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August 01, 2022 3 min read


Massaging your partner is a gift to offer. There are techniques for performing to give cravings. Nothing is more intimate than giving someone attention and energy for a relaxing experience.

  • There are steps to follow before massaging;
  •  Set the place to draw your lover’s mood. 
  • Play romantic music as you prepare the room.
  •  Encourage communication to know their consent about the idea.

Research shows that individuals who communicate their preferences before sex experience pleasure.

Tantric massage is illegal in some places but Those living in the city bring pleasure through massaging. Women love the tantric massage because it has tantric sex and physical and spiritual experience. Try tantric with your partner if you are unable to get a professional.

Below are steps for a tantric massage experience.

Introduction to Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is about you on the receiving end. It is a form of foreplay and reminds you of your beauty hence worshiping it. This massage is slow to attain relaxation. 

Preparing for Tantric Massage

Good things need preparation. Here are steps to consider when preparing for Tantric massage.

  • Pick a location; on the floor or sofa. 

  • Plugin oil warmer to freshen the air.
  • Dim the light. Bright light might not bring an erotic atmosphere, and you may decide to toss a colored scarf over a lamp if you do not have another option.
  • Play music. Select a playlist that will carry your mind into fantasy. Calm music works best than other genres.
  • Make the bed and prepare the body. Fold the sheets in half, placing fresh linens and towels on the bed to absorb excess oil. Avoid staining sheets to increase a romantic feeling. Prepare your body by shaving your pubic hair and moisturizing your skin.

Receiving A Tantric massage

Take a hot bath with a fizzy bomb. Allow the water to soak into your skin and make your partner scrub your body. It allows them to pay attention and understand your body. Start with a scalp massage after applying shampoo to your hair. Let him cover your body in a thick lotion after a bath to make your skin softer. Use massaging oil or the melting candle.

Allow your man to rub you. Let him rub the body allowing blood to flow to your erogenous places. He should rub your labia, stimulate your clitoris, and massage your butt cheeks and anus.

Tantric Massage Techniques

Consider techniques for this massage;

Side by Side Technique

Let your man use both thumbs on the vagina to stimulate the clit.

On Your Belly

Let your man pour oil into his hands and rub them together as you lie on your back. He may place both hands on your back and run them to your shoulder. This technique is used to incorporate your genitals with other parts. Let him repeat the process and experiment with anal fingering.

Massaging Non-Sensual Parts

Let him explore other body parts; your arms, legs, and shoulder. Remind him to go through parts that are rarely touched.

Keeping Things Slowly

The reason for the Tantric massage is relaxation by combining touches. Let it be slow for pleasure.

Orgasm is Not Necessary

Your orgasm stimulates since his hands roam back to your genitals. You can reach climax if you want, although it's unnecessary for this massage. Take a nap when he is done.

The Bottom Line

Tantric massage involves the receiver surrendering without reaching orgasm. Set the mood and ensure a conducive atmosphere. Consider putting towels to absorb excess oil so as not to stain your sheets.

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