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3 Trends About Sexy Secretary Costumes You Should Know

3 Trends About Sexy Secretary Costumes You Should Know

3 Trends About Sexy Secretary Costumes You Should Know

By Tatyana Dyachenko

There has always been a fascination with secretaries since time immemorial. Power has always been considered a powerful aphrodisiac and the need to dominate is embedded deep within the human psyche. The sexy secretary costume has an inexplicable effect on people and when employed in the bedroom scene, makes for a great and interesting role play session.

3 Trends About Sexy Secretary Costumes You Should Know

When it comes to choosing the sexy secretary costume, there are so many options available on account of the various fashion trends that have been in and out of the office scene for years. When choosing a sexy secretary costume, there are a few things you should always look out for;

3 Trends About Sexy Secretary Costumes You Should Know

Sexy Secretary Costumes Material

The sexy secretary look encompasses so many various options, from the demure sexy look to the hot bombshell secretary. The outfits that give out these vibes vary, with the demure look incorporating silk, cotton and lace while the bolder look features looks that range from lingerie inspired to the wet look PVC and latex options. Whichever material you choose, ensure that you are comfortable in it. Latex and PVC may look sexier but have a reputation for trapping heat within the body and this may be something not very many people can withstand. If you prefer sufficient aeration, cotton and lace make for the best options especially if you will be at a party and likely to be found on the dance floor.

Sexy Secretary Costumes Sizes

Body measurements vary from person to person and this should always be taken into consideration when choosing a costume for your role play or costume party. Sexy secretary costumes are designed to be body hugging, therefore the measurements should be as accurate as possible. Waist, bust and hip measurements are the ones that are to be emphasized. If the costume has buttons of any kind, wearing a small size will have you looking like you are about to pop the buttons while a large costume just hangs awkwardly and there’s nothing sexy about an unflattering costume. Before choosing your favorite costume, always ensure that your size is available. Never try to squeeze into something a size too small if your plan is to be sexy.

3 Trends About Sexy Secretary Costumes You Should Know

Color Coding Of Sexy Secretary Costumes

Black and white are always the go to colors for a demure sexy secretary costume. However, there are so many variations of the costume and color is among the greatest determining factors. Some people prefer the 1950s secretary look, and this era featured some colorful pieces. Managing to mix and match these pieces for a final sexy appealing look solely relies on your visual ability. If you do not trust your color coding abilities, you could always try on the pieces. Some online shops have a virtual dressing room, and you could use the avatar provided to test out various combinations to ensure that you choose something that will not seem like a clown costume.


Shoes, bags, jewelry, stockings, gloves, scarves and glasses are the main components that are considered when developing the overall sexy look. Matching the outfit with a particular shoe design takes the outfit from demure to passionately hot in moments. For this reason, accessories should be chosen with care as they can make or break the outfit in moments. Eye glasses are to the secretary costume what the hand cuffs are to the cop costume. The glasses are the signature look of the sexy secretary, with their removal signifying that things are about to get very naughty very fast.

Choosing your accessories should be at the topmost of your to do list. It makes no sense if you end up having to skip the costume because you have no shoes that go with the outfit. However, for bedroom seduction purposes, some accessories can be skipped as they would be getting in the way when the role play session gets too hot to handle. Wearing a deep plunge neckline and covering it up creates a sexy yet demure look that is transformed into its full sexual power when the scarf comes off.

The sexy secretary is a classic but there are always ways to make it all look sexier just by putting in a little effort and extra attention to detail.

Sexy Secretary Outfits

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