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August 03, 2022 4 min read


Sex is something that most folks can't have enough of because sexual activity is very much the essence of human nature. Herein are the tips to have unforgettable sex tonight, including using lube, indulging in your fantasy, and trying new positions.

Penile penetration appeals to certain people, while oral or BDSM appeals to others. Some people want no physical closeness at all, and that's fine because good sex is about the journey, not the goal. If all you think about is orgasming, you can miss out on the joy and sensation of the entire intimate act. This article highlights the basics of having intense sexual pleasure.

Tips for Greater Sex


Your sexual gratification and intimacy will improve if you communicate with your spouse. Establishing and maintaining clear communication with your spouse can be difficult, especially if you are uncomfortable with sex and what you desire. Consider what you can say while being comfortable and protected. If there's something you'd like to alter about your sex life, it's critical to discuss it. If your spouse is into you, they will listen and respect your desires. This is also a fantastic bonding moment for you and your spouse.

Use Protection

It's easy to unwind and relax if you're sure you have a safe sex experience. Keep your sex life as safe as possible. If possible, get to know your partner before having sex and discuss your sexual histories honestly. Every time you have sex, use a condom or dental dam (a latex barrier is used during oral sex with a female partner) to prevent HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections. Latex and polyurethane condoms protect against STIs and HIV. However, polyurethane condoms are more likely to break than latex condoms. Invest in a quality condom brand when engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

Reveal What You Like

Inquire about your partner's sexual desires and preferences. Being shy or coy will make your partner uncomfortable. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience, and let your partner see that you are. Don't judge your partner based on their preferences. It might be scary for both of you to reveal what you desire, but there is no harm. If your partner likes something you don't, tell them you're not interested without making them feel awkward or awful about their preferences.

Let Your Partner Know What Isn’t Working

There are instances when you try something in the bedroom, and it doesn't work. Instead of blaming the other person, utilize "I" phrases to communicate what you find unsatisfactory. You can improve things if you are more open about the aspects you don't like. For example, tell your partner, "I think the sex is a little too rushed. What can we do about it?" This sentence expresses the issue you're having with sex but doesn't assign blame to anyone. Instead, it demonstrates that it is something on which you can collaborate. 

Pay Attention To Your Partner

The more positive you make your spouse feel, the more eager they will be to take on the challenge. Appreciating your partner's responses is crucial for excellent sex. Stop when you notice your spouse fidgeting because you may be hurting them. Repeat the action you just did when you hear your lover groan since it probably feels great. 

Use Lubrication

You can improve sexual satisfaction by using lubricants. It's critical to use high-quality lubricants for great sex, particularly when having anal or penetrative sex. Lubricants are available in a variety of local retailers and pharmacies. Choose lubricants that don't include glycerin because it causes vaginal dryness. Scented products like soaps, douches, and hand lotions may also cause dryness.

Indulge Your Fantasies

You do not have to go overboard with activities you prefer during sex. However, some basic kinks may help spice up your sex life. Sex may quickly become regular, particularly when you've been with the same person for a long time. You may need to break the monotony to intensify the sensations. You can buy silk blindfolds, soft handcuffs, and a hilarious game of Bad Cop. You can also incorporate sex toys like dildos and vibrators to boost satisfaction.

Try New Positions

Changing sex positions might boost sexual pleasure. Trying new things can help you and your spouse enjoy the whole experience. Several positions give you more control over your companion and boost their pleasure. Experiment to see what works best for you.

The Bottom Line

Staying in the moment is essential for having more passionate sex and enjoying sex. It is essential to concentrate on how you feel rather than what you think to avoid disappointment. If you and your partner enjoy the sex, intense or not, spending quality time with your partner is good. You can shake things up and keep them interesting in your next sex session by following the tips discussed above.

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