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July 30, 2022 2 min read

5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

Male chastity has numerous benefits in people's lives. This topic is personal; thus, many questions go unanswered or are not asked for fear of embarrassment. This is seen through the feedback and comments when a question is posted. Suppose you fear asking some questions concerning the male chastity device, don't hesitate to go through this article for details on why you should try male chastity. It provides a detailed guide to male chastity and its benefits.

Why Do Men Wear Chastity Cages?


Many things change when a man's penis is locked inside a chastity device. There's no longer the freedom of touching his penis or cumming at his will. The keyholder purely makes the decisions. His sexual desire increases, making him desperate for an orgasm. Ladies take advantage of this moment to make their partner change their behavior.


Some men are anxious and would want to know what would happen to them if they are caged for long. Unfortunately, being locked for a long time will eventually lower his level of arousal and increase chances of becoming depressed from such torture. Nonetheless, their partners can have them stay in the elevated arousal state for some time and take control of their cum once in a while. They can use techniques such as prostate milking, ruined orgasm, and letting him cum while the chastity device is on. The vibrator can also be handy to help reduce the unsatisfactory behavior periods.

Provides Sex Discipline

Most men have an irresistible desire for ejaculation between 24 and 70 hours. When a man is aroused, he's attuned to females due to the sexual desires that need satisfaction. After satisfaction, the urge goes down, and he loses interest. This doesn't last long because the desire builds up within at least 24 hours, continuing the cycle. If there's no female to quench it, he sorts masturbation. Subjecting them to chastity devices can help eradicate this behavior. They'll deny him the freedom of touching his penis and reaching orgasms in your absence, especially if you have the key to his cage.

To Increase Arousal

Indulging in chastity needs some time and effort to keep men's stimulation high. Teasing them regularly maximizes the benefits you would want to enjoy.

The Bottom Line

If your husband or boyfriend shows concern about using chastity cages and asks you to be the keyholder, do not hesitate. Read the above reasons and get both of you to enjoy while also exploring. This post enlightens the benefits women can gain from men through cock caging, which can probably enhance your relationship and take the intimacy to a whole different level. Listening to your partner's plea and accepting to lock up his penis will be a great favor you'll be doing to yourself.

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