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Sex has many types and one of them includes anal sex. Herein is about anal sex, including; heating things, avoiding anal sex in cases of hemorrhoids, and pleasuring the body beforehand This type of sex is pleasurable because it can be done by both genders; male and female. This type of sex is complicated because the anal opening does not self-lubricate like the vagina thus the only way to make this happen is by using lube during penetration. Lots of lube is required to enhance slipping in of the penis or sex toys and provide maximum pleasure. This type of sex also requires a lot of foreplay. Chatting, and foreplay helps in preparing the body for anal pleasures.

A Guide To Anal Sex

Heating Things With Lube And Toys

According to Philpott et al. (2006), warming lube can help in increasing pleasure and improving comfort in the anus. The heat created helps blood circulation to the penetrated area and increases the rectal or anal pleasure receptors. try using warming sex toys if warming lubes do not work for you.

Cleaning Up After You Are Done

During anal sex, there is a displacement of the normal organisms near the anus, urethra which increases the chances of getting stimulations. it’s advisable to visit the washroom after you’re done with anal sex.

Understanding The Reaction of the Butt After Sex

According to Egger et al. (2021), during and after anal sex, the anus reacts by queefing; the release of air through the anus or vagina after sex. This is not a fart and it can happen anytime from anal penetration because as the penetration occurs, the air is forced in into the anus and it needs to be released out. They may go on for a few hours, unlike the frontal queefs.

Contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections

During anal play, there is a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. This happens in cases where the partners have no hygiene. According to Hutton et al. (2008), the rate of contracting a disease after having anal intercourse is 17 times more than when a person has vaginal intercourse. However, if a [person has a fantasy about anal play, they can keep hygiene and do it, and also they can use a condom to protect the both of them.

Avoid Anal Plays In Cases Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a pillow-like cluster of veins found near the anal opening. This is a sensitive scenario and they have to be considered when deciding on anal sex because it will cause a lot of harm than good. They lead to rectal bleeding and if they are severe may lead to medical emergencies for example anemia.

Risk of pregnancy

This is a shocker to many but it happens. The semen can leak and drip into the vagina and this could result in an unexpected pregnancy when your partner doesn’t take care when pulling out. Consider wearing a condom during anal play because there would be no risk of pregnancy. Cleaning up is much easier To avoid contracting an infection from fecal remains in the anus.

Can Happen Anytime

Anal play does not have any restrictions, unlike vaginal intercourse which is not done on days a woman is experiencing her periods. This can happen anytime because there is no contact with the vagina.

Many women have expressed more pleasure in having anal sex while on their periods and also wearing menstruation cups in the vaginas which increases the stimulation leading to extra pleasure.

Stay Away From Enemas

While some may think that giving enemas may be good because it clears up the contents in the anus, this may not be so recommendable. They can cause damage to the area, irritation of the rectum cells, secretion of excess mucus, and cause the area around the anus to dry up which can cause fissures and the result in contraction of STIs.

Don’t Watch Anal Porn

The videos from anal porn are different from the actual thing that happens in anal sex. Most of these videos are vigorous in their sexual activity yet anal play is slow, gentle, requires a lot of lubrication, and should be done carefully not to cause any injuries.

Relax The Body Beforehand

Foreplay and anal massage can be a perfect starter pack for anal sex but also relaxing the whole body is also a plus. This is because once you relax the whole body it will be easy to feel the excitement and pleasure because the body muscles will not be tensed to the fact that you're having anal sex.

It Can Also Be Viewed As Romantic

This type of anal play can also be seen as romantic whether trying it solo or doing it with another person. It can be done by lighting scented candles, playing your sex playlist, and also doing other activities that can give sensation and arousal such as touching yourself while reading erotic stories.


Anal play can be found to be more pleasurable to a woman and she may prefer to have anal intercourse more than having vaginal intercourse. Salonia et al. (2020) discovered that women find more pleasure in anal because it gives more arousal due to the sensitive nerve endings, avoiding vaginal sex due to period pain, and wanting to try something different rather than the usual norm.

Don’t Interchange Play

It is not advisable to shift into vaginal intercourse in one session when having anal intercourse. This can cause the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vagina and which may result in getting UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infection. Thoroughly wash the penis or toy inserted in the anus if it’s a must you go from anal to vaginal.


It's good for a person to gather much information about anal play before engaging in it. This entails how to prep for it, how to do it, and the basic rules for it. Also, it's required to consult a doctor if it does not work out as planned and seek medical aid.


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