Duo Penetrator

Duo Penetrator


If you are like me, you watch those porn videos where the woman has two men....yeah, you know where this is leading. I would probably never try two men in real life (PROBABLY), but I can sure get the sensation of two men using a double ended dildo. Apart from a duo penetrator, Double Penetration Dildos and Double Penetration Vibrators is as close as you can get to the fantasy of being with two men at once. But have you ever tried two dildos at once? It is not easy keeping those suckers in place at the same time. (Wow, I just admitted I tried that.) So, having admitted I tried that (see above), let me tell you about the experience. I had two dildos, of course, and let's name them Thing 1 and Thing 2. I would put Thing 1 in and Thing 2 would not go in. If Thing 2 did manage to get in then Thing 1 would pop out - sometimes with velocity (let's just say the cat was very annoyed and not the euphemistical one).

It was a frustrating dance, let me tell you. I tried it with a big Thing 1 and a small Thing 2. I tried it when Thing 1 and Thing 2 were the same size. I tried it when Thing 1 and Thing 2 were very skinny. I tried switching them around in case one liked a different entrance. Nothing worked. Either Thing 1 is very greedy or Thing 2 is very possessive. Or wait, vice versa works too, I suppose. But what will happen if Thing 1 and Thing 2 are conjoined twins? They literally cannot get away from each other! Where Thing 1 goes, Thing 2 has to follow. And wherever Thing 2 gets the inclination to stray, Thing 1 better want that too. The only way to avoid a frustrating dance with two dildos is to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 on your dance card ONLY if they are conjoined.

Let Peaches and Screams introduce you to your new dance partner: The Duo Penetrator. The horizontal mambo never got more interesting and fun! It's probably obvious how to tell if Thing 1 and Thing 2 are conjoined. But we'll tell you anyway! Basically, the Double Penetration Dildos looks like two dildos that are connected at one end. There, that was a short, simple explanation. We could go on about "how to tell what a duo penetrator looks like," but we would need PowerPoint or transparencies, perhaps some examples to pass around class...and then we are left with a big orgy - which was what we were trying to avoid in the first place (see paragraphs one and two).

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  1. Due to the attached vaginal dildo, the Double Ended Dildo has a built-in stopping mechanism which keeps your bowels from "sucking in" the dildo. No one wants THAT trip to the hospital - no matter how often a doctor may see that sort of thing.
  2. This is the perfect alone-play starter to get used to a real man anal encounter. You know, for that special guy who is so generous with love play which does not necessarily provide him with sexual pleasure.
  3. To the male shopper: Get her this often thinner-than-your-willy toy to introduce her to anal. This will be more convincing than expecting her to take your thick shaft for the first anal encounter.
  4. Giving a single vibrator to the bride is sort of expected nowadays. And you can safely bet someone else at the bridal shower may bring the funny vibrator "joke-gift-that's-not-really-a-joke." But a Double Ended Dildo will be the shockingly funny star of the party (just be careful the party is not going to be filled with puritanical types)! All your girlfriends will talk about your hilarious gift for weeks. And they may even steal your idea for next time. People only copy others that they like!


Some of those who have never tried anal may be wondering, "What if I get the Double Ended Dildo but it hurts?" Here are some suggestions to make things more pleasurable:

  1. Have an orgasm first - or, even better, multiple orgasms. Orgasms affect all the muscles nearby. When muscles become worn out they might relax - especially if you stay hydrated.
  2. "Just an inch." Yeah we have all heard that from men. But it may work nicely in this situation. Put an inch in and then leave it there for a minute or three. At least a fake penis is fully in your control and it will not try to go all the way inside for its own pleasure.
  3. Similar to the "Just an inch" technique is to simply place it on your back door entrance and get used to the feel.
  4. Think of the odd satisfaction from having a bowel movement. Maybe your in-and-out movement can be all the way out and then go back in for more.
  5. Use a good quality lube which is safe for the material in your toy.
  6. Weird fact: constipation is mainly caused by dehydration. Stay hydrated for easier and more fun anal play.


Some cleaning tips specifically for Double Penetration Dildos:

  1. Do not switch the two dildos around - switching from anus to vagina may open the door to that dreaded urinary tract infection. (I am not sure what e-coli will do to your uterus but it is assuredly not good.)
  2. Put a condom over the anal dildo so you can "keep your place." This also makes cleaning easier.
  3. Wash the toy immediately before and immediately after. That should be the standard practice for all penetration toys. Use dish soap rather than moisturizing hand soap - dish soap has more detergents and less softeners that get in the way of super-clean. For extra clean, check if your toy's material is safe for a dip in rubbing alcohol. Just be sure to let the alcohol evaporate before play!
  4. Get an easier to clean double ended dildo, such as those made from silicone.
  5. Keep your hands away from your face during play...we are again talking about bad bacteria. (E-coli may be great for your colon, but every other entrance of your body will object fiercely to that dangerous bacteria.) Also, if you use your hands on your body, take a thorough shower immediately after.
  6. Wear thin gloves, such as surgical or food handling gloves. Do this especially if you have any tiny cut on your hands. An easy way to check for tiny cuts is to rub them with alcohol. Note that I did not say the easy way would not be a tad painful; after all it is the pain that tells you there is a cut.
  7. Scrub under your nails with a nail brush after play.
  8. Wash your undercarriage before play. I'm so prone to urinary tract infections that I have also taken to splashing a handful of 70% rubbing alcohol on my personal parts before any kind of penetration (not inside any openings, just using my hand to slather it around lightly).

You get used to the strange sensation and you may even like the sudden warmth.