Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls


Also known as blown up love dolls, sex dolls are usually used in one-person sex action and are selected based on the user’s preference. Sex dolls vary in features as some may contain head only (for blow-job-like stimulation) while others may contain full bodily features including head (for blow job stimulations), anus (for back-door sex stimulation), vagina (for penetration and vaginal stimulation). Dolls with full body features usually take real human-like shape. The dolls are usually inflatable (depending on size) and up until recently, they were made as sex toys for men. Some of the most popular materials used in making sex dolls include silicone and latex.

Interesting Facts About Life-Like Sex Dolls

Here are some fun facts about sex dolls you should definitely know about:

  • Sex dolls date as far back as the 17th century when (Dutch) sailors needed some ‘companions’ ;) and for this reason, sex dolls are sometimes referred to as ‘Dutch wives’ especially in Japan.
  • Very many a times, sex doll users end up developing emotional attachments to their toys
  • Some sex dolls (synthetic, full bodied) can be heavy (weighing up to 52 kilogrammes or 115 pounds)
  • It is said that the Barbie doll was spun off a German sex doll.
  • Almost single-handedly, Horward Stern is said to have boosted the popularity of sex dolls by having sex with one – on air!

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Asian Dream Doll

Remove my traditional Geisha outfit to reveal my succulent love holes. Im ready and will to be used ..

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Belladonna Love Doll

Shes not often called a doll, but we made one anyway. The kinkiest freak in porn is all here. from h..

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Big Boobs Bridget Love Doll

Blonde love doll with bent legs and three pleasure holes, mouth, vagina and anus.Bridget has a 3D fa..

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Big Joe Male Doll

A life size doll with a 7 inch removable dick comes with wide open mouth, inviting anus and a perfec..

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Brandy Big Boobed Sex Doll

Guaranteed to get ya randy. Its Brandy the newest addition to our inflatable harem. She is a Big Boo..

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Britney Love Doll

Oops she did it again. With 3 penetrating toxic love holes you can bang this baby one more time..

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Butch The Beginner Love Doll

Looking for the right male doll, Enjoy the companionship of this hunk of love. Youll never want to b..

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Crackhead Charlie Sex Doll

Hes high on himself and full of hot air. You dont have to be a slutty porn goddess to party with thi..

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Cyberskin Psycho Inflatable Love Doll With Pussy and Ass

Life size inflatable love doll with removable CyberSkin pussy and ass. Open ended, ribbed love tunne..

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Cyberskin Young and Hot Inflatable Love Doll With Cyberskin Puss

Life size inflatable love doll with removable CyberSkin pussy and ass, Open ended, ribbed love tunne..

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Dianna Stretch Love Doll

The only way to a deep penetration, is with 1 leg in the air Mmm, if you keep yours up ill keep mine..

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Eileen Sue Life Size Love Doll Extravaganza

Eileen Sue Love Doll with Molded Head Hands and Feet. The Extravaganza Eileen Sue love doll loves to..

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Elle Celebrity Love Doll

Get it on with the famous, Elle. Shes prime time and ready, three hot horny holes...

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Envi Inflatable Doll

The compassionate Envi is a life size inflatable PVC love doll with 3 penetrating holes and a newly ..

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Exotic and Erotic Love Doll Cyberskin Pussy and Ass

Lifesize inflatable love doll with removable CyberSkin pussy and ass Open ended, ribbed love tunnel ..

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