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Jiggle Balls and Love Eggs

Jiggle Balls and Love Eggs


Love eggs and Ben Wa balls or jiggle balls and vibrating eggs, also known as bullets, are probably some of the most intriguing and exciting sex toys meant to bring her maximum sexual pleasure. Love eggs are either egg-shaped or very often they are bullet shaped. These are typically small vibrators that are meant for clitoral stimulation for her. Stimulating the clitoris brings her to an orgasm she feels from head to toe. Love eggs can also be inserted vaginally or anally for pleasure. These toys are typically small enough that when they're inserted, they offer the opening of your vagina or your anus, where all of those very sensitive nerve endings are, stimulation in the form of pulsating vibrations. Jiggle balls or Ben Wa balls are typically inserted into the vagina and held in place for some time. There are various types of Ben Wa balls. Typically, women will insert them into the vagina carefully and slowly one ball at a time. Some jiggle balls have two or three balls attached. The idea behind the Ben Wa ball is to tighten and strengthen your vaginal walls or pelvic floor. After women give childbirth, this may be especially necessary. But in sexual nature, these tight vaginal walls and the strong pelvic floor will make sex more pleasurable for you as well as for your partner. Just start slow with the jingle balls and Ben Wa balls. Holding them in place for about five minutes at a time for a few days and then increasing that time throughout the day as your body gets used to them. Ben Wa balls tighten your vagina. Improving the strength of your pelvic floor helps by using your Kegel muscles with a bladder control as well as with controlling those muscles as your lover enters your vaginal cavity. Your lover enjoys the feeling of your vaginal walls tighten around their fingers or their hand or their cock as you cum. The tighter your vagina is, in the stronger those muscles are, the tighter and stronger and more intense those orgasms will be. Love eggs and bullets used along with Ben Wa and jiggle balls create an exciting sexual experience for her. Kegel exercisers and sets are meant just for that, to exercise your Kegel muscles. Vaginal health is important. Take care of your body, not only for your sexual needs but also for your overall health with Ben Wa balls or jiggle balls. Take care of your sexual desires and your clitoral orgasms with the help of love eggs or bullets. These fabulous mini vibrators can be placed between you and your partner during intercourse. They can be used alone. No matter how you use them, they are sure to increase your sexual pleasure whether alone or with your partner. Order today from Peaches and Screams. We provide full discretion on all of your orders. Buy vibrating love eggs and balls, remote control sex toys, ben wa balls, jiggle balls & vibrating love eggs at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse sex toys for women.

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There are two types of love eggs (sex toys for her) and they are 

(a) The egg vibrators which are egg-shaped (obviously) 

(b) The bullet vibrators which are shaped like you know, bullets

These sex toys are known to guarantee that maximum pleasure is achieved by stimulating either the vagina or the anus when inserted in. Due to their tiny sizes, they are easily inserted and are either connected with a wire to some sort of controller or are remote controlled.

How Do I Achieve Maximum Pleasure?

While using love eggs generally leave a satisfying feeling, there are things you can do to make the feeling more intense.

One of those ways is to use a clit cream when using the love eggs.  The mixture of sensations from both will leave you with a Cloud-nine-level orgasm. The cream would help with lubricating as well as further intensifying your sessions with the love balls.

While the love eggs are mostly used for solo-play, they can also be a great toy to be used when having sex with your partner as they can be used for either foreplay (best used in the upper thighs if used for foreplay) or act as that little guest that sends chills up her G-spot.

Other locations where you can use the eggs as well include the nipples and (the back of the) neck as they provide that buzzing, please-give-me-more teasing sensations in both places.

It is also important to note that love eggs aren’t just some sex toys for ‘her’, they can also be used to stimulate pleasure in men when used in to buzz up the balls preferably during oral sex OR used to tease the (usually hyper-sensitive) nipples. 

Any Recommended Safety Tips? 

Just like all other sex toys available, the love eggs have safety tips that should be adhered to in order to keep you safe.

The first on the list is avoiding straight from-anal-to-vaginal use of the love eggs. While the eggs can be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation, it is important to avoid using the eggs directly from the anus to the vagina as that is unhygienic and can leave the user with an infection (which is a not-so-sweet experience).

Also, be extra-cautious about (or totally avoid) using remote controlled eggs (eggs without a cord) for anal stimulation as they could get stuck and could leave some undesirable memories. It has always been and will always be best to use eggs with cords for backdoor action. If you need an alternative toy for anal usage, you should consider the vibrating butt plug.


Venus balls, orgasm balls and Geisha balls are a few of the several aliases of the Ben Wa balls. The marble-sized balls (normally two) usually have one ball ‘empty’ with a lighter weight while the other is usually heavier (usually with mercury or metal).

How To Use Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls and vibrating love eggs are usually inserted into the vagina carefully.

It is preferable to use lubrication first to ease the insertion process. After that, the first ball (the lighter one) is inserted (up to the cervix) then followed by the heavier ball – it is best to do this while in a relaxed position to enable you effectively do this.

You can then hold the balls in your vagina by tightening your grip of your leg muscles on your vaginal area. It is worth mentioning that Ben Wa balls are (also) used for kegel exercises.

Staying Safe with Ben Wa Balls

It is highly discouraged to use Ben Wa balls for anal pleasure EVEN if the balls to be used have some sort of string. This is because the balls do not have any properly flared base which is considered, to an extent, the standard for toys deemed fit for anal play. Only people who have had numerous anal play experiences in the past should use them and even at that, it is best used in the vagina.

For beginners, it is best to stick to plastic and silicone Ben Wa balls as metal and/or glass balls can be especially difficult for beginners to hold onto. Plastic and silicone balls usually have a softer texture and are generally lighter when compared to metal/glass balls and as such, are easy for starters. Metal or glass silicone balls should be used by those with intermediate to expert level of using Ben Wa balls.

Hygienically, it is recommended that you wash the balls before and after EACH use. Using warm water and soap is highly recommended for cleaning.

While this is not a safety tip in itself, it is better to use a lubricant alongside the Ben Wa balls to ease both the insertion and removal processes as well as to heighten pleasure.

What If It Gets Stuck?

Stuff happens so the Ben Wa balls might get stuck but there’s nothing to worry about if you used them for vaginal insertion.

All you need to do is use/add lubricant and move around for a bit and they’ll come popping right out in a few (minutes).

However, if you used them for anal play and the balls get stuck, it is preferable to try applying lube for few minutes then using hand to try to reach them. If you fail to locate and remove them this way, it is best to seek medical help as soon as you can.

Did You Know?

- Many practitioners of Taoism believe that the balls are helpful to helping an individual discover their sensual side.

- Ben Wa balls are usually used for kegel exercises

- The origin of Ben Wa balls is still debated but there are speculations that they could date as far back as the Apocrypha.

Where To Get Both Love Eggs And Ben Wa Balls

If you would prefer a store with 10,000 real reviews, over 5,000 products (handpicked), discreet billing, discreet shipping as well as an overall easy and secured shopping experience from start to finish, then Peaches & Screams is the place for you to get all the love eggs and Ben Wa balls you need.