Finger and Tongue Vibrators

Finger and Tongue Vibrators


Fingers and tongues oh my! For many people, there's nothing better than a tongue running across your skin. For many, there's nothing quite like the tongue licking lapping at your clit. A beautiful mouth can suck, lick, and love your clitoris like nothing else can. Except maybe a tongue that has a magic vibrator on it. Oral sex will never be the same once you try the tongue and finger vibrator. Made with a strap for your tongue, this fantastic vibrator will tantalize your clit. It offers flexibility as you go down on your lover. The feel of this soft pliable tongue appendage also feels great on your hard cock. Unleash your wild and crazy side and go down in style. When you are done using it for your tongue, strap it across your fingers for the internal penetration with a buzz. There is a built-in controller on this device that helps your lover or even your own body to cum with ferocity. There are many types of finger vibrators at Peaches and Screams. We have gloves that vibrate and finger holds with vibrating pads and covers. These tiny vibrators use the power of your fingers to get the job done more efficiently. There is more intensity in these little fingers that in just your finger alone. With the vibrating power, you are sure to gain more pleasure than you might be used to. Finger vibrators can be used for clitoris stimulation or inserted for vaginal penetration. Use the finger vibrators to find that G-Spot and hold it there for just long enough to watch her cum. A G-Spot orgasm via the fingers is an amazing thing. Small and compact these finger vibrators are packed with a punch that is sure to please. Peaches and Screams also has finger massagers that will rub all the right places. With varying intensity and settings, these massagers can calm you down or build you up. Sit tight and peak with the finger massagers. Stroke and explore. From clitoris to vaginal and then on to anal, explore every part you can with your hands and fingers. Add these finger vibrators for more pleasure and a level of intensity you might not have experienced yet. Peaches and Screams also stocks waterproof vibrating gloves. In the bathtub or in the pool, these gloves give all five fingers the power of little massagers. The vibrators in these gloves can give a whole body massage or they can bring your partner to orgasm through fiery exploration. Peaches and Screams respects your privacy. Order with full discretion. Buy finger vibrators & tongue vibrators oral sex toys online at Peaches & Screams UK sex shop. Browse sex toys for couples, g spot vibrators, magic wands, rampant rabbits, classic vibrators, mini vibrators, magic bullet vibrators, anal vibrators, 

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Finger Fun Small Waterproof Soft Silicone Vibrator with Finger Ring

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Fukuoku 9000 Small Powerful Silicone Finger Vibe

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Fukuoku Mulit Speed Power Pack Wrist Held Massager

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Fukuoku Waterproof Five Finger Massage Vibrating Glove

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Fukuoku Waterproof Five Finger Massage Vibrating Glove Left Hand

If a unique experience is what you want, a unique experience is what you’ll get with the Fukuoku Wat..

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Goodhead Vibrating Tongue & Finger Ring Pink

Slip on the one size fits all disposable vibrating tongue ring and watch your partner scream out in ..

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Hello Touch Jimmy Jane Unisex Waterproof Fingertip Vibrator for Internal & External Stimulation

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£48.50 Ex Tax: £48.50

Horny Honey Finger Play Dolphin

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£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Jopen Key Aries Finger Massager

Powerful discreet massager with 5 intense patterns. Made of soft body safe silicone. Free storage ba..

£21.99 Ex Tax: £21.99

Jopen Key Pyxis Waterproof Silicone Finger Massager

Let KEYs powerful and irresistible Pyxis Finger Massager guide you to new heights of ecstasy. This i..

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Rabbit Finger Sleeve

Ultrasoft stretchable silicone finger vibe shaped like a rabbit. Removable Bullet Vibe...

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

Screaming O FingO Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

Enjoy pleasure at your fingertips with the Charged FingO. With raised ticklers for added sensation, ..

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Screaming O FingOs Stretchy Silicone Finger Vibrator

Screaming O vibrating toys are not just incredibly innovative, they are also extremely inventive; of..

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Special Edition TongueJoy(R) Romance Multi-Wearable Sex Kit

The mighty Special Edition TongueJoy(R) Romance Multi-Wearable Sex Kit is one of the best and w..

£35.99 Ex Tax: £35.99

The Finger Vibe

Designed for women by women. easy push button vibrating clitoral stimulator. wireless it slips on th..

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