G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators


One of the best ways to explore the secrets of the female body is to get a g-spot vibrator. The hood of a human penis may stimulate the g-spot but doing the job right requires the very tip of his shaft. This might be obtained with an awkward sexual position to get his tip to pound sharply against your g-spot. In light of this, there is not really a natural body part specifically meant to stimulate the g-spot. We have to use fingers or specially shaped dildos and g-spot vibrators and g-spot stimulators.


What is the difference between a g-spot and a golf ball? A man will actually search for a golf ball. Your man may not think the g-spot exists, or he may have never seen female ejaculation. If only he knew how easy it is for a woman to cum by stimulating the g-spot, he would definitely change his tune. After all, men love to think THEY are the ones who give us ultimate pleasure. Along with showing your man how to find your g-spot, get him to experiment on you with a g-spot vibrator! It makes pleasing your hidden treasure easy for him, no matter his prowess. Never worry about your lover ignoring that g-spot again!

Past misconceptions about the g-spot have included: does it exist and does it have fluid for female ejaculation? Contrary to beliefs to the negative, not only does the g-spot exist but it has its own fluid that can cause the "female ejaculation" phenomenon. After you read about the powers of the g-spot, that wet spot will get a lot bigger!

Studies have shown that the fluid from the g-spot is similar to prostate fluid. Thus, it makes sense that the g-spot is the female counterpart to the male's prostate. Along with that knowledge, there exists a female counterpart to the penis, which is the clitoris. We know the clitoris and penis come from the same embryonic cells in utero. That is probably the same case when it comes to the relation between the prostate and the g-spot.

So where is it? It is in the vagina, but not too far inside. You can easily feel it with your fingers. Slide two fingers inside yourself and curl them toward your palm. You will probably feel a wave of pleasure more intense than any pleasure radiating from the other vaginal tissues. You may also feel the need to pee. With a little comparison to the rest of your internal walls, the tissue feels a little different. It is perhaps a little rougher, and maybe a little spongy. Spongy makes sense - after all, it secretes fluid and the fluid has to get out somehow. A note about the fluid: it is very watery so much so that some will say female ejaculation is actually urine. Considering that the heightened blood flow in the whole feminine area during sex will constrict the urethra, then the urine theory doesn't quite make sense. You may have been curious for a long time about g-spot vibrators and g-spot stimulators, so why not try one from Peaches and Screams? Go check out our choices!

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10 Function Risque Tulip Slim Ultra Quiet Vibrator With Memory Chip

The 10 Function Risque Tulip Slim Ultra Quiet Vibrator With Memory Chip is a seamless, sleek, a..

£25.99 Ex Tax: £25.99

10 Function Waterproof Pink Jelly Soft Vibrator

Every woman would love to have her g spot touched and tickled. Let the 10 Function Waterproof Pink J..

£35.99 Ex Tax: £35.99

7th Heaven Platinum 10.5 Inches Powerful G-Spot And Clitoral Vibrator

When you’ve been waiting for so long, you can forget about that and hoping for someone to come along..

£74.99 Ex Tax: £74.99

Basic Essentials Multi Speed Slim Softee Jelly Ribbed Waterproof Vibrator Pink

The Basic Essentials Multi Speed Slim Softee Jelly Ribbed Waterproof Vibrator Pink is over six ..

£15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Beginners Soft Rabbit Vibrator with 9 Powerful Functions

Your first-time experience needs to be extra special, and an event that you're bound to remember bec..

£23.00 Ex Tax: £23.00

Berman Intimate Basics Lola

Lola is great for G spot stimulation, deeper stimulation and as an external vibrator The possibilit..

£24.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Bliss 10 Modes Powerful Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Surrender to perfect bliss, with the sublimely contoured Bliss 10 Modes Powerful Waterproof Silicone..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00

Butterfly Kiss Pink 3 Speed G-Spot And Clitoral Vibrator

A toy that’s equipped with a three-speed power option and that’s sensually designed to be a flutteri..

£11.00 Ex Tax: £11.00

Climax Elite Meg 9x Silicone Rechargeable G Spot Wand

Curved for your angled delight, Meg is firm for the desired amount of pressure to your Gspot.The ele..

£52.99 Ex Tax: £52.99

Crush Sugar Plum 7 Inches Powerful Silcone G-Spot Vibrator

A velvety vibe with power to make you come alive, that’s the goal of the Crush Sugar Plum 7 Inches P..

£29.00 Ex Tax: £29.00

Curved Ultra Sleek Pink Jelly Waterproof GSpot Teaser

It takes an extra special angel to really bring a woman to new and true heights of ecstasy. Let the ..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

Dimpled Delight Multi Speed Curved Red Jelly G Spot Vibrator

Unique and sensationally amazing, let theDimpled Delight Multi Speed Curved Red Jelly G Spot Vibrato..

£19.49 Ex Tax: £19.49

Eve After Dark Multispeed Waterproof Metallic G Spot Vibe Fuchsia

When after hours hit, you can call on your best toy to keep you company. Meet the Eve After Dark Mul..

£21.99 Ex Tax: £21.99

Feranti Luxurious Pink Silicone Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator Gift Set

The pretty in pink Feranti Luxurious Pink Silicone Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator Gift Set is the s..

£37.00 Ex Tax: £37.00

Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit Vibrator

Coupling pinpoint clitoral stimulation with exquisite internal intensity, the Fifty Shades Darker Oh..

£79.99 Ex Tax: £79.99


A g-spot vibrator has a distinctive curved tip, much like when you curl your fingers up to feel your g-spot. Due to the exotic shape of these toys, they look the least like a penis than other vibrators. Did you ever wonder why some normal vibrators come with gyrating beads near the base or with ridges specifically on the top of the shaft? Those are features that are especially designed to stimulate the g-spot!


You can find these sexy dynamos with multiple functions, materials and sizes. Given that the g-spot vibrator is not designed to go all the way inside, the head is a little larger than a regular vibrator. There are also a few different shapes. The tip can be very deeply curved or just a little bit. In addition to the tip, the length can have ball shapes along the shaft, gyrating beads or bumpy protrusions. Depending on the type of g-spot vibrator, some will come with bunnies or clit stimulators for extra fun. There is a motor in the tip to provide the vibrating action. The vibrations right on your g-spot are bound to drive you mad with passion. You will have to take our word for it, at least until you try one for yourself!

Your best choice will be made with a firmer material, such as silicone. Jelly, with its softness, will have the tendency to bounce away from the g-spot.


  • Having trouble finding your g-spot with your fingers? This type of vibrator will unerringly find that long neglected erogenous zone.
  • Men: Did you know you can get in on the action for your own pleasure? Consider the prostate as being the male g-spot. Because of that, men can benefit from a g-spot vibrator just like women. The sex toys at Peaches and Screams are placed into two categories - sex toys for men and sex toys for women. But some toys can be nice for both sexes, and this is one of those "fun for a boy and a girl" toys! Don't be shy, try one and see for yourself!
  • Take it into the bath or shower for some quick pleasure.
  • You may find a g-spot vibrator gives you a better orgasm than a clitoral stimulator!
  • Try it alongside your clitoral vibrator to get the best orgasm of your life.
  • Can you imagine your partner being up close and personal when your g-spot does its female ejaculation thing? I will just let that sink in.

Now that your curiosity is peaked, and your libido is in high gear just thinking about it, buy a g-spot vibrator today!