Njoy Sex toys are sleek and sexy and shiny like no other sex toy on the market. Unyielding metal could be quite intimidating at times. However, the Njoy products are meant to enhance your sexual nature end enjoyment. The designers of Njoy want you to have an elevated sense of pleasure with cool and sweet metal sex toys. These high-quality modern crafted metal toys are made of the purest materials, keeping safety and sexuality in mind. Njoy’s metal sex toys are made to last a lifetime. Expect to have a lifetime of joy with these toys. Heavy metal in the bedroom is a cool and sexy way to improve your sex life. Metal heats up your sensual motions and your orgasms. Chilled in the refrigerator or under some cold water, cool metal can create an incredible orgasm creating a tighter, tenser vaginal wall. Some of the Njoy metal sex toys have bulbous heads or knobs or ridges for added pleasure. Still smooth to the touch these pure metal materials bring a hard Joy into your sexual life. Peaches and Screams is excited to offer the line of Njoy metal sex toys to improve, enhance, and entice, all of the sexual feelings and desires you carry. Sleek and incredibly sexy, metal sex toys are irresistible. Their versatility is unlike any other material you will find in other lines of sex toys. Metal butt plugs, metal dildos with knobs and curves to hit exactly the spot that you need to be touched. These metal sex toys or non-porous making them easy to clean. Add a little warm water to tantalize your soft skin with a heated NJoy metal toy. Metal holds heat, so these warm, curvy, smooth toys are sure to heat you up as well as heat up your bedroom. Used for anal sex or vaginal penetration NJoy’s line of metal sex toys are sure to enhance the sex life of anyone looking for something different. Be sure to check out all of the sleek curves Njoy metal toys offer. Bulbous tips at the ends of these curves hit her G-Spot with a smooth, warm touch. Increase your pleasure. Play around with varying temperatures for your body to feel inside and out. Try something new. If you are new to any line of sex toys, metal sex toys are a great place to start. These toys are non-corrosive, and they will not degrade over the years you use them. A Njoy sex toy is a forever sex toy. This line of gorgeous, sexy, smooth products is a true evolution in sexual pleasure. Check out Njoy’s entire line here at Peaches and Screams. All of your orders are kept with the utmost discretion, so order with ease and confidentiality. Buy luxury metal butt plug and p spot massager set & stainless steel dildo from Njoy luxury sex toy collection at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. 

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Njoy Eleven Luxury Stainless Steel G-Spot Dildo

The name of this amazing toy says it all; this toy is a great start for people who want to experienc..

£269.99 Ex Tax: £269.99

Njoy Plug 2.0 Extra Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug

The Njoy Plug 2.0 Extra Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug prostrate massager is a terrific introductio..

£125.99 Ex Tax: £125.99

Njoy Pure Fun Stainless Steel P-Spot Butt Plug With a Loop

Give your ass and your p-spot perfect stimulation using the fantastic Njoy Pure Fun Stainless S..

£82.99 Ex Tax: £82.99

Njoy Pure Medium Stainless Steel Phallic Head Butt Plug With a Loop

The Njoy Pure Medium Stainless Steel Phallic Head Butt Plug With a Loop Is Designed To Stimulat..

£72.99 Ex Tax: £72.99

Njoy Pure Plug Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug

If you have not experienced the mind blowing pleasures of the Njoy Pure Plug Large Stainless St..

£82.99 Ex Tax: £82.99

Njoy Pure Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug

If you've always wanted to experiment with anal play, and prostrate massage, here's the most amazing..

£64.99 Ex Tax: £64.99

Njoy Pure Wand Metal Dildo

The Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo is not called a wand without good reason; it truly is a mag..

£94.99 Ex Tax: £94.99