Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators

Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators



  • These toys can be very compact and quiet, which provides hands-free discrete pleasure whenever and wherever it's needed, even under panties.
  • Have you ever had those days when you just couldn't "get it up?" Try a clitoral vibrator with extra strength for those days when you need a little more encouragement. These sweet spot clitoral vibrators and clitoral stimulators find your exact pleasure point. No more frustration if that bunny vibrator isn't quite spaced correctly. This nicely ties into the fact that clitoral vibrators can be used with any vaginal vibrator of choice. • They come in a wide variety of speeds, strengths, materials and shapes. This puts all the power right where you need it. Your sensitive nerves won't be distracted by too many.
  • Try using these as nipple stimulators!
  • Share the fun! These provide extra excitement for everyone during real sex. We here at Peaches & Screams think he'll love the vibrations too!
  • Do you suspect your man may feel inadequate next to that giant vaginal vibrator! Look no further than a clitoral vibrator.
  • When you want a quickie, these sweet spot toys will make you climax surely and quickly.
  • Take the pressure off your lover to stimulate your clit. They will be grateful for the more satisfying experience of a set-it-and-forget-it clitoral stimulator.
  • This fun little toy is the perfect starter for introducing more - ahem - invasive sex toys. Are vibrations too much for you? Try a suction clit stimulator instead - or use a nubbed vibrator with the vibrations turned off. 
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2 Speed Powerful Multi-Functional Double Vibrator with a Bullet and a G-Spot Massager

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6 Modes iEGG Lilly Rechargeable Silicone Purple Clitoral Vibrator

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7 Modes OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulation Vibrator

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Abia Hybris 10 Rhythms Compact Pink Clitoral Vibrator With USB Cable

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Amelia Pink Butterfly Bullet Vibrator With Remote Controller

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Anatomically Shaped Clit Sucker Vacuum Pump

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Auto Erotica 3 in 1 Female Multi Speed Clitoral, Anal and Internal Masturbator with a Remote Control

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Berman Center Delilah Slender Flat Head Vibe

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Butterfly Vibrator With Ribbed Head And Tracked Pearls

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CalExotics Vibro Pussy Sucker Clitoral Pump

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Clitoral And G-Spot Rabbit Habit Rabbit Vibrator With Metal Balls

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Clitoral Massager Penis Sleeve

Funnel shaped penis sleeve with three stimulation grooves, integrated testicles ring and a little no..

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Cyberskin Transluctent Stroker Three Piece Set With Juicy Mouth, Soft Pussy And Tight Ass

Dreaming of a great night in the pussy? How about a little bit of warmth inside a soft and juicy mou..

£32.99 Ex Tax: £32.99



You know that one guy you went to bed with who had no clue that you MUST have stimulation on your clit to climax? Your sweet spot was left neglected and you were unsatisfied. Why were you too nice or timid to give the guy a clue? He would have appreciated the heads up - all men like to think they rocked our worlds!

Now think about this: How easy would it be to start that awkward conversation by pulling out your clitoral stimulator? Just, hold it up and say, "Wait baby, let's have fun with this...." He will be very curious about the toy and delighted that YOU introduced a toy. Then he will get the picture pretty fast when it's literally right in front of him, doing its job!

Not so fun fac​t: Studies show up to 85% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax. Much to a man's dismay, his shaft is probably not getting the job done, no matter how much stamina he has. A note to men shoppers: Getting her the gift of a clitoral vibrator will tell her you care about her pleasure. (And probably get you some more play time too!)

But what about when you are without that man or vaginal vibrator around? Sometimes a girl just needs to let off some pent up energy. A clitoral vibrator can be small enough to go along for the ride anywhere you go. How naughty would it be to try it at work? Run off to the ladies room for a quickie. Or maybe dare to use it at your desk! (We don't recommend watching porn at your desk, though.) Perhaps you adore self-pleasure. Avoid the hand cramps by letting your battery-operated dynamo take care of everything. These are perfect for the woman who likes to have multiple orgasms in one session!

Clitoral vibrators are the first choice for satisfaction without penetration. These sweet spot toys can go as fast or slow as you need. They can have a gentle smooth glide or a more vigorous tickler with bumps nubs or other yummy textures. Toys specifically made for sweet spots are some of the most popular for women for many reasons. Let's look at several.

​Find clitoral stimulators with fun features such as multiple vibration settings and different pulse patterns. And that one that looks like ten tongues...yeah, you know you're curious about that awesome looking thing. Even if you're too timid to try that one for yourself, give one as a fun gift to all your friends. And giving a plain vibrator at a bridal shower is so passé - but a clitoral stimulator that looks like tongues will be the star of the party! Needless to say, all your girlfriends will talk about it for weeks. Be a trendsetter!

Don't let your sweet spot get all the attention....that other spot - you know, the one that starts with a G - needs some love too. Some clitoral vibrators come with g-spot stimulators for extra intense orgasms. Our range of clitoral vibrators and clitoral stimulators are sure to please even the most finicky sweet spot. Try a strap-on clitoral vibrator or tucked inside panties to leave your hands free for other things - why not play with your nipples! Or guide the sweet spot vibrator with your hand to target the neediest places.

Turn your self-satisfaction or couples sex up a notch (or five notches). Use your imagination to put this versatile vibrator thru its paces. Easily stimulate your sweet spot for satisfying orgasms every time you get in the mood. Never have a hand cramp again when you want to make yourself cum 9 times in a row. We have something new for even the largest sex toy collections.

The clitoris is the only body organ that has no other purpose except pleasure. Many people nowadays are aware that the clit is the female counterpart to a man's penis. A clit gets hard like a penis and has similar elements (glans, hood, etc.) Both organs are formed from the same cells in a human embryo. However, somewhat surprising is the fact that this sweet spot has twice as many nerves as a penis - around 8000 (yes eight thousand)! That one more reason to get a Clitoral Vibrator - you would be doing your sweet spot a huge disservice to let all those nerves go unpleasured!