Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating Eggs


The vibrating eggs at Peaches and Screams pack a serious punch.  Good things really do come in small packages! 


  1. So discreet you can take them anywhere you want to enjoy self-play.
  2. Be prepared for their very powerful vibrations despite their small size.
  3. These are perfect for tucking away in your carry-on hand luggage!

Shop thru the variety of vibrating egg options that are available here at Peaches and Screams. We have several shapes and textures to choose from, made with the same materials and vibration patterns available in standard vibrators. Don't think you have to short-change features for this small size toy.  With bullet and love egg vibrators, you will get the same spine-tingling pleasure right at your fingertips as your standard vibrator. If you are looking for the vibration, but not the length of a standard vibrator, then a vibrating egg is the perfect choice! With your new vibrating egg, your g-spot will be stimulated to provide some of the most powerful orgasms of your life! Now that your libido is in high gear just thinking about this delightful toy, buy a vibrating egg today! Why not buy two or three? Have one available in your purse and your luggage as well as your bedside drawer.


What's the difference between vibrating eggs and orgasm balls? Although they are both meant to slide inside your vagina, there are important differences that distinguish the two.

  1. Orgasm balls are almost always round while vibrating eggs are an oblong, more rounded version of a mini bullet vibrator.
  2. Orgasm balls mainly rely on the movement of a weighted mechanism inside them to provide random pleasurable sensations. A notable few come with electric vibrators. 
  3. Orgasm balls can be used for long periods of time.  This makes them great for strengthening your inner muscle that controls both orgasms and urinary retention.
  4. Vibrating eggs almost always come attached to a vibrator controller.  The vibrator controller has a battery and a long cord attaches it to the egg.  
  5. Vibrating love eggs are meant for short term use - basically just enough time to "get the job done."

If you don't yet have a vibrating egg in your collection of sex toys, what are you waiting for? While these small, egg shaped toys may not look like much at first glance, millions of women use these vibrating eggs for self-play every day. Vibrating eggs (jiggle balls) are around 2 to 3 inches long and thicker than a mini bullet vibrator. True to their name you can think of them as roughly the size of a large egg. Most of the vibrating love eggs at Peaches and Screams take standard AAA or AA batteries. Unlike mini bullet vibrators, the batteries are inserted into the corded remote. Try using vibrating eggs for intense vaginal sensations and mini bullet vibrators for clitoral stimulation. Caution: You may not want to use vibrating egg inside your anus as there is a chance that the cord will break and you will be unable to retrieve the egg on your own. You don't want THAT type of hospital visit!  Vibrating eggs are the perfect addition to your toy collection! Try using a vibrating egg to excite all your erogenous zones such as your nipples, clitoris or any place that needs some sexual attention!

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