Hold-Up Stockings

Hold-Up Stockings


There is nothing as sexy and riveting as a confident woman wearing spanking new thigh high stockings. If tights or pantyhose are not your cup of tea but still fancy the stocking look on your legs, then you should try the exciting hose that have user-friendly wide elastic at the top to hold them in place. These are also perfect for the woman who finds the garter belt too cumbersome or fiddly. Covering toes to thighs these are a perfect compromise if you do not desire the full hose. Sexy hold-ups come in different colours and now include the funky range. Try them out with cute short rompers, a little bohemian dress, flared mini skirt or denim shorts. Add a hot pair of dark glasses and bowler hat and you are good to go. Luxury hold-up stockings work for both formal and informal occasions but require the right dress or skirt to match the occasion. Many celebrities wear this type of striking hosiery with amazing results. The trick is in trying out various styles and outfits before taking on the world. While these are fuss-free they do require that you replace them before the elastic band gives and they start falling. Hosiery is made from delicate material and requires handling with care because you do not want to strut around with a run. You need to constantly buy new ones to ensure you do not run out and also to keep up with the changing trends in the industry. With these items fashion has gone full circle. Ethel Boon Gant who designed the initial crudely crafted pantyhose must be turning in her grave as women have gone right back to the beginning, discarding what she painstakingly created for stay ups. Tights presented a supposedly easy single item for women who were tired of struggling to hold their stockings. Today unlike in the past, the industry suffers no shortage of elastic and can cater for those who prefer the shorter sexy version of this lingerie.  

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Black Fishnet Holdup Stockings With Floral Lace Top

Stockings can certainly make an outfit sexier than it would be without stockings. These Black Fishne..

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Black Fishnet Holdup Tights with Floral Lace Tops

As an alternative to tights and stockings, the fishnet hold ups, are a comfortable choice. With no r..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

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