With You. These rubber duckies are not only fun and discreet, but they pack quite the vibrating punch. These duckies are waterproof making masturbation in the water an exciting event. They also come in varying speeds to really buzz your clit the way you would like. From Duckies with boa feathers and corsets to BDSM Duckies and just everyday Rubber Ducks in yellow or purple, Big Teaze Toys has a Vibrating Rubber Duckie to fit everyone’s personality. Big Teaze has other toys as well. Their powerful vibrators are beautiful and discreet. By design, they are waterproof with a non-slip grip. Their small sizes make them readily available in the most desirable and private moments. Their Pocket Rocket is small and discreet. You can keep it in your pocket or your purse. Either way, once you bring it out to play, you will be incredibly pleased with its rocket force. With the quiver and quake, this stimulator has, you are sure to head to the moon and back with the most amazing orgasm. With a line of discreetly packaged vibrators for women, Big Teaze is the brand for discretion. These pocket vibrators can be concealed in a handbag easily. If they are discovered, they appear to be nothing more than make-up or a container for cosmetics. Big Teaze also has masturbation sleeves for men. All their products are phthalate free and body safe. You are sure to find what you need here at Peaches and Screams and Big Teaze. We value your privacy. Your Peaches and Screams orders are kept discreet from order and billing to delivery. Buy travel vibrators, discreet vibrators, clitoral vibrators and clitoral stimulators at Peaches & Screams UK online sex toys shop. Browse small vibrators for women, g-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, remote control dildos, clitoral stimulators.

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B3 Onye Fleur Purple Mini Vibrator

The B3 onye Fleur Purple mini vibrator has a beautiful, floral textured silicone, non-slip grip to a..

£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

B3 Onye Fleur Red Mini Bullet Vibrator

This fabulous mini bullet vibrator has been designed to enhance your alone playtime, designed w..

£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

B3 Onye Fleur Vibrator Pink

Beautiful Curves. Bold Rythms. Breathtaking Sensations. Onye is a celebration of Beauty and Sensuali..

£26.99 Ex Tax: £26.99

I Rub my Duckie Kitty Black Bath Time Vibrating Rubber Duck

The new I Rub My Duckie travel size Hoodie Kitty Black Bath Time Vibrating Rubber Duck is a fabulous..

£28.49 Ex Tax: £28.49

I Rub My Duckie Paris Travel Size Clitoral Vibrator and Massager Silver

The truest definition of innocent naughtiness, seemingly nondescript but full of secret eroticism; t..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

I Rub My Duckie Paris Travel Size Vibrator in Duck Shape Gold

The new I Rub My Duckie Paris Travel Size Vibrator in Duck Shape is truly a novelty design, designed..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

I Rub My Duckie Travel Size Waterproof Duck Vibrator Hoodie Kitty White

The snow white I Rub My Duckie travel size Hoodie Kitty White Waterproof Duck Vibrator is a cun..

£23.49 Ex Tax: £23.49

I Rub My Duckie Waterproof Massager Vibrator Black

If you’d like to transform your boring bath times into a pleasure-packed fun time, simply get the ne..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99

I Rub My Duckie Yellow Duck Bathroom Vibrator

This brilliant yellow sex toy embodies the expression that looks can be deceiving, hidden behind its..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99

I Rub My Kitty Pink Vibrator

Theres nothing more endearing than cuddling with a warm Kitty. This graceful feline, with her elegan..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £27.99

I Rub My Paris Duckie Black Clitoral Massager

Nothing can make your bath time more extravagantly sexy and erotic than the innocuously designed I R..

£36.99 Ex Tax: £36.99

I Rub My Paris Duckie Pink Travel Size Massager Vibrator for Shower

The I Rub My Paris Duckie Pink Travel Size Massager Vibrator for Shower is so deceptive in appearanc..

£27.49 Ex Tax: £27.49

I Rub My Paris Duckie Pink Travel-Size Vibrator

If you still haven’t added the I Rub My Paris Duckie Pink Travel-Size Vibrator Sex Toy&nbs..

£36.99 Ex Tax: £36.99

Tony Levine created Big Tease Sex Toys in 1997.  The company is based in California and focuses on creating fun and innovative products for adults. Their signature product is the I Rub My Duckie line. This fun and humorous collection of toys is labeled as “Toys That Play With You!” They are waterproof personal massagers cleverly going incognito as Rubber Duckies. Look at those duckies with kitty hats! Don’t miss their B3 Onye Fleur toys, noted as a celebration of beauty and sensuality. These intimate massagers, beautifully disguised to be discreet.  The powerful toy is waterproof and you won’t have to fish for it in the bottom of the tub with its beautifully-sculpted non-slip grip.  With three vibration speeds, it has the most powerful vibration mechanism for its size.  All of their products adhere to international safety standards, being free of latex, phthalates and heavy metals. For your safety they lab test every product they make.  (Wouldn’t you like to work in that lab?) Shop our fun line of Big Tease Sex Toys today!