Realistic Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators


Realistic vibrators, much like realistic dildos, are an exciting way to enhance your sex life. If you love the feel of a vibrating toy and you love the orgasms they bring, you are going to love the realistic cock vibrators here at Peaches and Screams. With our extensive line of vibrators, the realistic vibrators are some of the most popular. These vibrators resemble a real cock. With realistic ridges and penile heads, these cock like vibrators do everything a real cock would do, except they offer even more in a pulsating vibrating action. Some of these realistic vibrators have a curved tip to hit your G-spot. Maybe you are lucky enough to know a man whose cock curves just in the right spot and hits you on your G-spot as he thrusts in and out of you. These realistic vibrators are very much like the real thing except some of them have vaginal wall beads or pearls inside giving your vaginal wall stimulation a real cock might not be able to do. Some of our realistic vibrators here at Peaches and Screams has an extra appendage for clitoral stimulation. If only your real cock came with the buzzing sensation of a realistic clitoral vibrator, sex with a man might be even more amazing than it already is. Peaches and Screams is proud to offer an extensive line of vibrators. Realistic vibrators are fun if you are playing alone. When you feel you are in the mood, grab your realistic vibrator and let it buzz along your neck. Drag it down in between your breasts, and then move over to your nipples. Pushing your breasts together and lifting them higher, push this realistic cock vibrator in between your breasts and feel the vibrations ripple throughout your entire body. By now, know your nipples should be hard. As this turns you on more and more, use that realistic vibrating cock in your hands and drag it down your stomach where you can still feel the pulsations and vibrations turning you on. As you take it lower and lower to your thighs and your outer lips, you should be more turned on. The vibrations these toys have become mind-blowing sensations as your body yearns for more. The visual these realistic vibrators bring to your eyes that your mind connects with is that of a real cock sliding across your body. Don’t you think a vibrating cock tip would feel great on your clit? When you have it in your hand after you have dragged it across your breasts and your nipples, down your stomach, into your thighs, and outer lips, place it ever so gently on your clit, pause, arch your back, thrust into it, and let it do its job. Realistic cocks have the head of a penis and the vibration of a machine. As the penile head on your realistic vibrator is buzzing your clit, think about the desire to have it inside you. By now you should be really wet and ready. So, take this vibrator and insert it, thrusting in and out, pausing outside now and then to tantalize your clit until you cum with the most mind-blowing orgasm you have ever had. This is just an idea of what these realistic vibrating cocks can do. Peaches and Screams suggests you play with them in various ways. Get to know your own body and the erogenous zones of your partner. Sex toys are fun especially if they are realistic in nature. Buy remote control vibrators & remote control dildos at Peaches & Screams UK sex toy shop. Browse realistic vibrators, penis vibrators, clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators, waterproof, silent, extra powerful, bullet and discreet vibrators.

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6 inch Realistic Cock Vibro

This is the most amazingly realistic vibrating cock ever created. Moulded directly from an actual 6 ..

£68.99 Ex Tax: £68.99

8 inch Realistic Cock Vibro

The vibro Realistic Cock is molded from an actual erect penis then individually handcrafted and colo..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

8 inch Realistic Cock Vibro Mulatto

For those of you that absolutely adore realistic cocks and a touch of chocolate colour Gasp with ..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Average Joe Alejandro The Pool Man Realistic Vibrator

The are plenty of reasons why you should hook up with Alejandro The Pool Man .Alejandro is a realist..

£34.49 Ex Tax: £34.49

Average Joe Dion The Architect Realistic Vibrator

The are plenty of reasons why you should hook up with Dion The Architect.Dion is a realistic vibrati..

£33.50 Ex Tax: £33.50

Average Joe Marcus The Doctor Realistic Vibrator

The are plenty of reasons why you should hook up with Marcus The Doctor.Marcus is a realistic vibrat..

£34.49 Ex Tax: £34.49

Cyberskin Vibrating Cyber Cock

Lusciously Lustful, youll be staring wide eyed as this gorgeous sex toy plummets into your erotic de..

£69.99 Ex Tax: £69.99

Emperor Brown 6inch Vibrating

The Emperor from the Better than real Collection is a dildo made for pleasure. It is 6 inches in lus..

£57.99 Ex Tax: £57.99

Emperor Brown 8inch Vibrating

A hot and sexy brown coloured dildo from the Better than Real Collection this attractive pleasurable..

£57.99 Ex Tax: £57.99

Emperor Flesh 6inch Vibrating

A nice sensuous vibrating dildo that is flesh coloured with 6 inches long shaft and formed convincin..

£57.99 Ex Tax: £57.99

Emperor Flesh 8inch Vibrating

An absolutely adorable dildo from the Better than Real Collection the Emperor Flesh Dildo is one of ..

£57.99 Ex Tax: £57.99

Jeff Stryker Realistic Cock Vibrating

Ladies how would you love to own an important piece of a professional male porn star Now you coul..

£55.50 Ex Tax: £55.50

Mack Tuff Vibrating Inflatable Silicone Dong Black 7.5 Inch

Variable speed controller and nbspSuction cup base and nbspEZ squeeze hand pump and nbspRoHS complia..

£53.99 Ex Tax: £53.99

Passion Evane Body Red

Evoking feelings of luxury as well as pleasurable sensations, the Evane Body in red, from the master..

£41.99 Ex Tax: £41.99

Real Feel Deluxe No 6 Flesh Penis Vibrator

A 8.5 inch strong vibrations realistic shaped vibrator with a powerful suction cup base that will st..

£39.99 Ex Tax: £39.99