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August 06, 2022 4 min read


A lap dance is an erotic dance usually offered in strip clubs. It is performed when the patron is seated, and the dancer has typical body contact with him. It is also called contact dance. The dancer may be nude, scantily dressed, or topless. It depends on the law of jurisdictions are policies of the club.  If it is a full-contact lap dance, the stripper can engage in non-penetrative sexual contact, such as twerking while grinding her body against the patron. Another type of lap dance is couch dance, where its performance is done when the customer is seated on a couch.  In some clubs touching the dancer by the patron is forbidden. Nevertheless, clubs vary regarding whether their rules are enforced or not.

Well, you don't have to be a professional stripper to give your man a perfect lap dance. It is very easy for you to give him a dance that he will remember you for a long time with guided tips. By doing these, you will be driving him into a sexual frenzy. It will show him how badly you want him to make love to you. The moment you start making the moves, he will start creating images of the beautiful curve that he will have in bed. This will make him be on heat. Before we discuss the moves to give your man a hot lap dance, let's first look at the rules and tips for the dance.

Rules and Tips for Lap Dance

Prepare A Suitable Chair That Is Comfortable and Stable

The chair should give you room to sit in his lap. Make sure it is stable enough to hold both of you. A small armless chair may not be a perfect choice for you. The chair you choose must have the following features: high reliable back, thick, sturdy legs, should be of an appropriate height to enable you to dance comfortably.

Have A Sexy Outfit

You don't have to wear crazy heals as they might cause an accident when you're making the moves, which might spoil the mood. Remember, balance is a vital factor when dancing. Remember, the purpose of the dance is to give your man a package of what they want to have and touch. In this case, you are the package so put on something that will turn your man on heat. The underwear can be classy or whatever you want it to be. Also, don't put on something tight that gives you room to make the moves comfortably. The outfits can be naughty nurse, school girl or eager secretary. This is the perfect time to surprise your man with something he has wished you to wear.

Always Have Sensual Music in The Background, And Dim the Lights.

Creating an atmosphere that is erotically charged is the perfect choice you can make before doing the lap dance. The music to be played should be appropriate. Loud music may ruin the romantic atmosphere. You need to see what exactly you're doing to turn on you, man, and dim light will be perfect for you. Some of the music to listen to are "freak like me" by Adina Howard, "Ride" by Ciara, "How do you want it" by Lodeci and 2pac, and "I Wanna sex you Up" by Color Me Badd. Remember the music should be something you enjoy dancing to.

Moves for A Perfect Lap Dance

Bend Over and Lean

The aim of sexy lean is to show your butts to your man. This will eventually drive him crazy. When doing this away, remember always to maintain eye contact with him it is the best way of starting. Maintaining a proper distance between you and him, bend slowly at the knees showing him your butts gorgeously. Look back at him as you resume standing upright. Give him a sexy lean that will leave him in a state of arousal.

Reverse Cowgirl

The move is performed while shaking your butts as you move in a reverse position. You can turn into the reverse cowgirl position when you are closer for him to reach out and grab you. Use the music and how his body responds to yours and keeps you moving. You can then switch into a classic cowgirl. You will have brought the dance to a boiling point by doing so. Now move to the classic version and begin riding him while maintaining eye contact.

Sensual Touch

This dance enables you to make moves while touching yourself. You can run your hand through your hair down your neck to your hips and butts. Touch your body the way you like and how you would wish someone to touch you. While doing this, you can alternate between making eye contact or not. You can as well pretend he is touching you.

The 8 Motion

You can make this motion with your hips. It moves your body as if you are trying to create the number eight. Move a few steps from your man and bend on your knees. It is done best when you are close to each other. The music will slowly guide you on how to pull it off.

The Crawl

Done when you are a few feet from your man with your hands touching down as you bend on your knees.  Maintaining eye contact, move slowly towards your man. The music will guide you on the motion to move.

Strip Tease

Involves some seductive moves while removing clothing items. You can start stripping off as you whisper into his ears some dirty worlds. This will drive your man crazier.

Sexy Lean

Standing between your man's legs, put a proper distance that will allow your body to lean forward sensually. You can tease him more by engulfing his face into your breasts.

Classic Cowgirl

Using your imagination while giving him a ride of his lifetime. Don't worry about whether it's going to turn out sexy or not.  You can either ride hi from the front or the back.

Bottom Line

You don't have to be a professional to give a perfect lap dance. Make sure you have a suitable chair, put on a suitable dress, and have your room with dim light. Put background music that you enjoy dancing and watch your man driven crazy as you make the moves. You can eventually strip off your undergarments at your own pace. This should be the last step to make.

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