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August 01, 2022 5 min read

6 Reasons You Should Try Humblers

BDSM plays are popular sex scenes in many couples in the world today. This has led to sex devices that aid in spicing the kinky bondage plays in the bedroom. What is a humbler? Sex humblers are a unique type of toy designed specifically for humiliation purposes by sadistic and machoism lovers.

The idea of being a sub is inherently sexy as your partner completely controls your body as he touches and strokes your sweet spots. Humblers are a great addition to any kinky BDSM couple as they are designed to keep the sub in a completely helpless position. Dominants like tying their partners down, fully restraining the body movements. It allows them to explore and exercise their power effectively without the subs disturbance. Humblers allows you to keep your sub in the most vulnerable position with no chance of shifting the body. They are considered perfect for humiliation pleasures. They keep the subs in position with no chance of maneuvering unless you let them.

The humbler is named so due to its adaptive features. It holds the sensitive part of any sub and uses it to keep even the strongest ones in place and stationery in the most humbling position; on your knees. Humiliation lovers love this position as it's considered the humblest of positions.

Reasons Why Couples Use Humblers

They Enhance Sexy Vulnerability

Humblers keep you in a humiliating position where your hands and knees are unable to move. When a sub is in this position, kinky thoughts and scary ideas start crossing your mind as you feel helpless and your body is prone to abuse. However, worry less as the purpose of humblers is to make you panic before sex. Your partner will likely be drooling over your vulnerable body as all the sweet spots are well exposed. The vulnerable position visually arouses your lover as they admire the sexy body and try to fugue out whether to lick, inflict pain, or stroke you to wild orgasms. Humblers enhance the lust feeling in partners. Subs tend to crave the attention and touch of their lovers more when in a vulnerable position. At the same time, the dominants are turned on by the idea of their partner not being able to move.

Increases Sensational Sensitivity

BDSM play sometimes includes extreme bondage play that leads to intense sensations. Humblers are designed to add to the sensational sensitivity for added pleasures in lovemaking. They apply some pressure on the genital parts in men making the erogenous parts more sensitive. In women, they increase the intensity of sensations on the area above the vagina. The increased sensitivity is manipulated to create intense sensational pleasures on the sub or complete the intended punishment. The intensified sensations give dominants more power of humiliating their subs as sensory play is more powerful. At this stage, even the lightest touches have an immense effect on the subs body as any stimulus is magnified. Make your lover shiver in waves of pleasure as the whole body responds to the amazing sensations from humblers.

Intoxicating Pleasure and Pain Relief

Bondage play entails the infliction of pain in the body for pleasure purposes. The body has its own natural way of adapting to pain. When the body stimuli detect pain, blood rushes to the mind. It activates the endorphin hormone, which leads to a euphoric high. The penis area has a bundle of sensitives nerves that need proper care to avoid pain. Humblers are placed above the balls, and they press these sensitive nerves leading to dull aches and uncomfortable situations. The brain releases endorphins to help the body cope with the pain to counter this effect. However, the body experiences unique pleasures as a rush with similar effects as morphine pass through the brain. A wonderful feeling of pain and pleasure is created that leads to consequent high joys. This intoxicating condition may lead to mind-blowing orgasms as subs love combining pleasure with pain.

Repetitive Sweet Spot Stimulations

The role of the CBT bondage humblerdevice in BDSM play is to hold the sub in a stationary position. The hands and knees are strongly held to avoid any slight body movement. Humblers are very effective as your sub tries to move; they invite pain to their body, making them stay in place throughout the sex period. Humblers keep the sub in one position until you choose to change. This allows the dominant to easily access the sweet spots. Your partner can freely hit the exact same spot with each stroke leading to explosive orgasms as he ensures you get the best sensations in that session. Humblers can effectively spice your intimate life as they allow you to practice more sex positions. The dominant drives her sub to wild orgasms with humblers positioning as each stroke intensifies the waves of pleasure, leaving her begging for more.

Extended Orgasmic Bliss

Unlike women who tend to have explosive orgasms, especially during hardcore bondage play, men have varying ejaculation intensities. When ejaculating, the balls slightly move up, reducing the distance the sperms travel before being spit. This tends to reduce the intensity of ejaculation. That's why it's common in men to reach climax but not experience wild moans and screams. However, with humblers, the ejaculation process is intensified, leading to explosive climaxes in men. A humbler helps keep the scrotum in place when ejaculating as it hinders the ball movements. The sperms travel a longer distance before leaving the body. This helps the orgasm last longer and keeps the dominant blissful until all sperms are ejaculated.

Increase Emotional Connection in Partners

Sex experts advise trying out bondage sex only with a trusted partner. Humblers are used to create a sense of vulnerability that is attained if partners completely trust each other. Avoid using humblers with strangers, as they can easily abuse your body due to the vulnerable state. For a great humbler experience, all partners should be comfortable with each other. This makes it fun as you clearly know that your partner cannot hurt your body purposefully. After a successful session, lovers' trust and mutual understanding increase as they become emotionally and physically connected. Partners who have experienced vulnerable pleasures together have a strong bond that translates to a tight emotional bond.

The Bottom Line

CBT bondage humble deviceis great to help you feed your punishment and humiliation fantasies. They are effective in spicing up bondage intimacy sessions with your lover. Experience unique pleasure from pain by incorporating humblers in your sex life and boost your bond with your partner.

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