Bunny Vibrators

Bunny Vibrators




  • Length and width
  • The movement options: Vibration; Gyration; Rotating Shaft; Thrusting Action
  • The look and feel – or shape and material
  • Number of speeds


  • Gyration is probably the most popular option paired with vibration. The technology used in the gyration mechanism can be important in the pleasure consideration. The gyrating mechanism is a “thumping” metal element which can stimulate the g-spot alone or, more commonly, surrounded by a cadre of rotating beads. All of this thumping happens near the base of the shaft, getting the g-spot in on the fun. (Heh, get it, “thumping” – like Thumper, the bunny in Bambi. **Crickets** Okay, I’ll stop now.)
  • Thrusting. Well that’s a tad self-explanatory and undeniably yummy. It does what thrusting does, but instead of a complete “in and out” move similar to real sex, mechanical thrusting of a vibrator happens unseen deep inside her.
  • Rotating. This is where the tip waggles in a fashion that simulates rotation.
  • Gyration will work along with either thrusting or rotating, but thrusting and rotating can’t really function together due to current technology.
  • All of these extra movements are paired with vibration.


  • Cyberskin is as true to human skin as technology can currently get. It’s got a little bit of jelly’s flexibility with a little bit of the firmness of latex. This one needs special cleaning.
  • Jelly is the most flexible material used in sex toys. It has a reasonable cost and can be molded into more shapes than some other materials.
  • Plastic Hybrids come with more firm, rubbery textures. These hybrids are called TPE and TPR. Note not to use silicone lube with a plastic-silicone hybrid. * Latex covers a hard plastic vibrator. It’s on the lower end of the cost scale. Note that some people are allergic to latex.
  • Hard plastic is so 70s, but it’s still out there. It’s not generally used for Rabbit Stimulators, however. So we’ll look at plastic in another product category. ​


  • Waterproof – fun in the tub or shower!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to Clean
  • Power Supply

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Crush Honey Bunny Pink Silicone Rabbit Vibrator with Two Ears Waterproof

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Bunny Vibrators Ah, the lauded female sweet spot. Wait, does “sweet spot” mean the clitoris or the g-spot? Since we here at Peaches and Screams have a completely different section for g-spot vibrators, let’s call the clitoris the “sweet spot.” So two different spots with two different names - that also happen to rhyme. Thanks to the Bunny Vibrator, men now have access to a (bunny-shaped) map pointing directly to his woman’s sweet spot. As said by Whoever-Invented-Bunnys, “Let there be no question as to where the sweet spot lies within her delicate folds.”

A Rabbit Vibrator has the normal shaft part of the common vibrator. Then it has something extra: a cute bunny shaped vibrator branching out from the shaft. The Bunny’s nose touches the hood of the sweet spot while the ears straddle part of the length. Alternatively, the clitoris hood can go in between the ears. Rampant Rabbit Vibrators are a woman’s standard go-to, dual-action, twice-as-nice vibrator. The poor, single action vaginal vibrator is dead last on a woman’s Sex Toy Wish List.

The Biggest Secret, Non-Secret Ever: A woman uses the single action vibrators (the ones without a bunny) on her sweet spot, no matter how long, thick and real-man-lifelike that single action vibrator may be. We’re trying to say, “Get her a Bunny.” For her birthday or Valentine’s Day or Friday night, you cannot go wrong when giving her a Rabbit Vibrator.

There are so many options and feature combinations from which to choose; but with our comprehensive line of Rampant Rabbit Vibrators, there will be something just right for you or your partner. First, think about these Pleasure Considerations, which you might want to prioritize as most to least important for your needs.

Details are important when it comes to the Pleasure Considerations. Let’s look at two of them. Movement is very, very, VERY important. Bunny Vibrators, especially, have a huge variety of technology wrapped in one handy-dandy package. All Bunnies will have a vibration feature – even if it is just for the Bunny itself. However, vibration alone may not do the job right. And some women don’t even like the feel of the vibration! Let’s look at some more movement options for the attached shaft:

Look and feel are very important as well. Silicone is the pinnacle of all sex toy materials. It’s incredibly durable, and meant to last for years of hard-riding fun. It has a soft feel and yet it’s just firm enough to get important work done. You cannot find any Bunny Vibrator that beats silicone.

​Now let’s talk about shape. Shape can be chosen for aesthetic reasons but also affects how the product feels during play. Do you want a realistic shape or something more futuristic? How about part-realistic with a less pronounced head? You may have to experiment with different shapes to find your best fit. Now for the more General Considerations that do not necessarily add to or take away from pleasure. General Considerations: 

We won’t go into the General (and somewhat self-explanatory) Considerations. Because NOT adding to pleasure = zzzzzz snore. Hollywood A-Lister Eva Longoria said in 2005, "I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends. They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm." Maybe that’s where the writers of Easy A (2010) got the idea of Olive (Emma Stone) being gifted with a bunny vibrator from her BFF. The gift of a Bunny or any dildo is very thoughtful. The clitoris is the only body organ that has no other purpose except pleasure. A man’s penis handles the pleasure part but that male organ is (obviously) combined with the urinary tract and also has the ability to impregnate. Dear Men, you can find that clit with help of the Bunny Vibrator! Follow the rabbit.

Many people today know that the clit is the female counterpart to a man’s shaft. A clit gets hard like a penis and has similar elements (glans, hood, etc.) Both organs are formed from the same cells in a human embryo. Somewhat surprising may be the fact that this sweet spot has twice as many nerves as a penis. Yet another reason to get a Bunny – we can’t let all those nerves go unpleasured!