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July 30, 2022 4 min read

4 Lingerie Styles That Suit Everyone

The body type matters a lot when buying lingerie. This should not limit you to one style, yet there is a wide range of options to try. If you are looking for a universal style to rock tonight, why don’t you try corsets, negligees, nightgowns, or garter belts?

Lingerie is a French word that means undergarments. They are a category of ladies' clothing that includes brassieres, lightweight robes, and sleepwear. In a certain united states survey carried out in 2015, about 75 percent of ladies and about 26% of gentlemen are reported to have worn some sexy lingerie in their lifetime. Lingeries are usually lightweight, sheer, stretchy, smooth, and decorative material. Fabrics used in making these lingeries include satin, Lycra, silk, charmeuse, lace, and chiffon.

This article will list the four best satin lingerie-style dress that suits everyone.

How to Choose Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

Different bodies match perfectly with certain styles. Here are a few body types to consider:

An Hourglass Body Type

In case you have a stereopticon figure, which is 36-24-36, you are advised to try lingerie that maximizes the oomph that is already in your body. Hips and shoulders should be of the same width, and the waistline should be slender. Garter belts, corsets, and teddies are your good choice of lingerie for this kind of body. High-leg panties and a lace bra might also be a good choice for you.

Triangular Body Type

This shape is usually characterized by broader hips than the shoulders in a triangle body-shaped person. You are advised to try out a negligee which is touted at the breasts then flows down to the hips. To draw attractiveness to your breasts, you should go for bustier. Ruffled panties and bras should also be considered when choosing lingerie for your triangle body shape.

Rectangular Body Type

This is a shape with no defined curves, such as an athlete’s body. Therefore, you will need sexy female lingerie to clinch at the waist region. Corsets are the best option for this type of body. Corsets will look sensuous and add curves. If you possess a long torso, a teddy or garter belt is a better choice. You should go for push-up bras or bustier lingerie for the accentuation of breasts.

Inverted Triangular Body Type

Broad shoulders define this type of body. You should try out halter necks. If you possess a flat bum, a teddy will divert attention from it; hence it's your better choice. A bracelet that matches your panties and Cami sets are other options you may try out.

Rounded Body Type

This body type is characterized by a round waist and wide torso, and upper body. This implies that you should have lingerie that will make your body proportionate. You may try a negligee since it will hide the chunks in the waistline and bring out the bust line. A teddy will also suit you well. For amateurs, satin lingerie or a pair of chemises will suit you accordingly, too.

Now that you are aware of which type of body you may have, below are types of lingerie styles you may choose to go for:

4 Best Lingerie Styles You Should Try Out


This type of sexiest female lingerie minimizes waist size and discards any bulges which are not needed. It has a lace that defines and enhances your body figure. A corset should be worn like regular tops, or you may decide to cover it up with a transparent or sheer dress that hides enough but doesn't completely take the look away.

Normally, a corset is worn for training the torso into a mote desired shape. Although this garment was only considered a women's garment, men and women wear corsets. Originally, corsets were considered quilted waistcoats, which French women wore as the alternative for stiff corsets. They were normally quilted using linen, unboned, and laced in the front area. This garment was initially meant to be worn during informal occasions.

Traditionally, ladies' corsets were worn over a chemise, a sleeveless gown that is low necked and made of washable materials. This material absorbed perspiration which aided in keeping the corset clean and comfortable. Normally, moderate lacing is compatible with any vigorous exercise or activity. In the 19th century, where corsets were common, sports corsets were designed to be worn during playing tennis games, cycling, and horseback riding.


It is a type of see-through long dress clothing worn by women and is usually sheer. This cloth is usually worn at night. During the 18th century, this type of nightgown was introduced to the French market, where they mimicked the style of heavy-to-toe of women's dress styles.

In the modern world, negligees are much looser and are made of translucent fabrics and sheer. They are then trimmed using fine materials such as lace and bows. It consists of several layers of fabric. These negligees often owe much to women's bed jackets and red capes than the nightgown. This gown has widely spread in the modern-day market, hence benefiting from cheap synthetic fibers, such as fine successors and nylon.

Night Gown

This is a loosely hanging clothing exclusively worn by ladies, especially at night. This type of cloth might have a neckline and sleeves or be sleeveless. They might also contain straps at the shoulder or the back style. Nightgowns are available in different lengths. For example, a short gown is referred to as a baby doll or shortie, while a long nightgown is referred to as full slips. Nightgowns can be worn with matching robes, garments, sheer chiffon, or dressing gown hence making it appropriate when receiving any guests. Examples of nightgown lingerie include sleepshirt, back slip nightgown, Olga nightgown, satin nightgown, and baby doll nightgown.

Garter Belt

A garter belt is a type of cloth that consists of a narrow fabric brand fastened to the legs to keep the stockings up. Garter belts are also known as suspender belts and consist of elasticated strip material, which is at least 2 to 3 inches in width. The suspenders are usually attached to each side where the shaped material contours to the body. They are clipped to a type of clothing known as stockings using soft metallic clips. Garter belts are worn on the waist or just below, preventing the belt from sliding downwards. Undergarments such as girdles and corsets might come with their respective garter belt.

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