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July 30, 2022 3 min read


Is it time for some warm and erotic massage after a stressful day? Try Nuru massage that offers exciting benefits like relieving stress, releasing body toxins, and offering intense sexual arousal. This massage can also replace sexual intercourse.

Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique originating from Kawasaki in Japan. The technique involves the Nuru masseuses caressing and rubbing the client's body against their body. They do so when their bodies are completely covered with a colorless and odorless massage lotion called Nuru gel. Normally, the gel used is made from a plant called Nori seaweed. It is usually slippery and organic. The participants try to get physical contact as wide as possible during the massage session. This triggers tactile sensations that relieve body stress. In most cases, a Nuru massage involves a sexual act towards the end.

Why Should You Try a Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage offers similar benefits as other massage techniques. The only difference is that this advanced technique uses a special massage lotion that is very slippery and warm. Nuru massage is also best when performed by two lovers because it needs very close body contact where the partner giving the massage rubs their body against the receiver. As such, if you are planning for a sensation play that does not involve sex toys or sexual intercourse, here are the reasons why you should go for a Nuru massage:

Nuru Massage Relieves Stress

In addition to creating pleasures and sensations, Nuru massage acts as a medium for relieving stress. In recent studies, a Nuru massage agency located in London reported that about 83% of partners who had tried Nuru massage experienced an adjustment in their mental wellbeing. Since the massage technique involves skin-to-skin contact, it provides an erotic feeling that makes a participant feel relaxed from head to toe. This relieves any fatigue or mental stress from the participants.

This type of massage is highly recommended for people who need unwinding from daily stress in life. You will not get bored after the first experience since it is highly addictive and has long-lasting effects compared to other massages.

Helps in Releasing Body Toxins

Nuru massage involves professionals. This means that you will be getting the best of their services during the treatment. Most masseuses are highly trained and have vast knowledge and experience concerning Nuru massage. They have various mind-blowing techniques that will help the body release some toxins. Before the Nuru massage, you should ensure you take a lot of water or any drink to flush out the toxins that may have been released during the session.

Offers Sexual Arousal

Men and women can experience nuru massage. Regardless of a person's sexual preference, Nuru massage enables the body to replenish sensual energy that might have been created during the session. The body strokes offered by the masseuses will allow a participant to engage in a thrilling and safe experience, leading to mind-blowing sensations. Combining the physical bodily contact between the client and the masseuse leads to gradual arousal. Although climaxing is not the aim of this type of massage, it is a positive and awesome side effect of intense sexual arousal. The touch and sexual tension build-up of the Nuru massage is a sexual masterpiece that anyone would want to experience. After the session, you will realize that your mind and body are relaxed.

Nuru Massage Is Better Than Sex

As discussed above, the masseuse offering Nuru massage uses their body to give the client an erotic massage. This is contrary to the traditional styles of massage, where masseuses only use hands. Nuru massage engages the whole body. It normally involves grinding and sliding over the participant's body. During the session, the masseuse employs various techniques such as sliding, revolving, or rubbing the participant's body. The masseuse may also use the hands, specifically fingers, and offer pleasures to the other parts of the participant's body. Nuru massage allows both the client and the masseuse to experience rising levels of sexual arousal through the massage session. Therefore, when they engage in sex, it will be pleasurable and more intense.

Nuru Massage Is Unusual

Most people love Nuru massage because it is unique. Its explorative and exotic nature makes it stand out from other massage styles. This makes the demand for this type of massage to be high. Some other massage types, such as the Swedish and Shiatsu, do not involve sexual stimulation. Nuru massage enables the client to undergo ultimate release. The masseuse uses a slippery gel applied to both her and the client's bodies, making them slide, rub, or grind effortlessly over each other.

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