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August 03, 2022 3 min read


For most women, it is difficult to initiate sex and make their partners achieve orgasmic sensations. However, times are changing, and women are becoming more open. Learn more about how to drive your partner wild by sending a hot text, being direct, and letting your body communicate your desires.

If you want to turn on your man and experience kinky sex, take the reigns of initiating sexbefore your man asks for it. However, there is no record of either the correct or wrong way of initiating sex. This article has some ideas to help you take control of your sex life.

Why Should You Initiate Sex?

In a relationship, especially romantic ones, men are always expected to initiate sex. This puts a lot of pressure on them, having to initiate dates and sex without knowing if the opposite gender will turn them down or accept. In addition, it becomes a routine, and you may lose interest. Therefore, women should also make the first move. Initiating sex takes the pressure off him, and it changes your usual routine by swapping roles. It makes the encounter different from your usual ones in a special way. You can make a point, take all the control, and direct how the activity goes, adding more fun and pleasure to your sex life. 

How To Initiate Sex

There are no proper ways of initiating sex. However, there are some suggestions that you can use to achieve the feat. The following are the nine important tips to consider when making the first move:

Be Direct 

Taking the most direct route is always the best because some men can be oblivious to the hints you give. You may realize that you've once hinted that you want sex before, and your partner did not catch up to it. Tell him directly that you want to have sex or ask if he wants sex with you. You can even slip the idea when having dinner or a conversation, making it hotter. 

Let Your Body Communicate 

You can also use some non-verbal clues to communicate your sexual desires to your man. For instance, when cuddling, amplify things by groping for your partner’s zipper. 

Send a Hot Text 

A flirty and dirty text provides a breakthrough to initiating sex face to face. 

Wear What Your Partner Loves 

If there is any dress that your partner loves seeing you in, that is what you should put on. 

Press Your Boy Against Him

Pressing yourself against your man will give him an idea of what you want.

Take Control 

Once you make your move, maintain your roleand avoid letting your man take control of the action. 

Focus on Foreplay First

play with your partner’s nipples and dick before getting to penetrative action. Men are receptive to different stimulations, and finding out what turns your man on will give you an added advantage. 

You Can Join Him in The Shower 

Taking a shower with your partner is a great way to perform various moves when initiating sex. 

Masturbate and Let Him See It

When you masturbate and let your man see it, it will indirectly communicate that you need sex at that particular time. 

The Bottom Line

If you do not make the first move frequently, your partner will be excited about breaking the monotony. Most ladies might be nervous about initiating sex. Consider the reason why you are nervous and work on avoiding it. Initiating sex is a skill that needs concentration to get over it. You don’t need to do it face-to-face; a text or a phone call can do. That will make you gather courage and be brave enough to initiate sex when you meet your man. 


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