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August 01, 2022 2 min read


In the old days, people experienced anal sex in porn videos. Today it has lost stigma and gets attention. Carefully use sex toys not to damage the upper part of the anus.

Start the game with rimming. Massage your partner for pleasure. Use lubricants since the anal doesn’t produce semen. Master techniques to give your partner pleasurable anal sex.

What Is Anal Sex? 

It is the insertion and thrusting of the erected penis or sex toys into the anal opening. Kinky lovers practice anal to achieve pleasure, but it is great for genders who want to explore their sexual interests. Some women prefer double penetration. They use a sex toy on the vagina as they thrust the anal opening.

Below are techniques for pleasurable anal sex.

Playing with the Clitoris

Your clit can’t be stimulated during anal sex because it's impossible for your man to maneuver his dick to the clit simultaneously. However, when lying down and your hands are free, rub the clit as your man. Finger yourself for pleasure. 

Use Sex Toys

Employ flared base butt plug to avoid slipping. Insert it into your anal opening. People find it pleasurable when pulling them out.

Use of Condoms

Condoms help you have safer sex. The anal harbor bacteria cause infection if you do not use protection. They reduce friction causing tares during intercourse and prevent pregnancy. Wipe the semen in the right direction to avoid pregnancy. 

Use of Alcohol

Sip wine to alleviate your nerves and Drink alcohol if you are anxious or nervous. 

Anal Training

Some are uncomfortable with anal sex, while others associate it with powerful orgasms. Train your anal muscle to loosen the sphincter muscle before engaging in the act. Inserting the penis or sex toy is painful if you fail to train your muscles.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

Fiber helps you stay ready and keeps your shit together, moving it out of the system. It keeps your bottom clean and avoids staining your sheet with shit. 

Visit the Toilet Beforehand

Empty your rectum before the game. Clean it to remove fecal remains. Use soap and water if you need rimming. It makes you relaxed and comfortable during anal sex. 

Establish a Safe Word

Use words like "I love it," "slow down," and "harder" to control your man during intercourse. Keep communicating with your partner to understand your needs.

 Remember to Breathe

Breathing helps release tension or anxiety for those doing it for the first time. It helps to reconnect to your experience.

Ask for Permission

Do not introduce new things without permission. Ask respectfully to build trust.

 Use Silicone Lube

Silicone lube is thick and doesn’t dry easily, giving a longer period of pleasure.

The Bottom Line

Be careful when having anal sex. Using lubes eases penetration and reduces friction. Observe personal hygiene to avoid the transmission of bacteria and diseases. Use protection for a safe, pleasurable moment.

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