Radical Vinyl

Radical Vinyl


Radical vinyl has the hottest in vinyl toys for you and your lover and all of your erotic nights. Fulfill your fantasies with the aid of sexy restraints, vinyl collars, and straps. Erotic bondage is an exciting addition to your sex life. Radical Vinyl can help you live out those fantasies with your partner. With their sleek and sexy designs, Radical Vinyl has everything that you need for your journey of bondage or domination. Explore your innermost desires. Bondage can be fun and exciting between to trusted adults. Stocks and tie downs, collars and vibes might be just what you need to awaken your sex life. Maybe you are master, or maybe you are a mistress. Maybe you are a submissive, and you need to have all the right things in all the right places. Radical Vinyl is your one stop shop at Peaches and Screams for everything you need in your sex room. These toys are hot. These toys are erotic. These toys will work for the beginner as well as the super experienced. Bondage toys built with sexy restraints to keep your lover in line are a specialty of Radical Vinyl. Stocks and collars and straps to keep your lover in place can be found at Radical Vinyl as well. But Radical Vinyl does not just have things to keep your lover tied up. Radical Vinyl also offers erotic dildos. Check out the extraordinary double-headed sex toys. Fuck one dildo together or bend it, one to titillate your ass and one for your pussy. Radical Vinyl also has leather masks used in bondage play or role play. Sensual sex probes can be found at Radical Vinyl. With various shapes and sizes and styles, these probes are ready to make your most erotic fantasies come true. Sex swings at Radical Vinyl are meant to provide your lover comfort while putting them in the position you need them in for exciting penetration and incredible orgasms. Be sure to check out all of the incredible sex toys from Radical Vinyl at Peaches and Screams. Open up your world to erotic and exotic nights of sex. Begin to explore the many things you and your lover can do together. Start a new fantasy. Have a swinging good time in a Radical Vinyl sex swing. These top quality line of body safe products are made specifically to explore your most erotic of thoughts and pleasure. Imagine the possibilities, the heights, and the depths you and your lover can reach together with the toys made by Radical Vinyl. Peaches and Screams is excited to be a part of your sexual journey. We respect your privacy and keep all of your orders discreet from start to finish. Buy strap on dildos, sex swings, handcuffs, blindfolds, hoods and gimp masks at Peaches & Screams UK sex shop. Browse kinky bondage toys and sex machines today. 

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