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August 01, 2022 5 min read


Whether you are having sex with a brand-new partner or someone you have been with for a long time, switching positions can make them more interested in getting intimate with you. New sex positions make both of you reach a big orgasm, positively affecting your sex life. Plus, they strengthen your bond. This blog has 13 crazy sex positions that can stretch the horizons of your bedroom antics. They include the chairman, Doggy style, Upstanding citizen, Pretzel Dip, and Butter Churner.

While you may be tempted to make it your go-to position, switching up things is usually a great idea. Discovering and experimenting with new sex positions leaves a desirable mark on your sex life. Sticking to the same position can make your sex boring. Before you know it, the butterflies will fade in your relationship, leading to a breakup or divorce. Sex toys may not make all the difference in your bedroom. Don't get this wrong, as sex toys are great. However, if you back them with these sex positions, your sex game can reach heights you never imagined.

Pretzel Dip

Crooks et al. (2020) explained pretzel dip is a penetrative sex position that allows deep exploration. Because pretzel dip comes with a lot of eye contact, it is one of the most intimate positions. To get into this position, the receiving partner lies on their side. After that, the penetrating partner gets between their legs. As one of the receiving partner's legs rests under the penetrating partner's butt, they wrap the other leg around their waist.

The Chairman

For the chairman, the penetrating partner sits on an armless chair, sex stool, or the edge of their bed. Once they do, the receiving partner sits on them. Because this position does not allow eye contact, you can do it in front of your mirror.

Doggy Style

Barros et al. (2020) explained that the doggy style is one of the most basic sex positions. However, you can up your craziness with back play. To start, the receiving partner gets on their knees and hands. Next, the penetrating partner kneels behind them and penetrates them anally or vaginally. Now, while thrusting into the receiving partner, the penetrating partner can throw a feather tickler into the mix. The back has thousands, if not hundreds, of nerve endings that deliver waves of pleasure if given attention accordingly. What's more, the penetrating partner can administer a light spanking. The receiving partner will surely love the treatment.

Upstanding Citizen

The penetrating partner sits on the edge of the bed. Next, the receiving partner sits on top of them, facing them. The penetrating partner then stands, allowing the receiving partner to wrap their legs and hands around their waist and shoulders. If the penetrating partner is more masculine, they can lift the receiving partner directly.

Butter Churner

Hajare (2018) explained that a butter churner is a penetrative sex position that requires energy and flexibility. On their back, with their legs raised and folded (to spread their ankles on either side of their head), the penetrating partner squats and enters them. Butter Churner may be a weird sex position, but it pays off when done correctly. Because it allows optimal access to the receiving partner's genitals, the penetrating partner with a small love tool can enjoy the partnered moment.

Snow Angel

For snow Angel, the receiving partner lies on their back. Once they do, the receiving partner crawls on top and straddles, facing the other direction. To make it even better, the receiving partner can lift and rest their legs on the penetrating partner's legs. It gives the top partner optimal access to their genitals which they can thrust into by sliding up and back.

Standing Wheelbarrow

The receiving partner should assume the downward yoga position. While sitting on a sex tool, armless chair, or edge of the bed, the penetrating partner picks the bottom partner up, allowing them to spread their legs around their waist. If supporting their body with their arms becomes tiresome, the receiving can rest on their elbows.

Cross Booty

Start on missionary position. From there, the penetrating partner can slide their legs and chest away, forming a cross or an "X". The thrusts from the penetrating partner reach the different parts of the bottom's vagina, giving them new sensations.

Stand And Deliver

The receiving and penetrating partner stands upright. The former then bends over towards their shins or toes. Once they do, the penetrating partners hold their hands and penetrate them from behind. This position also favors the partner with a small love tool, allowing them to deliver a deeper sexual experience.

Golden Arch

The penetrating partner sits and keeps their legs straight. The receiving partner then climbs and sits on top of them, bending their knees over the top’s thighs. From there, the top and bottom can lean back, allowing the former to slide forward and back. If the top partner is lucky, they can have their clitoris stimulated as well. Talk about blended orgasms.

The Good Ex

The receiving and penetrating partner sits facing each other and keeps their legs straight. Once they do, the penetrating partner lifts the other partner' right leg and rests on their shoulder(left). The receiving partner also lifts the penetrating partner's right leg over their shoulder(left). From there, the two can lie back and let the play commence. Dubberley (2021) explained that this sex position comes with endless possibilities. For instance, either partner can use their hands to introduce clitoral stimulation to the play.

Down Stroke

It is another position that requires strength from the penetrating partner. In this position, the penetrating partner holds the receiving partner upside down then they enter them from behind.

Irish Garden

The penetrating partner sits with their legs forward. The receiving partner crawls on top and straddles them, facing the other direction (supporting their body weight with their elbows). After that, the penetrating partner leans backward, allowing the top partner to put up a show that can result in screaming orgasms.


Switching up sex positions is easily the best way to elevate your sex game. With new positions in your toolbox, there is a good chance that you and your partner will achieve screaming orgasms. Your partner will be interested in having sex with you. Above are 13 crazy sex positions. You may be familiar to some, while others may be new to you. Adding the new positions to your basket of sex positions can do a lot for your sex life and relationship.


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