Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators


Remote control vibrators give you the pleasure you are looking for without the need to have your fingers on your body. Remote vibrators bring the pleasure and the same intensity as classic or Rabbit vibrators but with the independence of hands-free. Have your lover close by with the remote controlling the pulsating coming from your vibrator. Enjoy vaginal stimulation you control or your lover controls while you lie back and enjoy. Some remote vibrators have all the bells and whistles like the curved or bulbous tip for vaginal stimulation and G-Spot force bringing you over the edge and out of control. Remote control vibrators with rabbit appendages with give you the clitoris teasing your clit need to soar. Peaches and Screams carries a variety of pulsating tantalizing remote control vibrators. Realistic quality dongs with strong vibration and bumps, ridges, or veins create a realistic look and feel of sex when using certain remote control vibrators. These cock-like vibrators are perfect for getting the most out of your vibrator while still feeling a likeness of his hard cock inside you penetrating your vaginal walls and G-Spot. Move it around and up and down along your outer lips while changing the settings for clitoris tickling and teasing. Leave your hand free for the remote while using the suction cup on these cocks to adhere to any hard surface. Fuck away in the bathroom by sticking this cock to almost any surface and riding until you scream with cum. Turn any spot into your fantasy spot with these remote-control cocks. Imagine sticking this particular cock to your shower wall, bending over and fucking it. With the remote in one hand, you can get fucked in the ass or receive a great vaginal fuck from behind without having to hold on to the cock and thrust it yourself. Thrust yourself onto it, control the vibration with the remote and cum harder with each thrust. Butterfly vibrators that have remotes flick your clit sending you with a steady rhythm into oblivion with wild orgasms. Want your clit sucked? There’s not much like the flick of a good tongue and the gentle suck of a real mouth on your clit. But the remote operated Pussy Sucker is quite exceptional. Vibration and sucking on your clit at the same time is what this unbelievable sex toy gives to you. Arousing and tantalizing, the Pussy Sucker Clitoral Pump fits snuggly to your labia and clitoris. Once on and comfortable, you can use the handheld pump to get the sucking action started while the interior nodules massage and tease your swollen clit. Your blissful clit will be pleased with the powerful suction and tantalizing teasing creating powerful orgasms. Transform your orgasms from typical to sensational with a remote controlled vibrator from Peaches and Screams. With so many options, shapes, sizes, and shaft controls, you will be amazed at what your body can do. Order today will full discretion in billing and delivery. Buy remote control vibrators and dildos and wireless sex toys at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse sex toys to share together, sex toys for couples, remote vibrators and handsfree vibrators.

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2 Speed Powerful Multi-Functional Double Vibrator with a Bullet and a G-Spot Massager

Let's face it ladies, one of the struggles of sensual play is that some toys simply can't tease all ..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

4 Speed Soft Mini Butterfly Clit Vibrator With Controller

Fly away in pleasure with the 4 Speed Soft Mini Butterfly Clit Vibrator With Controller!DimensionsTh..

£43.99 Ex Tax: £43.99

7 Function Silicone Butterfly Strap-On Vibrator with a Remote Controller

For nights when all you want to feel are total satisfaction and comfort, the 7 Function Silicone Lov..

£45.99 Ex Tax: £45.99

8 inch Realistic Cock Vibro

The vibro Realistic Cock is molded from an actual erect penis then individually handcrafted and colo..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

8 inch Realistic Cock Vibro Mulatto

For those of you that absolutely adore realistic cocks and a touch of chocolate colour Gasp with ..

£48.00 Ex Tax: £48.00

Bead Blossom Pink Soft Jelly Rotating Penis Rabbit Vibrator

Every woman loves to feel the rush of a real vibe flowing through her own sexy body. Let the Bead Bl..

£19.50 Ex Tax: £19.50

CalExotics Vibro Pussy Sucker Clitoral Pump

Imagine feeling the pleasure of a sucking and vibrating action on your clitoris, both at the same ti..

£30.99 Ex Tax: £30.99

Cyberskin Vibrating Cyber Cock

Lusciously Lustful, youll be staring wide eyed as this gorgeous sex toy plummets into your erotic de..

£69.99 Ex Tax: £69.99

Doxy Skittle Smooth Silicone Vibrating Massager With Wired Controller

The Doxy Skittle Smooth Silicone Vibrating Massager With Wired Controller encourages you to be ..

£79.99 Ex Tax: £79.99

Dragonfly Fanstasy Adjustable Straps Clitoral Strapon Massager With Controller

Float your lover down your own river of pure, erotic bliss with the Dragonfly Fantasy Clitoral Strap..

£15.49 Ex Tax: £15.49

Emperor Flesh 6inch Vibrating

A nice sensuous vibrating dildo that is flesh coloured with 6 inches long shaft and formed convincin..

£57.99 Ex Tax: £57.99

Great King

Firm and translucent, this dual action vibrator has a longer thicker shaft and an over and under tic..

£64.49 Ex Tax: £64.49

Hello Touch Jimmy Jane Unisex Waterproof Fingertip Vibrator for Internal & External Stimulation

The Hello Touch Jimmy Jane Unisex Waterproof Fingertip Vibrator for Internal & External Stimulat..

£48.50 Ex Tax: £48.50

Inflatable Vibrating Penis 6.5 Inches

Easy to use bulb for increments of expansion and hi tech push button purge valve. Turn on the stimul..

£33.99 Ex Tax: £33.99

Jeff Stryker Realistic Cock Vibrating

Ladies how would you love to own an important piece of a professional male porn star Now you coul..

£55.50 Ex Tax: £55.50