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August 01, 2022 4 min read


Are you just from a glamourous wedding and looking for newlywed game questions to ask your partner? Herein are hot newlywed game questions for couples, including who is the better cook, the most organized, and the one thing my spouse would ever do.

Newlywed games are fun and help couples strengthen their love and bond. This blog gives you access to different, unique, naughty, and fun questions. These games will help you create a unique game for fun moments with your partner. Keep your partner happy and active with these amazing questions for couples.

How to Play the Newlywed Game Questions Game

Here is how you can play newlywed game questions game for an interesting moment with your partner. 

  • Pick any number of questions you would love to ask from this list. However, remember to choose questions that favor both parties. 
  • Ask one partner to leave to prevent them from hearing another partner's answers.
  • Bring back the partner and ask similar questions. 
  • If their answers match, they qualify for a point. 
  • The newlywed game questions winners should be rewarded.

 Newlywed Game Questions for Couples 

Here is a list of funny newlywed game questions that guarantees pure entertainment. Consider selecting the best for your partner. 

Who Would Your Spouse Say is the Better Catch?

This question offers the perfect good start. An individual is most likely to answer with their partner’s name.

Who is Handier?

In relationships, there is always one partner who fixes issues and one who causes problems. So, who do you think is in your relationship? 

Who is More Organized? 

An organized partner ensures everything is in its place. So, who do you think that partner is?

What is Something that Makes Your Spouse Laugh?

When you are in love, you will always do things that make your partner happy and active. This newlywed game question shows how excited and happy you are as a couple. 

Who Spends the Most Money on Personal Items?

Who do you think is the spendthrift in your relationship?.

What is Your Partner’s Best Feature?

It can be a physical feature or a character trait one loves in their partner. This provides the perfect opportunity to let your partner know what you find sexy or attractive in them.

Going in for a Hug, Where Does Your Hand Normally Land First?

This is another newlywed game question that will keep your partner blushing the entire time. 

Who is Most Likely to Wear the Same Jeans 3 Days in a Row?

Some people find it comfortable when they wear their jeans more than once. Who do you think that partner is in your relationship?

Who is the Big Spoon, and Who is the Small Spoon? 

This is commonly recognized during cuddling. It often ends up with a big and small spoon. The big spoonis the one who often cuddles the other partner.

One Thing My Spouse Would Ever Do

It is always great to know your spouse's hard limits. This helps improve your understanding of relationships, making it stronger. 

What is the Sexiest Thing Your Partner Does?

This is also one of the dirty newlywed game questions you can always ask. It leaves the couples squirming and blushing.

If They had One Thing to Take to a Deserted Island, What Would They Take?

What a partner decides to take to the deserted island means a lot. Let your partner know what you would carry to the island, even if it’s your sunscreen.

Complete this Sentence – Most People Do Not Know This, but My Spouse is Good at?

When you are married, there is the possibility that you know much about your partner that most people do not. Well, this is the time to reveal it.

What is their Signature Dance Move?

This is one of the funniest newlywed game questions for partners. You can consider imitating the dance to give a satisfactory answer. 

How Many Kids Do You Want? How Many Does Your Partner Want?

Remember you are just from a wedding; you probably planned the number of kids you want to have before. 

Things Your Spouse Cannot Live Without?

What are the things your partner cannot do without in life? You can name anything, even if it's their phone or books.

Describe Your First Thought of Them in One Word?

The first impression you have on your partner often lasts for a long time. It can be romantic or funny.

Who has a Better Sense of Humor?

This is one of the rarest aspects, and most people will never admit they lack it. Therefore, bring the question and witness the partner's reactions.

Who is the Better Cook?

Consider answering this question keenly. A wrong answer might make things difficult for you.

What Describes Your Spouse the Best in the Morning? Chirpy Chipmunk or Grumpy Grizzly?

You might have heard your partner scream at the whitling birds early in the morning. Does your partner wake up happy or grumpy?

Who is More Adventurous?

Generally, it takes two people for any relationship to work. Being adventurous is a good way to create fun in a relationship.

Who Do You Think is More Likely to Get Electrocuted?

This is also one of the best-newlywed game questions to ask couples. You might be shocked by the answers you get from it. There is always that partner who will be responsible who everything to prevent the other from hurting.

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