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Do you feel like your lovemaking sessions are diving south, and you do not know where to find your bearing? Bedroom costumes might be what you need to boost the quality of your bedroom affairs. Read this guide for the perfect costumes to introduce to your bedroom.

Most relationships fall into the vicious cycle of boring sex life. The butterflies and jitters that were prevalent at the onset of the relationship start to fade and eventually die a slow death. Sometimes, it takes a sexy outfit to jumpstart things in the bedroom. Adorning something sexy in the bedroom is a sure bet of liberating the untamed side of your persona and bringing to light your fantasies and desires. 

A Guide To Buying Bedroom Costumes

Role-playing is a fun experience that most people are yet to tap into. According to Lemke-Santangelo (2009), roleplay is based on enacting a long-held sexual fantasy. Most couples have agreed that there is nothing that alludes to sexiness as a woman who lets out her inhibited desires in the bedroom. On the other hand, women have been heard saying that men in uniform are the epitome of sexiness as Weintraub (2012) described. Using costumes to send a stern message is no longer child's play because, in recent years, most adults have hopped onto the costume train. The main point of bedroom costumes is to send a message of exoticness, which has to be edgy and fancy, which means that whatever you choose, be it a nurse or a secretary costume, it has to hug your physique in all the right places. Most people who look for bedroom costumes run to the online space because it is inhabited by retailers and wholesalers of these highly sought-after pieces. However, even with the influx of bedroom costumes, most people do not know what to consider when purchasing these exotic costumes.


Style is fueled by preference. Which character do you want to enact, and how do you plan to make your outfit as luscious as possible? What areas of your body do you feel the need to show off? If you want to make a fashion statement in the bedroom while also looking as sexy as possible, go for styles that boost your physique. If you have blessed with a slender physique, then a sexy emergency nurse or a maid outfit should be your go-to piece. If you choose to wear your bedroom costumes outside the bedroom, you have to make sure that the style is top-notch. An undeniably good style sets you apart from the rest and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Finding the perfect style for you is also an assured way of boosting your confidence, thus allowing you to feel comfy in what you are wearing. According to Ringrose, Tolman & Ragonese (2019), your confidence makes you look seductive. Also, according to your style, your partner will have an idea of what is in store for them. For example, when you adorn a sexy police costume, they will know that they are about to be behind bars for a while. The catch is to explore so that you can find what is perfect for you.


Geczy & Karaminas (Eds.) (2013) explained that color is the backbone of any edgy piece. It plays a crucial role in the fashion arena because, like style, color sets you apart from the crowd. According to Lobel (2016), color has the power to influence our thoughts and behaviors. The impact of color on bedroom costumes says a lot about the personality and attitude you wish to bring to the table. A bright-colored costume is great if you want to exude feelings of confidence. Say you want to imitate the cast from the siren of the silver screen, a black outfit is a way to go because it exudes classiness and seductiveness. Moreover, if you want to bring some authority and certainty into the bedroom, black costumes should be your go-to color. If black is not your cup of tea, you should try crimson or a bedazzling blue for that jaw-dropping sexy appeal. According to present-day fashion ethics, color determines whether an outfit is a yay or nay. When choosing a costume for your bedroom affairs, you need to factor in your skin tone and undertone because a good color should compliment both. Even though there are many skin tones, there are only two undertones; cool and warm. If you have a warm undertone, you should focus on warm colors, like red, yellow-green, and orange. For people with a cool undertone, true greens, purple and blue costumes will look perfect on them.


Material is an important factor when choosing any costume as it determines the overall outlook and style. A silky costume should be top of your list if you are after prominence and sleek elegance. If you want to flaunt a sensuous demeanor, you should consider a costume made from chiffon fabric. The type of fabric you pick should be based on your needs and the message you hope to send to your partner. A good fabric should be able to stretch on the skin, although different fabrics have different stretching abilities. If the costume tags on the skin, ditch it as it will be very uncomfortable. If you fancy costumes that show your body, you should try sheer mesh or lace because they cover your body while exposing some areas. Fishnets are also a perfect ensemble if you want to show off a thick set of thighs. Most costumes do not come with stockings, but you can purchase them separately if you feel they will do some justice to your outfits.

The Bottom Line

Erotic bedroom outfits are the perfect way to take your relationship to the next level while also allowing you to mint the fun that comes with trying out new experiences. Bedroom costumes are a perfect accessory for your wardrobe section. Most people are not in love with the idea of naughty bedroom outfits because they feel that the market does not offer what they desire. However, finding the perfect costume has been made easy with the guide above. You need to consider the fabric, the style you are after, and the color. Also, experiment with different costumes to know what works for you and what does not. 


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