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August 01, 2022 4 min read


Which type of sex have you ever tried? Do you know of shower, casual, or drunk sex? Here are 20 plus types of sex you could be having right now, including kinky sex, morning sex, quickies, and makeup sex.

There are different sex positions you can always try with your partner. Most of these sex types are meant to bring you sensational pleasures and help you attain a mind-blowing orgasmic experience. Sexual activities like vaginal, oral, anal, and manual are things that will please you regardless of the type of sex you choose. Improving your sex life or relationship depends on the different things you do to ensure you achieve your desires and fantasies. With the wide range of types of sex, you are guaranteed a pleasurable experience. These types of sex can be the turning point for thrilling sex life. 

The Different Types of Sex 

Sex is all about satisfaction and pleasures, and there are varieties of sex you can always try to make things right. Here are some of the types of sex to consider:

First Time Sex

First-time sex can mean different things. Generally, you might be engaging in sex for the first time or having sex with your new partner for the first time. Your unfamiliarity might make things boring but improve with enough practice. 

Making Love

Making love is different from other types of sex since it is gentle and slow. It is also done with full-body and eye contact. This type of sex can only be practiced with people in love or have a greater connection.

Casual Sex 

There are no feelings needed to engage in this hot sex. It can be with a close friend or an attractive guy or lady you just met. With casual sex, no connections are needed once it happens. 

Drunk Sex

Most people drink and loosen up to get what they want. A bar is the best place to find drunk sex, but they are not always the good choice if you want a long-term relationship. 

High Sex

Most people tend to get high to experience a different way of sex. Relying much upon the drugs taken, the experience might be extremely intensive and more relaxed. 

Kinky Sex 

Kinky sex is a different bondage activity that most couples or individuals find strange and wild. This type of sex often gives mind-blowing orgasms and a satisfying sexual experience.

Rough Sex 

Rough sex is often considered to be kinky. It involves scratching, biting, or hair pulling. It has never been tender or gentle. Rough sex might be passionate, but it does not imply a loving connection. 

Morning Sex 

The morning sex is common and often takes advantage of the few moments before heading to work or the morning sleepiness. Unlike other types of sex, morning sex tends to be less technical.

Spontaneous Sex

Spontaneous sex happens anytime you and your partner get down to any sexual activity without proper planning. It might not be properly planned, but it is hot and sensational.


Too much spontaneous sex ends up being an erotic quickie. This type of sex can happen anywhere so long as the area is safe for some pleasurable quickies. It takes a short time, and most of the time, both parties do not attain orgasms.

Public Sex 

Public sex is one of the hottest and most pleasurable types of sex since you can easily get caught. Most people prefer doing it in weird places like public washrooms, inside a car, movie theaters, or fitting rooms. 

Planned Sex 

Most people go for the other types of sex and forget about planned sex. Generally, planned sex is fun and pleasurable since one has all needed to make it memorable.

Vacation/Hotel Sex

Are you planning for a vacation with your partner? You will probably get down to sex at some point. Vacation or hotel sexbreaks the boredom of the sex routine.

Sex Outside the Bedroom 

Sex outside the bedroom is often used to break the boredom. It can be inside your car, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. You can also choose to have your sex in public if you are careful.

Makeup Sex

Makeup sex is always enjoyed after a big fight. This type of sex allows you and your partner to dispel frustrations and anger. It is also one of the most intense and pleasurable sex compared to the other types. 

Breakup Sex

Break up sex is always done as the last connection just before the official breakup. It is intense like the makeup sex since it is the last one.

Closure/ One Last Time Sex

Have you ever met your ex a long time after your breakup? You probably moved on with another woman but a little sexual attraction can lead to sex. This type of sex is referred to as closure or one last time sex. 

Hate/Anger Sex

Hate or angry sex is an intimate connection with people who barely have romantic or love chemistry. It is more dominant and less loving.

Cheating Sex 

Cheating sex is more of lust than love and is often not essential. Generally, it is a bad idea to include it as a type of sex. 

Revenge Sex

For most people, revenge sex is always hot and warmer compared to other types of sex. Whether you are having sex with your friend's girl to get back at them or someone you are planning to break up with, revenge sex is yours.

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