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August 01, 2022 4 min read

6 Reasons You Should Try Lubricant

What is a lubricant? A lubricant plays a significant role during sex plays, for women, their bodies are naturally created to self-lubricate when aroused, but it doesn't apply to all for various reasons. That's why almost everyone involved in sexual games should start thinking of lube as a requirement for success.

Sex is sweet and wonderful. But it's sweeter when lube is involved. Thanks to whoever thoughtfully brought the idea after realizing the wonders this combination can do. Lube is largely available in various places, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and health stores. You can’t have an excuse for not finding one and compromising your bedtime vibes. This product is meaningful and can greatly take your sexual life to another level. Let’s read on to understand better.

Why lube is useful

The following are your guide to lube for sex.

Lube can offset some troubles influencing a lady's natural lubrication.

Various reasons could lead to minimal or no proper self-lubrication in women during arousal. As reported by Locker, a sex therapist, many women wish to lubricate, but can't do as much as they'd like to. The reasons could be menopause stage, menstrual cycle, or medication, such as being on chemotherapy sessions. The emergency pill can alter your estrogen levels and result in diminished lubrication due to suppressed ovulation. Lack of ovulation causes less cervical mucous secretion. It's why the monthly cycle and menopause greatly affect lubrication. On the other hand, some medications, including allergy ones, work by constricting the blood vessels, hence poor genital blood circulation, which can determine its wetness. Fortunately, lube can solve this matter and provide fun, that is why you should always use lube during sex.

It can alleviate anal sex pain and make it pleasurable

Are you planning to play anal sex for the first time? Or, do you want to give it another trial? Well, a lubricant has a way of giving a successful practice that doesn't scare. The asshole never self-lubricates and thus requires a lube for safety and more pleasure during anal sex. If you're using condoms, just ensure the lubricant chosen is the compatible type. Oil-based lubes are dangerous for most condoms. They weaken them, hence likely to break down during play. This reduces their effectiveness in preventing pregnancies or reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. As advised by Locker, any time a condom is involved, go for water-based lubricants.  Silicone can do the same but has other concerns. For example, avoid using it on silicone sex toys as they can damage the toy's surface.

Some lubes are favorable for sensitive vagina

People have varied body compositions and types that react differently to multiple products that are used to make lubricants. For instance, some lubes can cause allergies and sensitivities when applied. It takes you to a concern about the ingredients used in manufacturing the product. This doesn't suggest that all lubes have additives that are bad or unsafe for all but remember, some individuals are sensitive. They may wish to get something hypoallergic. The best way to help such as recommending the use of coconut oil.

For quicker lubrication when already turned on, but the body’s natural lube fails

Similar to how men erect during sex, a woman's natural lubrication indicates they're sexually stimulated. It's a mechanism made possible by the body. For instance, during foreplay and arousal, the blood vessels dilate leading to more blood circulating around the genital area. This results in prompting multiple vaginal mucous cells and glands to produce fluids for more pleasurable sex. Notably, sometimes the body reacts more slowly than the mind when one is turned on, thus why women should use lube during sex. Don't worry because that's fine. You're normal, and nothing changes your attraction to your partner or your sexy appearance. It's best to learn that arousal and natural lubrication aren't like a faucet that can be turned on or off commanded. Physiologically, it's natural that arousal can take its time for self-lubrication by the vagina. It's the reason foreplays are recommended as an essential part of sex plays. One gets enough time to warm up the engine before the main course.

Possible introduction of new and pleasurable emotions during a sex play

Some ladies get enough self-lubrication that can give a great moment in sex, but they feel like needing more. You’ll see them lubing up using a lubricant from the shop to enable arise new pleasures. Those who find it difficult to lubricate naturally may worry a lot about their condition, thus making it hard to experience a great sex time. The best way to avoid such is by finding extra lubrication from the market. Having an added lube improves your mood and enhances pleasure and enjoyment during penetration. Your mind will also get relieved from thoughtful frustrations. Additionally, your partner will feel at ease as they possibly won't hurt you.

Lube helps realize your likes when masturbating

Who said lube is only applied when having sex with partners? It can be wonderful for solo plays too. Here, you get a chance to try variations, more if masturbation is the only sexual outlet. You can use tingling or warn lube. Sex toys can also be great masturbators with lubrication. Simply act as a sexual guru and try out different experiments using your creativity for more sensations. Let no thought of getting addicted make you shun lubrication in solos. More myths say that lubrication in solo plays can give a harder time getting enough lubrication when turned on. It's not true. Again, there's nothing wrong with regular use of lubricant whenever you feel like it.

The bottom line

Lubrication is relevant for various reasons, as discussed above. For instance, it helps reduce risks relating to injuries during sexual plays. This is more supportive when anal sex is involved. Anal plays are different from vaginal, since the anus does lubricate itself. It’s also meaningful to ladies with varied conditions that cause minimal or no lubrication, such as periods, medication, and menopause. Other women go for artificial lubrication to help get extra sensations or new pleasures. Moreover, don’t forget to choose a compatible lube type whenever condoms or toys are involved and that is how to pick a lubricantfor sexual enjoyment.

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