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Have you tried anal sex with your partner? People explore more sex types as technology expands. Herein is what you need to know about anal sex and how it's done, including; is it worth the hype, how to engage in painless anal sex, and guidelines for playing it.                    

Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable sex plays for couples. Men may bring up anal sex during sexual activities; women love anal sex. Whether you have fantasies or are ready to try anal sex with your partner, understanding the basics for pleasurable sessions is essential. ZAnal sex may seem weird for the first0-timers, but trying it may cause a difference in your sex life. Below is a guide on playing anal sex with your partner or solo.

What Exactly Is Anal Sex

There are various sex activities that lovers can engage in, including anal sex. Butt or anal sex is penetration in the anus using a penis or insertable sex toys for added sexual pleasures (Taormino, 2012). 

Anal sex has been considered a taboo for ages as people claim it has no link to procreation. However, with increased sexual awareness, more people are into anal sex for varying reasons, including spicing up their sexual encounters, feeding their kinky desires, and as an intimate gift from their partners. 

Is Anal Sex Worth the Hype?

According to Albury, K. (2001), anal sex can result in an amazing full-body intense orgasm. This play is worth the hype for different reasons for those who are curious and apprehensive;

  • It can lead to G-spot stimulation in women, an extra pleasure. The penis can rub and exert the rub on the thin wall between the vagina and anus during thrusting, stimulating the G-spot. 
  • More powerful orgasms. The anus is packed with plenty of sensitive nerves that, when well stimulated during anal penetration, can lead to a new climax level. Anal might be your door to different sexual experiences for women struggling with getting orgasms from vaginal sex. 
  • Men who are into anal sex can enjoy harder erections and intense orgasms. Anal sex results in prostate stimulation, an erogenous zone in men with sensitive nerves. (Agnew, 1982). Most men who indulge in anal sex admit they have more pleasurable orgasms. Forget the negative beliefs that anal sex for men is a homosexual implication, and let your partner rub your p-spot for memorable encounters. 
  • Trying anal sex is appealing as it entails breaking a taboo hence might create a kinky fun factor. 
  • Some couples opt for anal intimacy to lower pregnancy risks. Anal sex can be a safe way of making love to your partner if you like it raw. 

How to Engage in Painless Anal Sex

Contrary to most beliefs that anal sex is painful, it can be a fun way to spice your sexual experiences when done correctly. Learning and training for anal sex are essential for safe and pleasurable encounters.


You can introduce your lover to anal play by rimming, licking, kissing, probing the anus area with the tongue, or sucking. It's an excellent technique to relax before adding stimulation to the mix.


You can start with your fingers to keep things natural and simple. Start with one finger at a time as you slowly introduce another.

You might also use a butt plug to help you get used to this new sensation.

Using A Penis or A Strap-On for Anal Sex

People have varying anal activities; before trying strap-on on the anus, consider talking to your lover first to avoid unnecessary pain. It's impossible to predict how the anus will receive a penis or strap-on. A penis’ head is sharp to allow penetration. This feature may allow pleasurable anal sex.

Using anal toys

Try incorporating anal vibrators after getting used to it. The powerful vibes provide a more pleasant experience, and they can be placed slowly into the anus with the help of lubrication. Enter carefully and allow the receiver to express their feelings verbally. Choose small sex toys if you are a first-timer to avoid pain from tears. 

Important Guidelines for a Pleasurable First Anal Sex 

You may believe that anal sex is similar to vaginal sex, but this is not the case. Avoid movents, Small thrusting, or penetration because your partner will likely not enjoy this pleasure. Your companion may only experience uncomfortable sensations during this procedure. Try inserting the penis in the anus and holding it in for 30 seconds for soft and comfortable anal sex. This allows the anal sphincter to unwind. Slip in a little further and pause a bit when you're ready. Carry on until the receiver is at ease enough to try modest thrusts.

Each partner will have a unique experience with anal sex. You or your lover may adore it, but it is a cause of misery and concern for others.

Anal Sex Controversy and Ulterior Motives  

Anal sex is a contentious issue despite people practicing it. Men and women perform this sexual act for various reasons aside from sexual pleasure. Some people play it to enlarge their pelvic muscles. People playing anal sex have a wider butt than those who play vagina sex.

Why Do Women Engage in Anal Sex Although They Don't Want to?

According to Reynolds et al. (2015), women have anal intercourse to provide a different feeling from vaginal sex to their lovers. Anal intercourse is sometimes thought of as a "gift" given by a woman out of love and respect as it isn't done regularly; it keeps its status as a unique and taboo act. It also necessitates a high level of confidence among partners.

Why Do Some Men Love Anal Sex

Aside from the fact that it is a unique and delightful sensation, men are at times interested in anal sex because of its power play appeal. The role of a giver can lead to emotions of control, as a male can easily access and control the receiver’s body. The woman gets into a kinky submissive pose and puts her trust in her lover, which can be quite appealing to some.


Anal sex is a naughty way of portraying power play, interchange of trust, and an act of compassion and tenderness. Knowing how to engage in painless anal sex can help partners strengthen their bonds as they explore their fetishes and fantasies comfortably. Break one of the taboos into a pleasurable one, no matter your true motives for anal sex.


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