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August 06, 2022 4 min read


Enhance your partner's sensations through various sex topics and naughty words. Find out what you can whisper to them for maximum impact herein.

Couples should always have a strong bond that connects them, and one which boosts one’s physical and emotional attraction to each other. Most relationships crumble after love and attraction fades away or sex becomes minimal. Sex plays a significant role in creating that bond between two partners in every relationship. Therefore, how do you prevent bad sex and maintain a good relationship? You need a sit down with your partner to discuss matters concerning your relationship. Have naughty topic discussions that will lead to healthy sex satisfaction. Below are the best topics you can discuss with your partner and have healthy sex.

Sexual History and Future Plans

According to sex education, having sex with a person is like having sex with every person they have had sex with in the past. It would be best to learn about someone's sex history before engaging in any intimate interactions with the person. Issues such as sexually transmitted diseases, genders of partners, and testing history may affect your sexual health. A history of medical screening and tests could reveal some pertinent information especially if your partner had a case of an STD before. Positive results of STD tests for the past 6 months could bring a problem in your sexual life. It's good to begin this journey together when you are both safe. It would sound better if both of you could go and have some medical tests to know your status. Family planning could be important during this stage as well as using birth control plans to avoid complicated issues. You can also discuss disease control methods if you are not sure with your partner.

Share Common Sexual Secrets and Your Relationship Stands

Be open and discuss the past sexual trauma you have been through including letting your partner know if you are currently unsettled due to your previous relationship. Always try your best to relieve the discomfort by letting them know what you have been through and push away the past and begin a new sex life with your partner. This conversation will blow up their mind and bring them closer. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your sexual secrets and where you stand in that relationship, you better not engage in a sexual relationship with them. Tell your partner whether you love them or not, ask them if they are serious in this relationship.

Have A Conversation That Shows How Important Sex It Is to You

Many people take sex as a pleasure thing without physical and emotional attachment. However, suppose you are serious with your partner, and you want to take this relationship to the next step; in that case, emotional and physical commitment must be invested. Discussing how much you value sex in a serious relationship is a positive gesture that helps one evaluate their priorities in a relationship. This conversation will help you avoid awkwardness after healthy sex. And if you are serious, encourage openness in a bid to know the intentions and future plans of your partner in that relationship. Different people have sex for various reasons; some do it because of how you look at them, while others because of love, which often leads to something strong. To enhance commitment, ensure to avoid words that will break the relationship. Also, seek to know if apart from you, there’s someone else.

Discuss What You Expect and Need from the Relationship

Some people tend to assume the sexual cravings and needs of their partners. Mostly the working-class couples or those who are always busy. They assume the sexual desire of their lovers by telling how much they had a long day. They always say that they are tired and have no feelings for sexual intimacy.

To have a healthy sexual practice, ensure to give your partner full attention. Create time for your partner and satisfy their sexual cravings. Sit down with your lover and discuss what you need from them and what they should be doing for you to get fully satisfied. Discussing all these matters will help both of you break the inhibitors between you and develop new ideas that will elevate your relationship. Try and swap up calendars; if you like having sex 3 times a day, mark it down at a specific time. Whether it is morning or evening. Sharing a sex schedule with your partner is a success story towards a healthy sex life.

Tell Naughty Stories Such as Sexual Fantasies, Desire, And Fetishes.

Many people fear discussing sexual fantasies that might elevate their pleasure with their partner. you should be willing to communicate anything wild and naughty you have always wanted to do while in the bedroom. For instance, if they love mixing sex with spicing up with toys or if they love sex with some BDSM bondage, let them know to have successful sex health. This topic will automatically create sensational feelings that bring your bond much closer. Letting your partner understand what you like while having sex will elevate their pleasure during coitus. Start by foreplay and include bondage and other sex toys to satisfy them if that is what they fantasize about. If you see your partner is against it, try something new to make them happy and enjoy sex. Do not ignore your lover's bedroom needs. Use anything applicable in your possession to make them enjoy full erotic pleasure.

The Bottom Line

During or before sex, many people tend to get turned on by the naughty stories you engage in. Ensure to make sex stories that can make them comfortable around you. Discuss what you like and don't like for them to be familiarized. Have a discussion about the importance of sex to you. Engage in the above discussions would go a long way to helping you manage your relationship and have healthy sexual life.

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