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August 03, 2022 4 min read


A friends With Benefits (FWB) relationship is one in which two people engage in sexual contact but are devoid of romantic feelings. It can be difficult to separate feelings when engaging in an FWB. Herein are the vital rules for all FWB relationships, including avoiding meeting often and not expecting monogamy.

A friends-with-benefits arrangement isn't for everyone. If you decide to get into one, you should establish certain ground rules to make it work. If you go contrary to the rules, you may be setting yourself up for failure. However, if you're cautious about obeying the rules and having a strong friendship, this form of relationship may be enjoyable. This article highlights the bits of a successful friend with benefitsrelationship.

Rules To Follow In a Friends With Benefits Relationship

Friends with benefits relationships appear to be straightforward. It involves casual sex with a close friend with whom you feel at ease, with no emotional baggage that frequently comes with serious relationships. The tips below will help you maintain casualness in FWB relationships.

Keep Things Light, Flirty and Fun

Relationship unpredictability is one of the biggest concerns in friends with benefits relationships. Allowing uncertainty to pervade the relationship transforms it into a bummer that can swiftly develop into a toxic situation. Keep things light and entertaining by avoiding weighty themes and discussing the direction of the relationship. Avoid negativity and flirting to keep things fun and interesting. Stick to sensual, provocative things like attending parties and dancing before a night together, rather than events that often come with committed relationships.

Safety Is Key

Even if you're not in a serious relationship, you still need to ensure you're having safe sex. Friends with benefits relationships are all about casual sex. Some people in FWB relationships devise contingency plans if contraceptive fails. Although it is difficult, discussing contraception, protection, and STD testing upfront is critical for a healthy FWB relationship.

Be Heavy on Communication

Like any other relationship, friends with benefits relationships require honesty and communication. Whether you choose to keep things casual or have an exclusive FWB relationship, both of you must explain what you want from the relationship. Building a culture of honesty and talking might help avoid arguments that could damage the connection. It could also reduce relationship anxiety if you catch feelings for your FWB.

Do Not Meet Too Often

When you meet up too frequently, it's easy to become comfortable in your connection, which might develop romantic feelings. When you start going on dates, you're entering the relationship realm, which can rapidly become an issue if one person develops stronger emotions for the other. Unless you're having sex or seeing each other with a group of friends, it is preferable to avoid getting together. Avoid calling or messaging each other often. It's also crucial to avoid public shows of affection like holding hands in public.

Do Not Expect Monogamy

Most FWB relationships aren't exclusive. They allow partners to pursue other people without fear of repercussions. While you shouldn't expect monogamy, you can talk to your mate about whether you'll be monogamous. It's critical to communicate what you both need to avoid future surprises. It's critical to take care of your sexual health, use condoms and keep an eye out for indicators of STIs.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Most of the time, friends with benefits relationships are short. Therefore, don't expect your FWB connection to remain indefinitely. Most of these relationships do not lead to anything further, and they end when one person becomes connected with someone else or the arrangement ceases to function. While the FWB connection may not survive forever, some people maintain their friendships after the sexual closeness ceases. 

Bring Your ‚ÄėA‚Äô Game

You'll have to bring your "A" game every time you see your partner if you want to keep your FWB relationship going. One of the most common reasons for FWB relationships to end is when one person develops feelings for someone and decides to pursue them. Another typical reason for ending an FWB relationship is declining sexual interest.

Do Not Expect It To Be Fulfilling

Expect your friends with benefits relationship to be less fulfilling than a serious dating. When things get bad, don't count on your FWB partner to be there for you. Expect no celebratory dinners or dating nights at the movies. In addition, you shouldn't expect to be invited to work gatherings or weddings as dates. Do not have relationship expectations in any FWB situation because you will be disappointed.

The Bottom Line

While there are certain advantages to being in a friend with benefits relationship, there are also some significant perks. It's critical to establish certain ground rules for the FWB relationship to reduce the risk of difficulties. Under certain circumstances, a friendship with benefits relationship never develops into something more. That is fine because most of the time, people enter into these partnerships to see if they are sexually compatible. The rules may differ from one relationship to the next. However, with the general guidelines given above, you can keep the relationship fun while also reducing the risk of negative psychological consequences.


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