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August 03, 2022 4 min read


A woman’s genital anatomy comprises of two main spots: the clitoris and the G-spot. The former is found outside the female reproductive system; hence reaching and stimulating it is super easy. However, the latter is slightly deeper in the vagina; thus, reaching and stimulating it requires certain positions.

Stimulating the G-spot is one of the greatest ways to experience orgasms. Although some people dispute the existence of this zone, hitting it right releases waves of pleasure, explaining why some women orgasm from vaginal intercourse. Unlike the other sensitive zones in women's genital anatomy, including the clitoris and urethra, the G-spot is not found in the same place for everyone. Similarly, some vulva-owners experience G-spot orgasms while others feel nothing. The most important thing to do is to find out whether your G spot can make you feel great, or you may need clitoral stimulations to orgasm. Below, you will learn the three G-spot Sex Positions that enhance earth-shattering G-spot orgasms.

What is the G Spot?

Also known as the Grafenberg spot, the G-spot is an allusive zone with thousands of nerve endings that release waves of pleasure when stimulated. It is located two to three inches inside the vagina, specifically on the upper wall, close to the tummy. This almond-size zone swells when stimulated, producing tingling sensations. Since it's also close to the urethra, intense stimulations can make you squirt. The G-spot is a reliable source for orgasms for most women because less than 20 % of women orgasm when their G-spot is stimulated. To reach the desired excitement, the remaining large percentage of women depends on the clitoris stimulations or other zones, including the nipples.

Sex Positions For G Spot Stimulation

Since the G-spot is not located in the same zone for everyone, finding it before you hit the play can make things easy for your penetrating partner. To locate your G-spot, find a comfortable place and lay on your back. Apply a safe personal lube around your vaginal opening to reduce friction. Insert a finger or two in your vagina, bending them forward. The G-spot feels different from other parts of the vagina; hence you can easily know once you reach it. Try locating it using G-spot sex toys if your fingers don't work. These pleasure products come with curved heads that directly stimulate the upper vaginal wall, where most women’s G-spot is. If the hands and G-spot sex toys don't work, try other hot zones, including the clitoris, since G-spot orgasms are not for everyone. Those who experience orgasms easily squirt. Others describe their vaginal stimulation as hotter than G-spot stimulation. After locating your G-spot, try the following sex positions for G-spot stimulation;

Doggy Style

It is among the best sex positions that allow you to hit your partner's G-spot directly. To start, the woman or the vagina-having person should get on all fours. The penetrating partner should kneel behind the receiving partner and penetrate them from behind. The doggy style reduces handwork during the love-making session, allowing clitoral stimulation. While in this position, the body alignment tilts the penis or strap-on dildo downwards to easily reach and stimulate your G-spot. You can introduce pillows into the play for easy body alignment and intense G-spot stimulation if you are taller. Similarly, the receiving partner can further spread their legs for deeper penetrations. The receiving partner can kneel on the bed and have the penis or strap-on dildo owner stand and penetrate them from behind to switch things up. While in this position, you can alternate shallow thrusting and deep thrusting because the G-spot is two to three inches inside the vagina. If the penetrating partner gets close to orgasm before the receiving partner, it will be worth pulling out and rubbing their G-spot with fingers while assuming the same position used in thrusting.

On Top

This position allows the woman or the vagina-having person to control the penetration pace rhythm and choose the right angle. The penetrating partner should lean against the wall, couch, or headboard with pillows on their backs for support to assume this position. The woman or vagina-having person should straddle them and lower onto their penis or strap on dildo. The bottom partner can lift their knees for deeper and more intimate penetrations. Once on top, the receiving partner can find the best angle for G-spot stimulation. Also, they can create the rhythm and pace that results in a win/win love-making session. This position further allows the top partner to grind their clitoris against the bottom's pelvis, resulting in intense blended orgasms. To switch things up, the top partner can lean back a bit. Similarly, they can slightly tilt to increase friction against the elusive G-spot. While tilting, the bottom partner should be extra careful to avoid over-bending the bottom partner’s penis.

Modified Doggy Style

This is a great variation of the classic doggy style. To start, the receiving partner should get on their hands and knees. The penetrating partner should kneel behind them and penetrate them in the classic doggy style. As things intensify, the receiving partner should slowly lower themselves until they are flat on their stomach. The penetrating partner should flow while still thrusting into the receiving partner. Modified doggy hits the G-spot and other areas in the vagina, leaving the receiving partner with earth-shattering orgasms. The receiving partner can spread their legs further or bring them closer for tighter play to switch up things. Similarly, place pillows under the receiving partner's hips for a comfortable downward thrusting motion.

The Bottom Line

As you experiment with the above G-spot sex positions, do not forget the clitoris, the leading zone in women's genital anatomy. If you do not experience G-spot orgasms, try other zones that feel good.