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August 01, 2022 4 min read

5 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

Sex is dynamic, and it entails many actions that aim to stimulate and enhance body sensations. Spanking sexis one of the major activities practiced by many people during intercourse.

Sexual spanking is done in a role-play situation where no one is getting punished, and partners have consented to it. Its main purpose is to inflict pain for pleasure. Doggy style delivers the perfect view for spanking. The buttocks are perfectly displayed in an irresistible manner that stimulates the spanker to cup or slap the soft cheeks. People have different reasons for indulging in spanking. This has led to the invention of more sex toys to aid in spanking as the hands can tire. Spanking paddles have been created to facilitate the primary role of inflicting pain during sex. Men are known to be spanking lovers as the female buttocks are irresistible to them. However, some men like getting spanked, driving them to more explosive orgasms. Below is a list of why people love spanking sex and why you should consider trying it.

Reasons for Spanking

It's a Pleasure Point

Butt cheeks are commonly soft and have many nerve endings. These nerves are highly sensitive such that a simple touch leads to extreme pleasure. Spanking inflicts pain that leads to the release of endorphins from the central nervous system. These hormones bring a happy feeling instead of pain. Spanking sex is a great way of activating all the pleasure points in your body. Few hot spanks lead to an increase in blood flow in the lower body parts, which makes the butt cheeks appear more flushed and bright. The ass becomes tender and sore fit for extreme lovemaking experiences. Spanking prepares the body for sex and creates a sexual tension that delivers plenty of pleasure.

It Enhances Sensitivity

Spanking leads to enhanced blood flow in the lower body part. The spanked area becomes more sensitive, creating a sexual mood and tension in your partner. A simple touch or a light spank will most likely turn your partner on. For more enhanced sensations, men can alternate spanking with kissing. This will leave your partner begging for more as the intense sensations create a wave of magnified pleasure. Shake your partner's body with endless sensations from intensified spanking that engulf her to new explosive orgasms. Some women love random touches and spanking during sex as they drive them crazy. Take your partner's orgasms into extreme zones by smacking her butt cheeks during sex.

Power Play

Some men indulge in spanking sex as they see it as a way of asserting dominance over their partners. This habit is common, especially among BDSM couples, since it allows the dominant to exercise his sexual authority on the submissive. Men also use spanking as a stem to control their women during sex. Women like being spanked, showing their full obligation to their male counterparts. Spanking involves trust and power play from both partners. During power play, men have power over their women's bodies. The use of different sex toys creates more play options and delivers unique sensations in the erogenous parts. Women will trust their partner more if he handles the body correctly during the spanking. Before spanking, ensure that your partner has consented to it. Knowing that your partner cannot cause any harm to you, even in extreme situations during power play, boosts trust in partners.

Delivers Pleasure in Pain

The ass is a soft and very sensitive body part. Spanking the cheeks, especially using spanking paddles or hands, causes nerve stimulation. For sadism and masochism lovers, spanking is a must-do activity to inflict the needed pain for pleasure purposes. Spanking delivers pain to the body but leads to releasing happy hormones that create intense sexual tension leading to wild orgasms. Spanking activates the pudendal nerve that supplies blood to the genital organs leading to arousal of the genitalia as the nerve endings are stimulated. These pleasure signals are sent to the brain, interpreted as pleasurable events that lead to full body pleasure. However, spanking should be done carefully to avoid extreme pain. When spanking is done efficiently, the brain consequently translates the pain as pleasure stimuli, leading to more arousal and enhancing the overall sexual experience.

Spice It Up

Couples need to develop more sexual plays to spice things for more bedroom fun. This will help in keeping your sex life and relationship alive. Mixing spanking with toys like sex pillows, blindfolds, props, gags, and cuffs brings new pleasure experiences to lovers. Make your partner moan in pleasure and leave her begging for more as you randomly spank and touch their buttocks. The ass cheeks turn into a bright, irresistible color as the spanking gradually increases. This is caused by blood flow back to the smacked area. The cheeks turn a shade brighter than the other body parts, which gives them a beautiful glow. The sight of reddening cheeks is irresistible and is likely a turn-on. Spice things in the bedroom simply by involving spanking in your sex scenes. This stimulates both parties, leading to sexual cravings, adding to the sexual excitement during penetrative sex.

The Bottom Line

Spanking entails more fun than just whipping the ass. Drive your partner crazy with this simple act using your magic hands. Spanking sexcombines physical and psychological activities to create a balanced brew of pain that induces pleasure during sex. This leaves her begging for more.

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